Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick, Grail or Fail?

okay, i know you´ve heard it all before BUT here i go again. i love this stuff. i don't know what it is about the Revlon Colorstay line but i just can´t get enough. i´ve spent the last week with my mom and i was asking her about makeup products she liked and guess what? she loves it too!

with a recommendation coming from a 20 something and a 50 something i would classify this as a definite GRAIL

i apply this product in the morning and it lasts me all day. i just give it a few swipes of lipgloss and VOILA! good as new. plus you can eat with, drink with it, just don´t sleep with it. at a $6 price point you just can´t go wrong. (if you´re looking for a color my mom recommends Sheer Plum. sorry but she can´t confirm the name... just look for something along those lines)

it seems i´ve been on a lipgloss kick...any specific products you would like a review on?


Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Friday {Arizona Lewis Style}

i was recently referred to a blog because a friend of mine thought we had several things in common. we're both from the lovely 3cities, we're both involved in some aspect of photography (she, a photographer, me, makeup) she also does makeup for shoots, and we're both extremely cool. okay, maybe i'm not, but believe me, this woman is the definition of cool.

so if you would like a glimpse of what Ms. AZlewis recommends for fall trends, check out her video.



fall fashion 2010 from heather Lewis on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Confessions of a Former Pancake Face

this post comes from Debbie a.k.a. KlassyGal, a former pancake face and professional dancer. she's witty, funny, and eloquent. check out her blog if you'd like to view some Debbie musings... thanks Deb!


I guess you can say I’ve always had a thing for makeup. Or with makeup. A thing for/with makeup. I didn’t say it was a good thing.
First, some background. I grew up with four older brothers and was the ultimate tomboy (one of my favorite past times was going around punching my older brothers’ friends in the stomach). I could throw a football, play goalie in street hockey games and beat any boy at a string-spit challenge - the one where you see how far your spit can dangle before you slurp it back up. (Why yes, I did find myself a man. Why do you ask?).
So you can tell I didn’t exactly grow up on the pulsing edge of femininity and there weren’t a lot of outlets for me to learn about that stuff either. I was at a bit of a loss once I started to notice that my friends were wearing make up and talking about hair and clothes. Where would I learn this stuff? What would I do? Was I destined to be the weird girl who punched boys in the stomachs when I was 16? Maybe, but I’d like to at least look good while doing it.
For help, I decided to turn to the girliest thing in my life for inspiration. I may have been a dirty-faced, stringy-haired tomboy, but I was also a ballerina.
I’ll pause a second for you to breathe in the irony.
I loved dancing more than anything. I probably spent more time at my studio than I did at home. Since I was too embarrassed to ask my mom for help, I decided to stick to what I already knew about being a girl - make up. And what I knew about make up, I had learned from dance - stage make up.
If you have ever been in dance, theater, or a Rocky Horror Picture Show, you know that stage make up is the least flattering of all looks. It’s not just make-up, it’s make-up-a new-face-on-top-of-your-old-one. But this is what I knew, so I went with it. So starting in my teen years and going on through my 20’s I never felt put together unless I had at least 3 pounds of make up on. I actually got pretty good at it to the point where you wouldn’t even be able to tell I was wearing quite that much - it’s all in the blending. Yet there were still times that even I felt that if I hit my head ever so slightly against something my face would go POOF!
Careful, careful...don't turn too quickly now...
By the time I was graduated from college and married, my make up routine had ballooned into a 45 to hour long affair and I had to wake up extra early every day just to get to ready in time for work. I began to loathe make up. I hated putting it on every morning and I resented it. I found it boring and tedious. But I couldn’t stop, even though my husband told me over and over how much better he liked me without so much make up. I always assumed that if a little looked good, then more must look even better and I must look better (enter therapist here).

My Inspiration
But something happened that would forever change the way I view myself, my time and the importance of under eye concealer: I had a baby. Suddenly, my killer make up routine wasn’t logical, efficient or important. Suddenly, I didn’t care if I looked like I was going to prom every single day. Suddenly I was enjoying being able to get ready in 10 minutes or less with a swipe of mascara and touch of blush. Suddenly I was walking through the grocery store feeling like I was lookin’ good if my shirt had no spit up stains and I had remembered to brush my teeth that day. There’s me, strutting around in my sweat pants and t-shirt giving other shoppers the wink and the gun, saying “how you doin?” as we pick out tomatoes.
Here’s the kicker: no one noticed! At least no one said anything (nor would anyone who enjoyed full use of their faculties). My husband kept telling me how much better I looked and, as it pains me to say, he was right. And now, since I have taken the work out of make up I realize that I actually enjoy doing it! Part of the reason why I love this blog is because Kristie shows how make up can be creative, fun and empowering. The beauty industry’s slogan should not be “Make up - You, only much better looking”, it should be “You, having fun”. On the days that I do decide to do my make up (in 15 minutes or less) I love playing with different colors and techniques and see what kind of effect I can create - just for fun, just for an outlet, just for me.

So that’s the advice from a tomboy turned pancake face girl turned normal (hopefully) girl. Try new looks, new colors, new styles but try them for fun. Experiment with trends, don’t be afraid of trying something different and follow your mood. Lazy? Just lip balm. Bored? Pink eyeshadow. Adventurous? Lady Gaga (please send me pictures for my enjoyment). Going to husband’s 10 year high school reunion and meeting his ex-girlfriends? Fake eyelashes, spanx and gel bra inserts. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you had fun putting it together and you still feel like you.

Go ahead and scroll through Kristie’s latest videos and tips to learn how to create the looks that are right for you. But leave the heavy stuff for dancers, broadway actors and Adam Lambert.
It’s not for you. Trust me.

Me & My Little Life Changer

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Use an Oil Cleanser

this is a video tutorial for how to use an oil cleanser. just the name, seems like an oxymoron, but i promise, this cleans and it cleans well.

here's how to use it:


Monday, October 25, 2010

Makeup Tip {Nails}

for this week's makeup tip i wanted to share a few recommendations for Fall's hottest nail color: Greige (Grey + Beige). [thanks Real Simple!]

here are a few polishes, at different price points, that you can try.

Chanel Nail Colour in Paradoxal. a great polish, but i'd like to meet whoever is spending $35 on a single nail polish...
next up, Estee Lauder in Surreal Violet. great color, but come on, $18? not me.

on to the next. Essie, great price point but i'm not really a fan of this color

and the winner, at an affordable price point ($8) and a beautiful color, OPI Metro Chic!

get your Fall on. your nails.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bare Escentuals Well Rested, Grail or Fail?

excuse me while i lick chocolate from my fingernail...this is what you get when you post and indulge in your favorite candy treat at the same time. i'm almost annoyed that my typing is interfering with my eating.

you're looking at the Bare Escentuals "Well Rested" for eyes. i purchased this product several months ago. as a mom, there aren't a lot of mornings that i wake up feeling like i had the best sleep of my life. which means anytime a products touts itself as the eye awakener, i definitely perk up.

the sales girl promised, put a little of this under your eyes and you will look well rested. those dark circles will just disappear.

she was wrong.

in fact, those dark circles didn't disappear, they only looked worse. the loose powder was difficult to spread, it provided poor coverage, and it looked caked. don't get me wrong, i LOVE me some Bare Escentuals, it's just that this product is an unfortunate Fail.

while i would recommend Bare Escentuals foundation to anyone (it's easy, flawless, and works for everyone), i would also recommend avoiding the "Well Rested".


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Costume Contest

thank you to everyone who submitted photos. i am happy to continue adding photos to this contest so please send them in. voting is open until November 1st.

in order to win, you must have the most votes.

to vote, leave a comment stating your choice. one vote per person, "anonymous" comments will NOT count. if you want to win, be sure to link this page/share on facebook/and spread the word. good luck!

without further ado, here are your contestants:

contestant #1

contestant #2:

contestant #3

contestant #4

contestant #5

had two different looks.

contestant #6

don't forget, winner receives a $25 MAC gift card. get voting!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Tips for Accessorizing Your Wardrobe

thanks reader Michelle for suggesting this, i hope you find this video helpful. it is helpful getting suggestions from the readers so please leave me comments or shoot me an e-mail of what you'd like to see.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Contest UPDATE

okay everyone,

while i had a large response about this giveaway i have only had 3 entries! so if you still want a chance to enter, please get me your pictures by SATURDAY, October 23. i will be posting a page with the pictures on them. picture with the most votes(comments by you) wins. that simple.

here's a review of the rules:

i thought it would be fun to have another contest but this time i'm putting a little spin on it.

contest is for best halloween costume.

winner will receive $25 MAC gift card.
here are the rules:

1. YOU MUST FOLLOW MY BLOG TO ENTER. this is my way of saying thank you to all my readers. without you i would be nothing.

2. e-mail me a picture of your costume. and seriously guys, no fakes.

3. i will post the picture and winner will be decided by YOU.

leave a comment on the post declaring your vote. only one vote per person (this means "anonymous" votes will NOT count) picture with the most votes wins!

good luck and i can't wait to see your ideas. contest is open immediately and will close November 1st. winner will be contacted by me and gift card soon to follow.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Local Photographers

i just wanted to give a quick shout out to a few other local photographers i have been in contact with recently.

Charlotte Foerschler is a local photographer who has been working with Kellie and me on a few shoots.  Charlotte managed to capture this gem on a recent shoot together:


thanks Char!

another photographer i've met with is the talented Melissa Jones. she is located in Hilliard and has a great studio just off Cemetery Rd. take a look at the event she is hosting this Friday:

hope to see you there. what a fun event for the entire family!

this last photographer is an old friend i recently reconnected with, her name is KGilbert. we were both stationed in England together with the Air Force and it has been so fun to find her. she is located in Dayton and her photography is gorgeous. thanks KGilbert!

take a look at these amazing ladies and let me know what you think.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foiling Eyeshadow Technique

here is a video tutorial for the Foiling technique i described yesterday:

products i used for this tutorial:

Bare Minerals iQuad: Queen Phyllis, Bubbly, Twig, & Retro

Neutrogena Mineral Blush

Hard Candy Lip Tattoo

Monday, October 18, 2010

Make Up Tip: Foiling Technique

i recently made a trip to Bare Escentuals to purchase a few brushes and i ended up stumbling upon probably one of my favorite compacts ever. behold the iquad:

it contains my all time favorite, Queen Phyllis, along with a few other shades to create an ultimate day and nighttime look. in order to create the nighttime look, you will use a technique called "Foiling".

what is "Foiling"? Foiling is a technique that can be done with any eyeshadow to bring out the intensity and lustre of the product. regular dry application of eyeshadow gives you a diluted/diffused look at the color. with the Foiling technique, your eyeshadow becomes more true to its color and becomes more dramatic.

this technique is very simple. using any sort of liquid, (MAC Fix, Eyeshadow Primer, even tap water) dampen your brush and pick up a small amount of eyeshadow product. i then use the lid of the product i am working with to mix the liquid and dry powder to create a paste. apply your color and you will see a difference immediately. the concentration of makeup makes for a dramatic effect.

good luck with this tip and stay tuned for a video on a great makeup look created with the foiling technique!


ps. if you are interested in this quad, they can be purchased at Bare Escentuals for $9.50. you will also receive an eyeshadow sampler with brush:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hard Candy Lip Gloss, Grail or Fail?

recently i received some Hard Candy products in the mail. having been a fan of these products in the 90's, i was anxious to see how the new line, sold exclusively at Walmart, compared to the old line. i have experimented with several of the products and today i will focus on the Lip Tattoo.

as seen above, this product is a double ended lip stain and lip gloss. the lip stain is a gel-based product. it is intended to last all day with a beautiful tint. the lip gloss has a minty flavor and tingling sensation that makes your breath feel fresh and your lips nice and cool.

the stain definitely held up its end of the bargain. i applied once, in the morning, and at 3:30 pm my lips still had that great pink tint to it. the gloss held up the promise of being minty fresh and gave my lips that tingling sensation, however the application of the gloss has to be more frequent because like most glosses, it wears off a little easier.

is this product a grail or fail? i would list it as a grail. it did what it promised to do. it comes in gorgeous colors (when i first saw the pink i thought, this is not my color. however, after applying it i loved it). because it is a stain, while the color is true, it is not harsh. if you are the type that feels uncomfortable with bright showstopping lipsticks, this is a more neutral lip color that is very complimentary. while i wasn't as wowed by the gloss, the stain more than makes up for it. plus, at its price point it is a good purchase. $6 is a worthy price to pay.

if you have had any experience with the Hard Candy line, please let me know!


while i received product free of charge, i was in no way financially compensated for this review.

Check Me Out Here...

just wanted to let you know i am being featured on Or So She Says today. drop by and leave me a comment :)


Friday, October 15, 2010

DC Style, Dressing for Success

this last week, Tman and I drove the kids to Washington DC to experience all that DC has to offer. we visited museums, toured monuments, snapped pictures outside of the White House, rode to the top of the Washington Monument and walked the Mall.

here were some of the things i noticed about DC:

1. everyone exercised. whether it was running/bicycling/skating, people were out and moving. the only people who were out of shape were the tourists.

2. everyone walked with purpose. how do people manage to look so busy every second of the day? it was intense.

3. everyone was dressed for success. men and women alike. whether you were on the subway or in the streets. the social ladder was almost tangible. you could taste people's desire for success. this was reflected in their actions and appearance.

which brings up the idea, to play the part, you must look the part. the streets of DC were filled with professional looking people. they dressed well. they were stylish but not too trendy. their clothes were tailored. their hair was groomed.

if there is a job or promotion you are looking to get, do you project the ability to handle it? does your appearance reflect who you are?

think about the person you want to reflect to others and make sure you are presenting that person to the world. dress the part.


ps. of course i'm including a few shots of the trip. it was fun, amazing, and worth it. i love my family.

outside the White House

everyday we'd take 20 minutes to relax on the Mall.

loved visiting the Lincoln Memorial at night. it was beautiful.

the Capital Building

the DC Temple

and Shia LeBeouf exiting the Port-o-Potty. or is that Big Foot?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Makeup Ideas

what do you do when your husband is working on a Friday night? i like to play with my Halloween makeup. i whipped out my trusty $5 kit from CVS and had fun experimenting with application and ideas. since it was just me, i made do with my kit and whatever i had around the house. here's what i came up with:

of course i did GAGA. who doesn't dream of dressing up like this?

in case you are wondering, that IS a wreath on my head. i guess you could call this Autumn?

ever since i saw this makeup in Bobbi Brown's makeup book i have been dying to try it. a little tribal goes a long way.
 you know what they say, practice makes perfect. i could definitely use a little practice in the costume makeup dept.


ps.just wanted to include the link to the book if you are interested.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Inspired Tutorial

how lucky are you guys? you have been able to spend two whole weeks watching my ridiculous Halloween videos.

just kidding. i know they're getting old but this is my last one. promise.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, Grail or Fail?

the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. quite possibly considered the "Cadillac" of eyelash curlers. makeup artists rave about its performance and critics agree. i decided to put it to the test and see if it was worth its $19 price tag.

at first glance, it appears to be the same as my $3 Revlon and $12 Bare Escentuals eyelash curler.

left: Shu Uemura    middle: Revlon   right: Bare Escentuals
 they seem to have the same body, appear to perform in the same mechanical function, but it wasn't until closer inspection that i realized their differences.

this is an up close look at my Revlon curler. comparing the bodies of the two, the Revlon curler is built a little cheaper. the top of the curler is simply clamped on to the prongs, which for me always catches my eyelashes. the white pad that lines the bottom is flat, and quickly formed a trench, which after time would pull my eyelashes. the balance of the hinge is where i found the biggest difference. there is simply no balance in the Revlon hinge.

next is a look at my Bare Escentuals eyelash curler. it has a similar black silicone mushroomed cushion on the bottom and the hinge mechanism was a little more sturdy than the Revlon, but still not as good as the Shu Uemura. my biggest complaint would be that the top of the curler is actually pulling off of the prongs. this can lead to an imbalance of pressure on the pad.

and now for the cream of the crop. the Shu Uemura. i admit, i had my doubts about its performance, but when you hold this curler side by side to the other products it was hands down the best. a definite Grail. you could actually feel the balance in the hinge that helps to create the perfect amount of pressure when curling. this helps avoid eyelash damage. the "mushroom" shape silicone pad provides a protective, stay-put edge for optimum curl. the top portion of the curler is embedded into the prongs, ensuring it stays put and does not catch on eyelashes.

is it worth $19? definitely. if you are in the market for a curler, spend the extra $6 on this performance enhanced beauty. while the other curlers work and serve their purpose, you will see a difference in the quality of this curler. and when it comes to protecting your eyelashes, i am a major stickler.


ps. i had a link for Amazon but then the price shot up another $10!! here's a link for the company website

Saturday, October 9, 2010


i thought it would be fun to have another contest but this time i'm putting a little spin on it.

contest is for best halloween costume.

winner will receive $25 MAC gift card. (you know you want it)

here are the rules:

1. YOU MUST FOLLOW MY BLOG TO ENTER. this is my way of saying thank you to all my readers. without you i would be nothing.

2. e-mail me a picture of your costume. and seriously guys, no fakes.

3. i will post the picture and winner will be decided by YOU.

leave a comment on the post declaring your vote. only one vote per person (this means "anonymous" votes will NOT count) picture with the most votes wins!

good luck and i can't wait to see your ideas. contest is open immediately and will close November 1st. winner will be contacted by me and gift card soon to follow.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visual Kei Makeup for Halloween (Harajuku inspired)

here is a makeup tutorial for a "Kei" look. this tutorial is done by MissChievious from YouTube. her tutorials are a lot of fun and she is one serious makeup artist.

hope this is helping provoke some ideas for your own halloween costume this year!


I Love My Family

what kind of mom would i be if i didn't occasionally boast about my children? my kids love checking out my blog with me and watching the latest videos. chloe mostly just screams MOMMY! over and over, but the co-man is old enough to get it and he likes to tell his teachers at school all about mom's "makeup blog".

my kids are understanding and patient when i tell them that mommy is "working" (haha, that's one way to describe it) and so good to let me get my work done. here's to the cutest kids in MY world.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venomous Halloween Makeup

this is quite possibly the most humiliating post i have done to date. let me just say that I AM NOT a costume makeup artist. this is just for fun so please laugh with me as you witness a large forehead become even larger when i erase my eyebrows! don't worry, i quickly draw new eyebrows back on.

curious yet? you better watch.

i used an inexpensive halloween makeup kit for this look, as well as a few items of my own:
MAC eyeshadow - Black Tied, Omega and Surreal
Liquid Eyeliner

i would LOVE to hear what your thoughts are on this video.


Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Apply Halloween Makeup

this week is going to be dedicated to one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. there's something about the social acceptability to dress however you like, wear crazy wigs, and apply pancake makeup to your face that just touches a soft spot in my heart. if you're anything like one of my fave bloggers you can skip all this and go as a trophy wife. a gold swimsuit and roll myself in glitter? sounds like fun.

for today's tip i am going to explain how to achieve the old lady/man face. this is a great makeup technique that can be used for many different costumes, and most of the makeup used is stuff you may already own.

step #1: apply your foundation makeup all over face and neck.
step #2: scrunch up your face to find your "natural" wrinkles. apply makeup that is a shade lighter than your nautral skin tone.
step #3: quit scrunching your face and fill in the creases left with a light brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil. make sure to add emphasis to your crows feet, and the creases around your nose.
step #4: make your cheeks look even more sunken by darkening the hollows with a contour shade (a grey/brown color). use this same shade to darken alone your jaw line.
step #4: use your pencil liner to add liver spots and broken capillaries.
step #5: blend blend blend. pull out that large blending brush and give everything a good blend.

when you are finished apply baby powder to set the makeup. this can also give your skin a "dry" look (which is good). if you don't have a grey hair wig, use the baby powder in your hair. this is usually quite effective and not that difficult to wash out. take your look a step furthur by applying makeup/liver spots to the backs of your hands.

have fun!


ps. if there is a costume look you would like some tips on, please let me know!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NARS Laguna Bronzer, Grail or Fail?

this week i had a few Nordstrom bucks to spend so i headed to my nearest store to hook myself up with some makeup. one product i have really been wanting to try is the NARS bronzer in Laguna. i have heard so many rave reviews for this and i was anxious to give it a shot.

i tried it on...and looked like an Oompa Loompa.

i wasn't going to be deterred. i was positive the reason it looked so bad was because i was in the store and the lighting was too harsh. i purchased it anyways (why? because Nordstrom's return policy is AMAZING). i was convinced that once i made it out to my car i would look in my rearview mirror and see a bronzed beauty looking back. unfortunately, that did not happen.

while this product is a major fail for me i'm sure it looks good on others. i've seen it on others. i have heard it is the bronzer of all bronzers. the only problem is that there is something about my skin tone that tends to make colors appear too orange.

although my experience was a fail i learned a few things. if it looks bad in the store, natural light is not going to make it look any better. if a product has an orange undertone to it, my skin only enhances that hue. and last, it is worth letting the woman at the makeup counter apply it before you buy. sure it might seem like a hassle but it could save you from buying a product that just DOES NOT work for you.


Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Layer Clothes for Fall

thanks to reader Jen for this great suggestion. i don't claim to be an expert on this topic but i do have a good friend who is. she has passed on so many gems that i can't thank her enough. it's one of those things that you don't realize simply rolling up your sleeves can add a little chic, until she shows you.

i felt really weird posting this so please please please be kind. you get to see my room, my closet, and that mess of belts/scarfs/ties/robes/buckles hanging from the back of my closet door. and something about having to step on a stool so you could see the lower half of my body brought me back to 2nd grade (i had a teacher reprimand me for not standing up, and was then apologetic because she realized i WAS standing)

have i told you guys lately that i love you? because i do.