Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liplicious, How to Get Pouty Lips

the products i used for this look:

MAC Lipliner "spice"

Revlon Lipliner "natural"

Makeup Forever Foundation

MAC Lipstick Pallet

Bare Minerals "queen phyllis"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Back!

eerie theme music comes to mind with that post title but i just wanted to say i am finally back home and ready to do some blogging!  i am trying to follow the sage advice of not informing the universe of my whereabouts so i was pretty stealth last week in my posting.  haha, okay not that stealth. 

i spent the last 9 days preparing my SIL for her AMAZING, incredible, dance till my feet cramped, WEDDING! this darling girl found Mr. Right (literally) and the wedding of the century took place last night.  we partied till we could party no longer, slept 4.5 hours and then spent almost all of today enroute home. 

home sweet home.

i have some incredible pictures and video to post as well as all some much needed construction that will be happening behind the scenes at blushing basics. 

i love you all, so happy to be back in your arms.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashion Friday (belated)

i know there is no excuse to play the "time card" but has anyone ever been involved with a wedding?  as i am sure most of you have, you know there really is no time when a wedding is to be had. (promise to post pictures on that soon) i had all these aspirations for this week and as you can see, the blog has been a bit of a dud.

so to my amazing readers, Fashion Friday is dedicated to you!

this week's tip is all about shoes.

there they are.  if i could cue lights and angelic voices singing "aaaahhhhh ahhhhhh" i would right this moment.  i love these shoes. in fact, what prompted this post was my love for these shoes. 

Tman said to me, "Kristie, those shoes were one of the best clothing investments you have ever made"

do you want to know why?  because i can wear these shoes with anything and everything.  i wear these shoes with denim cutoffs, i wear these shoes dressed up.  i wear these shoes with pants, i wear them with a summer dress.  i wear these shoes with EVERYTHING. (am i starting to sound like Dr. Seuss??)

my best advice for purchasing clothing is to ask yourself these questions:

is it versatile?

what can i wear it with?

do i really LOVE this purchase?

i think too often we get caught up in sale prices, our moods, whatever, and make purchases that end up gathering dust on our closet floors.  try to go shopping with the mindset of buying that item you will use until it is limp and torn.  avoid making purchases that seem like such a good deal and instead, invest your money in fewer items that will last, items that you will use again and again.

my shoe purchases are infrequent and far between.  however, when i do make my shoe purchases i do it with serious intent.

hope this helps on your next venture.  fall is right around the corner and i have seen those boots lining the shelves at all the major department stores.  before you fall into the trap of buying on a whim, buy with insight.


A Believer

this post is dedicated to my darling girlfriend Angie.  Angie has been one of the greatest supporters of my blog and i adore her for it.  however, Angie was an unbeliever.  we were speaking one day and talking about curling our hair and Angie insisted HER HAIR DID NOT CURL.  there were many reasons for this, too thick, too straight, too long....

and then i posted my How To Curl Your Hair tutorial.

here is Angie on a regular day:

here is Angie after trying my tutorial:

and here is Angie at the end of the day:

still curled! i can't tell you how much i loved seeing these photos in my inbox.  (a special thank you to her daughter camille for being such a great photographer)  if there were any unbelievers out there, Angie was one.  and now i am happy to say she has jumped on board and can curl her hair with ease! woot woot!

if you guys have any before and after pictures PLEASE send them.  i love seeing the results and hearing your opinions.


thanks again Angie!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Help Please?

hello everyone,

i have decided to use today's post to ask for your help.  blogging has been so much fun for me and i am loving it!  my feedback from friends and family has been so positive and i really REALLY appreciate your support.  in an effort to improve my blog i have spent the last week brainstorming ideas and thoughts on how to focus it a bit more, as well as how to increase readership.

my questions to you are:

am i posting information that you want?

are there areas you think i could improve on?

do you have any suggestions for looks that you would like me give a tutorial on?

do you have any ideas for how i could increase my viewer population?

don't feel like you have to answer everything, but if you wouldn't mind voicing some opinions, i would love it.

i feel like i am really starting to get the hang of all of this but i want to make sure that my blog stays focused on the needs of the readers and i know that you all are my best resources for help and guidance.

thank you again for making this such a positive experience for me.  i love doing this and i hope to turn it into something that can continue to grow.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Bieber" Superstar!

congratulations to T.  this cutie has been auditioning for the Long John Silver's national commercial.  out of the loads of competitors, this guy was chosen.  Kellie and I are so proud to say we knew him when...

good luck T.  you are going to do great and we can't wait to hear what else comes your way.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Latest Photography Session

here are some shots from the latest photography session Kellie and I did together.  we worked with an adorable senior and it was so much fun. have i mentioned already how much i enjoy doing the senior pictures???

here are some peeks at this beautiful girl:

she was gorgeous, fun and a delight. thanks m!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashion Friday

i had some friends over and they were so kind to help me brainstorm ideas for the blog.  one of the ideas they came up with was devoting a day to fashion, hence "Fashion Friday". 

for this week's Fashion Friday let's take a look at a wardrobe basic.

the skinny belt
the skinny belt is a versatile item to have in your closet.  this belt can be functionally used, or used as an accessory.  if you haven't worn belts as accessories before a skinny belt is a great place to start considering its size is unimposing. 

a skinny belt looks great with just jeans and a tee:

make your outfit a little less casual by adding a cardigan and using the belt as an accessory:

it is also a great piece to pair with a dress.  adds a little excitement to a simple dress:

no matter how you use it, you can't go wrong.  my skinny belt was purchased 7 years ago at Ross for $4.  these belts have been in and out of fashion but it is definitely a versatile piece to hold on to.


ps. i would love to hear your opinions on this post.  do you like this idea of incorporating fashion into the blog or would you rather i stick to makeup? what type of fashion advice would you like to see?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MAC Trend "Satin Eyes" A/W 2010

products i used for this video:
eyes: MAC "vanilla" and "naked lunch" eyeshadow
        CoverGirl Black pencil liner
        Almay "black pearl" liquid liner
        L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

checks: Clinique bronzer
            MAC "mocha" blush

lips: NYC eyeshadow (can't remember color name"
       Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss

Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Autumn/Winter 2010 Looks

i want to finish with all the lessons i learned from Mr. Marvin (the wonderful wizard of MAC).  during the class he taught us about the upcoming trends for fall so i thought i would give you the details of what to expect:

with fall quickly approaching new looks and styles are popping up everywhere.  here is a glimpse at some of the new makeup trends for fall.  keep in mind that these looks are defnitely more dramatic, and designed for runway.  the trick is learning how to tweak these into a style that is suitable for everyday wear, or more dramatic for a night out.  i will be posting vlogs on how to achieve some of these looks so stay tuned.

Trend #1: Redd Velvet

this is the lip of the season.  red, red, red.

Trend #2: Satin Eyes

while this look seems completely unrealistic for ANYTIME you can definitely make it work.  satin eyes focus on a very precise liquid line around the eye.  those of you who know me, know that i wear liquid liner almost daily (it's a favorite).  the way i would tweak this is to increase the boldness of my liner, make my liner a little bit more winged, and keep the color on the eyelid neutral. 

Trend #3: Voile Veil

if you haven't seen my tutorial on this, i would recommend it.  the voile veil look is all about diffusing color so that you cannot see where the color ends.  you want the color to look naturally blended into your skin, with no harsh lines.  this look also avoids eyeliner, let the lid color be the center of attention for once.

Trend #4: Fourply

this look continues the Voile Veil tradition of seemlessness.  the focus of this look is all about neutral colors that give subtle highlights and contours to the face.  it is about playing up your features, without playing with bright color.  it celebrates a flawless complexion, subtle highlights and lushly nude lips.

all right everyone, take these trends and run with them.  i would love to see/hear how you were able to make them work with your own unique style.  let me know.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Curl Your Hair

How To Apply Makeup

okay friends. i've been blogging for two months now and it seems that although my videos are somewhat helpful, i get a lot of these responses:

friend: Kristie, I love your blog and it's so fun to watch how you apply makeup but I can't seem to do, even with the videos.
me: Friend, of course you can do it.  you just have to practice a few times.
friend: No, it definitely looks different when you do it vs. when i do it.

or something like this:

friend: Kristie, your video tutorials are interesting but I just cannot wear those colors of make up.
me: Sure you can, your skin would look great with purple.
friend: No, it is just too vibrant. You look good in it though.

believe me when i say WE ALL START SOMEWHERE.  i have had, and continue to have moments where i step out of the bathroom and Tman kindly says, "You look...um...nice".  (bless him for being supportive) 

the only difference between friend and myself is that you are all used to seeing me in makeup.  you are prepared to see me wear green eyeshadow.  makeup does not discriminate.  anyone can use it and look good.  the only difference is that you must practice, you must experiment, and you must be confidant.  i can remember putting on lipstick and thinking "whoa crazy lady, time to wipe that off".  i now put on the same lipstick and think, "ooh, this needs even more color!".

applying makeup and learning how to make it work for your face comes through trial and error.  maybe you did look a bit crazy when you first applied that purple eyeshadow, i promise you will look even better the second time you apply. by the time you are applying it for the nth time, people will begin to take notice, and appreciate it.

so be brave and continue experimenting.  it's all about having fun.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check 'Em Out

it was like Christmas morning opening my e-mail inbox to find it full of photos!! i can't wait to show you guys some of the stuff we have been working on.

the first is a senior photo shoot we did with M.  she was such an incredible woman.  beautiful, smart, talented, and going places.  she was definitely a lot of fun to work with and i wish her the best of luck on her very BRIGHT future.

next up is one of the COOLEST things i have worked on since we began.  Kellie and i collaborated with Ally who is also an amazing photographer and we came up with this:

(if only i could import a drum roll right at this moment!)


seriously so BEAUTIFUL

love this shot.  playful, fun and the DETAILS!

prop girl
Kev taking flight

this was such a fun shoot.  we literally took pictures until the sky was black.  i just really appreciate working with such amazing women.  kellie, you have such tremendous skills as a photographer and a keen eye for framing a breathtaking shot.  ally (you know i adore you), your creativity shines through and the beauty is in the details of which you have such a talent for.  love you both.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAC Fall Trend "Voile Veil"

this is the new look my buddy Marvin taught me at the MAC class. this is a toned down everyday version however on Sunday i used purples and my boldest color was a VERY bright purple. doing the "voile veil" is a great way to incorporate more dramatic colors into your makeup routine since the color is only dramatic around the eyes, then blends out.

the products i used:

eyes: MAC "bare canvas" paint tube
        MAC "vanilla" "omega" "espresso" eyeshadows
        L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

lips: Bare Escentuals "sugar cookie" lip gloss

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jeggings...Are You In?

for those of you who have been shopping within the last two weeks you have seen the crazy phenomenon in back to school shopping.  the name: jeggings.

tman thought i was joking when i returned home and told him i had purchased a pair.  he laughed.  apparently he thought my sarcastic sense of humor was in effect.  sadly it was not.

what are jeggings you ask? behold:

the jegging
i think my real obsession is just that i love saying the name "jegging".  it just rolls off the tongue.  try it.  i decided to do a little research on this new phenomenon and found this:

"Just when you thought skinny jeans couldn't get any skinnier, the marketing geniuses at Topshop introduce a new term into our fashion vocabulary: Jeggings. (Or Treggings, to you Brits.) The brand's jean + legging hybrid is knit from cotton, polyester, and spandex, for that suck-it-in, painted-on look without the loss of circulation in your lower half. The Topshop site helpfully suggests that you pair these with an animal-print tunic (tunimal?). " (NY Magazine)

THIS IS NO JOKE.  jeggings are real and they are taking over the world.  remember when the thought of having worn pegged jeans made you cringe? before you know it, we are going to be looking back at the boot cut with that same distaste.  (i am praying this really never happens.  i love my boot cuts)  so brave the malls/Target/Walmart and pick yourself up a pair of jeggings.

i am not ashamed to say that i put those puppies on, and i loved them.  in fact, i wanted to purchase several pairs.  it's like wearing pajamas, except socially acceptable. so when you see me cruising in my jeggings, holla!


haha.  when i spell checked this post i found yellow marks everywhere! apparently jeggings isn't in the dictionary yet.

Friday, August 6, 2010

MAC Class

tonight i was able to attend a private class given by the MAC pro at our local MAC store.  i just like how that sounds so exclusive. in actuality, ANYONE can have a private class at any time.  just head into your local store and set up an appointment : )

i will say that the class was a delight, i learned a ton, and Marvin looks good in pink lipstick.  yes, Marvin is the name of the man/MAC pro who was teaching the class.  when Tman saw him he asked "is that guy wearing lipstick?" my response was "how else was he supposed to demonstrate the application??" 

we learned a lot of things such as the new VOILE VEIL look.  i am definitely doing a video on that soon.  very pretty and very easy to do.  we applied a full makeup look and i left drenched in MAC.  (it even smells good)  there were some cute girls in the class, this little lady is an aspiring makeup artist:

applying her Viva Glam lipstick in GAGA
cute sisters
i don't want to give out ALL the information Marvin gave me (then what will i have to post about for the next week?), but let me leave you with this gem:

"The ONLY rule of makeup - if you feel beautiful with it on, then you are doing it right." -Marvin



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Makeup Giveaway!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School (Natural Makeup Blake Lively Inspired)

products i used:

eyes: MAC "bare canvas" paint tube
        MAC "vanilla" "naked lunch" "espresso" "black tied" and a light brown eyeshadow
        L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

brows: MAC "omega" eyeshadow

cheeks: MAC "shell" creme colour base

lips: Revlon ColorStay lip liners "nude" and "natural"
      MAC lustreglass "instant gold"

Monday, August 2, 2010


i don't know why i get excited every time i see this little piece of mail in my mailbox but these MAC tips always bring a smile to my face.  this months tip:

"Your brushes are designed to work for you.  People often ask, 'Why are handles so long?'  If you move your grip to the very end of the brush, you will achieve a softer blend - a more ethereal application of product.  If you move your hand closer toward the bristles, you will find a stronger application, intensifying colour."

hope that helps.