Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Senior Pics

here are a few shots from the senior pic shoot i did with Kellie.  the two cute girls were Kayla and McKenzie.  it was such a fun day doing their pictures and i love working with teenagers.  they're so spunky!

here are a few shots Kellie threw in of my handiwork

phew! hope you don't have picture overload.


Brow Know How

did i mention this week would be interesting?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Shoot Pics

Kellie just e-mailed me some more great photos from our shoot with Christina.  just wanted to post these and let you all take a look.  to see more about Kellie's photography you can go here

doesn't she look like an angel?!?

love it! 

just got off the phone tonight with my brother and he mentioned some tips for my future videos:

 tip #1, don't act like a robot. haha gotta love brothers.
 tip #2, have your friends share on facebook

so if you enjoy the videos i LOVE it when you share them, even if i do act like a robot.  hope you all had a fantastic sunday.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sixteen Candles. A birthday makeup tutorial.

products that were used for this look:

eyes: L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow pencil
         Bare Escentuals "queen phyllis"
         Boots "truffle" eyeshadow
         CoverGirl "black" pencil liner
         L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

cheeks: MAC blush "mocha"
            Bare Minerals "clear radiance"

lips: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss

Friday, June 25, 2010


just want to post a quick preview Kellie sent me of our shoot yesterday.  she shot this gorgeous asian model who was so great to work with and her name was Mamie.  i loved doing her makeup as well as assisting Kellie.

WOW right? 


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling Blue?

this is a makeup tutorial for vibrant BLUE makeup. this is a great look for going out with the girls, or your man. here are the products i used:

MAC Bare Canvas Paint Tube

MAC Surreal Eyeshadow

MAC Tilt Eyeshadow

L'Oreal HIP Beckoning Pigment

Revlon Quad

Revlon Liquid Black Eyeliner

Rimmel Black Eyeliner

MAC White Eyeliner

Monday, June 21, 2010

Feeling Your Age?

about 30 minutes ago i uploaded my video to YouTube and within minutes received a response from a user (who is 18 years old) saying who would want to wear makeup to the pool?!? while yes, she is right, the idea seems a bit asinine but let me explain.

when you're a teenager, you have no idea how beautiful you are.  most of us go through high school terribly insecure about our looks and it isn't until ten years later, we look back and realize WOW! we were gorgeous.  next you approach thirty and your skin is developing a few lines, your eyes crinkle when you smile, and those dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep just never seem to go away.  however, at this age hopefully you realize, YES i am beautiful. 

my use of makeup is not because of insecurity, it's relishing in the fact that i get to create something everyday.  that i get to experiment, that not EVERY day has to to be the SAME.  it takes a bit of the redundancy out of life, as well is gives me that extra oomph in my step.  i firmly believe, when you look good, you feel good.  and when you feel good, you live life with fullness.

my point is, don't feel obligated to wear makeup.  you ARE beautiful.  wear it because you like it and enjoy it.  wear it because it makes you feel a little more special that day.  hopefully when i am older, i will be embracing my aging body, and enjoying every second of it.  even if that means putting on a bit of concealer :)


Make a Splash! Pool Makeup Tutorial

products used for this video:

face: SUNSCREEN!!!
        CoverGirl Foundation #2
eyes: MAC paint tube "bare canvas"
        Rimmel waterproof mascara "black"

cheeks: MAC blush "mocha"

lips: lipgloss with SPF 15 (i think it was Clinique)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fishtail Throwback Tutorial

okay so maybe my tutorial wasn't as good as i thought.  saw a GF tonight who mentioned it was a little vague so i will clarify.

begin your braid with hair divided into two sections.  instead of weaving three sections together like  a typical braid, the fishtail braid you only weave small pieces from the two sections.  take a small piece from the left section, and pull it over to the right.  next take a small piece for the right section and pull it over to the left. if you are french braiding the fishtail, you will do this as well as pick up extra hair with each pull.  i suggest beginning at the nape of your neck to practice and once you get it down, attempt the french braiding.

good luck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

To paint, or not to paint?

do you ever go through fazes with nail polish where you are ON IT...and then you're not?  i love having my nails painted, fingers and toes.  something about having my nails painted seems the male equivalent of wearing a tie.  you're polished and complete.  and then after 2 hours your polish starts to chip, and in 24 hours it is beginning to look ragged, and in 48 hours you are dying to remove it rather than be seen wearing it because it is SO nasty looking.

following the steps to proper nail polish application really can extend the life of your nail polish and makes it easier to wear.  maybe you can go a week, rather than 2 days before having to remove it.  a couple of months ago a friend of mine taught a small class how to give ourselves and "moms" manicures. a few minutes of prep like filing, pushing back cuticles and applying a base coat help give your polish the staying power it needs.  try to apply as few coats as possible since that will help eliminate smudges. finish with a top coat and BAM! you're done.  that may seem like a lot of work but i tend to have some time at the end of the day where i am vegged out in front of the television watching the season finale of [insert tv show here] and that is when i like to do it.

maybe lacey can give us even more nail tips (no pun intended) since she is the expert. 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Purple Eye Makeup

this is my Purple Eye Makeup tutorial. if you are ready to experiment with color, this is a good place to start. i love all your comments so keep them coming!

Best Colorist in Columbus

so i ran into a friend yesterday and she made a comment about my recent hair highlights which has prompted me to write a post about my absolute favorite (not to mention affordable) hair stylist.

kate works at SHAG and she is amazing!  she does such a good job with color i cannot say enough good things about her.  after living in columbus for three years and searching for a good stylist i was so happy to find her.  i also love her hair cutting abilities, but let's be honest, i have long hair and the level of difficulty is pretty low.

if you are interested in her services you can find her contact info here


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Easy Smoky Eye

Beauty on a Budget

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recent Projects

i have recently teamed up with an amazing photographer to produce some photoshoots.  (you can see her website here Kellie Anderson)

i love working with kellie because she has so much passion for what she does and has the best attitude.  she is high energy and fun fun fun.  here are a few of the pictures she took.  i was responsible for the hair and makeup, kellie did the rest.  it also helps when you are working with beautiful subjects :)

above is the beautiful christina and below is gorgeous kayla.

thanks girls for such fun shoots!


You Have to Start Somewhere

hello everyone. 

i did it.

i have finally created a blog and i thought this day would never come.  the goal of this blog is to share my knowledge of makeup and its application, keep you posted on the latest trends, and include some random musings about me and my adorable fam.

i am a makeup junkie with a bad habit. i enjoy anything artistic and this is one of my favorite mediums. everyday i wake up with a fresh canvas and get to decide just how i want to express myself. makeup is an interpretation of your mood or style and there is no right or wrong way to do that. hopefully i can express that it is only to enhance your true beauty. makeup is supposed to be fun, not a chore.

i will work to continually add updates on how to apply makeup, show you recent trends, and give you updates on some of the things i have done.