Thursday, September 22, 2016

Baby Boy B Nursery Reveal

Delta Children Crib / Rug / Delta Children Chair / Black Out Curtain / Wicker Basket / Tasseled Blanket / Saranoni Blanket

i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am to share Baby Boy B's nursery with you today. it is still a work in progress with a few items on my wishlist however the room is ready for my sweet little bundle to arrive and i couldn't be happier about it. we wanted to create a room that felt masculine, modern and functional. i am typically not a fan of room 'themes' however i love the black and white template and tried to stick with that as we collected items for the nursery. this allowed us to introduce other neutrals like gold, beige and natural wood as accents without breaking the style of the room. one of my favorite things to do with a room design is mix textures. the more texture in a room the better the visual interest plus usually you can find lots of lush textures to make the room inviting.

i tried adding texture through textiles - blankets, rugs, curtains, pillows. i came across these Saranoni blankets that have the softest texture ever. i cannot wait to snuggle my little babe with these blankets. they offer a wide variety of color schemes (good for design) and can be customized to your child. add a name, initials and you can also choose a variety of sizes. i selected the lush/swirl style blanket along with a receiving blanket set to take baby boy b home in. the tassel blanket is one i picked up last year and i love the volume of the tassels.

my first essential purchase for the room was a crib for the baby. i needed something that was functional and neutral without a major financial investment. this Delta Children crib was the perfect option. its style and design are sleek, simple and contemporary. it allows you flexibility when creating your room design and versatility with whatever way you want to style the room. this Delta Children crib is a four in one that can be used as a crib and then restyled as a toddler bed and then frame for a larger bed as your child grows.

the room design began around these prints i picked up from i love shopping Minted for my prints along with holiday cards, baby announcements, invitations, etc. they offer an amazing selection of styles and you can find nearly every style you could want. i already knew i wanted to do a black & white room theme so i searched Nursery Prints on and found these prints that made such a great collage for the main nursery wall. i liked the idea of animals as the feature focus and of course i LOVED the 'i love you so' print because i like my children to have that constant visual reminder that they are loved.  

Minted Prints / Stool / Armadillo Lamp / Rug / Glider Chair
lots of lighting is essential to making a room feel warm and inviting. after selecting the animal prints i came across this armadillo lamp at Target and knew it was the perfect coordinating lamp for the nursery. i purchased this a few months ago however it is still available and currently on sale along with other animal lamp styles.

my car seat cover is the latest craze for moms. it is made by Milk Snob and is perfect for moms on the go. it works as a car seat cover, nursing cover and grocery cart seat cover. the flexible jersey fabric has great stretch allowing it to fit your car seat, body and grocery carts easily. Milk Snob offers a wide variety of print designs however this is their classic black and white stripe print design. i love how chic it looks as a car seat cover to help protect and shelter baby from elements and provide a comfortable 'cocoon' for baby to relax in while out and about. 

as a mom my MUST for diaper bags is a shoulder strap but if possible i would prefer a backpack style bag. this allows me to stay hands free when carrying the baby or carseat. it also comes in handy when you are pushing a stroller. i prefer not to hang or put my diaper bag in the basket at the bottom of the stroller because i don't want the diaper bag to unintentionally be left unattended however wearing a backpack makes it so easy and convenient to carry your baby needs. these two bags in particular are perfect for Baby Boy B. the gingham print is Sloane & Ranger and can be purchased for less than $100. the Henri Bendel backpack is higher on the price scale but it is a fashionable option for mom's with a wide variety of color options.

Henri Bendel Bag / Sloane & Ranger / Nylon Basket / Aiden & Anais Swaddle
i was on the hunt for the perfect glider to coordinate with the nursery. with my previous baby nursery's i had selected a chair that didn't glide and always regretted it. for those midnight feedings you are going to want something that is comfortable for you and baby and this Delta Children Glider was not only the perfect style aesthetically it is super comfortable (even for my shorty legs). i picked up all the accent pieces like pillow, blanket/hat rack and hanging drum lamp from a trip to Ikea. they worked great with the color palette and were inexpensive, a win/win!

the rug was found at (same website i found the rug for the girls' bedroom reveal). the chevron black and white style was perfect for the room's them. it coordinated well with the prints that i was centering the room design around as well as provided a great new blend of texture.

Delta Children Glider / Rug / Faux Fur Stool / Armadillo Lamp / Prints
last i needed some shelving to store all of the baby clothes and accessories. i repurposed this bookshelf i purchased years ago and found these plastic baskets to hold all of the baby items. my must have baby clothing purchases were talked about earlier this week in this post and i cannot wait to put these cute baby mocs by Freshly Picked on my little dude. 

the swaddle blankets are Aden + Anais and are the best swaddle blankets ever. the muslin fabric is lightweight and a bit stretchy making them swaddle snuggly, just what every newborn needs. i like to swaddle in layers, particularly in the winter so i like having this lightweight blanket to use underneath and then a thicker blanket to layer over the top. the blanket prints coordinated perfectly with my bedroom color scheme and i selected two packs of blankets so i can make sure to store them everywhere i need them (nursery, bassinet, diaper bag, etc.). Aden + Anais also makes baby jammies and onesies along with bibs and zip-up sleepers. they are all made in their signature muslin making them breathable, comfortable and easy to wash. if you look closely you can see my blue & white striped outfit for baby in one of the baskets.

the last room accent that i had to have was this Wild & Free wire hanging wall art. i couldn't think of a better accent piece to coordinate with the room and to go above the shelves.

Wild & Free / Black Baskets / White Baskets / Aden & Anais / Freshly Picked
 the last thing i need to figure out for the baby room is a changing table. i still haven't found something that is the right fit so for now my changing pad is lonely beneath the shelves. however, even with the room not quite 100% it is ready for Baby Boy B and for that i am happy.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting Ready For Baby With Carter's

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

i can't believe #BabyBoyB will be here in just a matter of a few weeks. it is approaching faster than i can comprehend and my list of things to do to prepare is long. really, really long. i finally finished preparing the baby's nursery (this is just a sneak peek, blog reveal coming soon!) and i have started rounding up the items to get my little mister through the first few weeks. i have the car seat, stroller, bassinet, blankies, etc. but i need to stock up on clothing essentials, diapers and wipes. 

one of my favorite places to stock up on baby clothing essentials is Carter's. they have super cute baby clothes that are stylish and comfortable for baby and their prices are at a very affordable price point. additionally, i can typically find a great coupon code to go along with my Carter's purchase to save even more. (be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for a great Carter's coupon code offer.)

in order to get ready for the baby who has yet to be named, a.k.a. #BabyBoyB, i headed to my local Carter's to start developing a well rounded wardrobe for my little cutie. i consider a well-rounded wardrobe for a newborn to include onesies, socks, gloves, hats, and one-piece outfits. i think newborn clothing shouldn't be fussy but that doesn't mean you have to compromise baby's fashion. Carter's had the cutest one piece zip suits with hoodies that will be perfect for the chilly fall weather once #BabyBoyB is here. i selected three different outfits that all color coordinate with the baby socks which have the cutest little faux laces to look like shoes. along with the socks i picked up some coordinating mittens/gloves for those first few weeks when baby's tend to scratch themselves unintentionally. my biggest must was the six pack of long sleeve body suits that work great for layering under clothes and can double as jammies in a pinch.

picking out these initial wardrobe essentials was so much fun and made me all the more excited for the arrival of baby. i cannot wait to see his cute little face and hold that sweet baby in my arms. 

if you are looking to pick up your baby essentials for yourself or an expecting friend try this store locator to locate the nearest Carter's by you: STORE LOCATOR

be sure to use the Carter's coupon code below to score great deals on your purchase. get 25% your purchase of $40 or more:


be sure to enter the Pin Baby Pin contest with Carter's. to enter you must upload your favorite Carter's Baby's First Look at this link contest runs until September 26th and after this period 75 people will be randomly selected to each win a $50 Carter's gift card.

Get Great Hair With Conair

as an expecting mom my body is constantly changing but the one thing that remains steady is my hair. today i wanted to share with you two different looks with Conair showing a little love to the one constant in my life. one of my favorite hair go-to's is straight everyday style or i like to wear my hair curled. the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Curl Secret® effortlessly gives you beautiful, shiny curls, while the NEW InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Brush creates super smooth, shiny straight styles without losing volume! The Conair Diamond Brilliance Hot Paddle Brush tool is new to their styling line and is just hitting shelves now.

i put together this tutorial showing you how i get this loose casual ponytail style with the InfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret:

first you will need an InfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret. the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Curl Secret® gently draws your hair into a curl chamber and surrounds the hair strands in heat without added tension, resulting in a three-dimensional, longer-lasting curl. since all of the heat remains inside, you can achieve the perfect curls using lower heat temperatures, protecting hair from damage. the tourmaline ceramic coated surfaces help hair glide easily through the chamber to eliminate frizz while evenly distributing heat so the style you create has a salon-perfect, silky smooth, shiny finish.

to style you will also need hairspray, a rubber band, some bobby pins and a teasing brush.
  1. begin with blow-dried straight hair.
  2. using the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Curl Secret curl the ends of your hair. (curling is so easy with the self-winding feature and the self-timer!) 
  3. do this throughout all of your hair.
  4. tease the hair on the crown of your head to create a bit of volume.
  5. pull the back half of your hair into a ponytail.
  6. the front pieces of your hair can be pinned back around the ponytail with bobby pins.
  7. enjoy your style!
my second go-to is straight hair. i wear my hair straight and it is also one of my quick style options for my girls. the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance™ Hot Paddle Brush has three heat settings for all hair types and reaches up to 400°F making it the perfect straightener for me or my girls. the silicon bristles grip and hold hairs in place while the nylon bristles guide the hair for advanced user control and added shine. the metal fins transfer heat that straightens and smooths the hair without losing volume. straightening hair has never been easier, or faster!

below are before and after shots of my girls after using the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Brush.  we had washed their hair the night before and they slept on it wet. in the morning their hair was a bit of a wreck but after just a few quick brush throughs with the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Brush it was smooth and shiny.

styling their hair can occasionally be a battle and thankfully the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Brush takes the battle out of it making it simple, quick and easy. #ConairDiamondBrilliance

learn more about the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Brush here OR



For more information about Conair's full line of styling products, visit Conair at, and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for great beauty tips and giveaways!

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the InfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret and the InfinitiPRO by Conair® Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Brush for my own personal use.  All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Must-Haves For New Moms

this post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Single Edition Media however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #BabbleBoxxMom

here's the deal, motherhood isn't easy. it comes with all kinds of stresses and pressures and there are so many questions. so. many. questions. today i have put together a post featuring some items that will help make motherhood a little easier for you. it is important to take care of your baby but it is also important to take care of yourself and here are some products that will help with both of those tasks:

taking a prenatal vitamin is important for you and your growing baby but did you know that these vitamins will continue to help you even after the baby is born? the 35+ Mom & Baby Multivitamin is uniquely formulated for those of us who are 'advanced maternal age' - aka 35 years old or older. this complete multivitamin is a food based vitamin for digestion enhancing nourishing superfoods. it is easy to digest and absorb and is the only Pre & Postnatal Multivitamin formulated for the unique nutritional needs of 35+ Moms in just one tablet per day. the best part about it is that it helps soothe nausea and is gentle on your stomach. that is a major win. use discount code 'HappyBaby' for 20 percent savings on Rainbow Light Prenatals and ‘HappyFamily’ for 20% off multivitamins as well at 

if your kids are anything like mine they experience a lot of fevers the first year of life. my children in particular have super high fevers (we're talking 105 degrees on occasion) and have suffered from febrile seizures. because of this i take their temperature needs VERY serious and this TempTraq® wearable Bluetooth® temperature monitor is a wearable monitor that continuously monitors body temperature. it is a soft, comfortable patch that senses, records and transmits temperature data for up to 24 hours to either an Apple® or Android compatible mobile device through the free TempTraq® app. it will even send you alerts to help you with peace of mind while your children rest. the patch is similar to an adhesive bandage and is simple to apply and remove. get a discount of 10% off when you use code BABBLEBOXX10 when purchasing at offer expires October 31, 2016.

if you have had children before then you are probably well acquainted with the brand Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Boudreaux's Original Formula and Maximum Strength Formula are fast acting without harsh ingredients. the products are free from parabens, preservatives, dyes and phthalates and talc. these creams are Pediatrician recommended for diaper rash and help to leave a thick barrier between the diaper and the skin to help protect your baby's skin. the Original Formula contains 16% Zinc Oxide which helps treat skin irritation. the Maximum Strength Formula contains 40% Zinc Oxide for over two times the rash fighting power. these are diaper bag essentials and changing station musts. pick them up from major retailers or visit

Gerber® Onesies® brand one piece underwear helps keep babies covered day and night. i am a onesie addict and you will find my baby wearing them until they are potty trained. i like that their tummies or diapers are not left hanging out of their clothes if their shirts ride up or their pants pull down. these particular onesies are available in short sleeve or long sleeve and they are easy to wash. the snap closures are positioned higher in front to make diaper changing easier and their expandable necklines help make changing a cinch. they are great for layering in summer or winter and come in solid colors or prints. you can order online at now through October 8th and receive FREE $6 STANDARD SHIPPING on your order. use code BBOXX16FS at checkout to redeem.   

one of my personal favorite items is the FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 70 Camera. i love capturing images of my children and the ability to immediately see the print in real life, hold it in your hand and not have the hassle of getting a digital printed off is priceless. the INSTAX Mini 70 camera is the latest model to join the 'install mini' series of instant cameras that produce credit card sized photos instantly. the camera offers features including selfie mode that automatically adjust settings for perfect selfies using the front facing selfie mirror. this camera model comes in Canary Yellow, Moon White, Island Blue, Passion Red, Midnight Black and Stardust gold. the film is sold separately  in a double pack with 20 exposures. go ahead and photograph your cute baby and get your pictures immediately. you can find out more if you visit the FUJIFILM website here.

last but not least you want to make sure you are taking care of yourself. you can do that by using the illumai biome care system to cleanse, nurture and protect your hair. it is sulfate and silicone free and has no preservatives and leaves your hair feeling soft and well cared for. it is 100% color safe and works with every hair type. this system is so well-designed for new moms, i’ve arranged for 40% off either size for my readers.  just use promo code 44BLUSHINGBASICS at checkout. expires 10/31/2016.

what are some of your favorite must-have items for baby? are there certain products you can't live without? be sure to leave me your favorites in the comments.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

LipSense Lipstick Review

recently i was sent the lipstick that has been generating a lot of buzz on the internet these days. it is called LipSense by SenseCosmetics and it is an all day wear lipstick that doesn't wipe off. i feel like this type of product can be a bit fad-ish and the buzz eventually wears off but it seems as though the buzz just continues to grow for this product. it is sold through personal distributors and i was contacted by one (Lipstick With Julie on Facebook) offering to send me the product to try. because i had heard about it i was definitely interested in whether LipSense would live up to the hype. additionally i have a friend who is a beauty blogger who has just started selling it as well and has done nothing but raved about how much she loves this product so i was definitely on board.

let me just start by saying that my first experience with the product wasn't great. my personal distributor had warned me that there was a bit of a learning curve and i had shrugged it off thinking 'i'm a beauty blogger - how difficult can it be?' i learned as soon as i applied it that i needed a bit of coaching. the first application of the product stung like crazy. i was surprised to see how much it burned and thought maybe i was having a reaction to it. additionally, my lips peeled and peeled and peeled for days after using it. imagine the strongest exfoliant and that is what it felt like was happening to my lips. needless to say i was a bit hesitant to continue.

i pushed through because i had heard so many good things about this product and after about a week and a half i started noticing a difference. it was no longer uncomfortable to apply. my lips weren't peeling nearly as much as they were in the beginning and the staying power was impressive. i don't know if i consider myself a true convert to this product but i can definitely see its value. i like that i wake up in the morning and there is still lipstick on my lips. i like the idea that red lipstick (notorious for smearing and rubbing off on your teeth) stays put. i like that there is a large range of colors to choose from (most product lines only offer about 8-10 colors) and that there is a shade for every skin tone. 

i am going to continue using the product because it has only been about 2.5 weeks now and will update you on my thoughts in another week or two. in the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing the product you can purchase it through a personal consultant here -> Lipstick With Julie on Facebook

be sure to check out her Instagram (below) to see just how great the staying power of this LipSense lipstick is.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Perfect Snacking With ZonePerfect

"I have been compensated by ZonePerfect for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.”

if you are a frequent reader of this blog you are well aware that one: i am pregnant. two: i blog about beauty and style. three: i like to feature home and lifestyle posts. four: a very high priority for me right now is food. yes, at 8 months pregnant one of my main concerns every day is what i am eating. pregnancy leaves me with a hunger like no other and being a mom and working part time limits my time to prepare meals or snacks that will help satisfy that hunger.

typically my day consists of getting my kids out the door and ready for school and then i take what time i have before errands or appointments to quickly get ready or finish up some blog posts. my instinct is to grab the easiest thing to eat and typically the easiest thing to eat is the worst for you! these ZonePerfect nutrition bars are the perfect substitute. they not only taste delicious but they are packed with protein to help me fill fuller, longer. which as a pregnant mama doesn't happen easily these days! my pregnant body is saying snack, snack, snack and my mind is saying no, no, no, eat smarter, not more!

my husband is definitely the healthy one between the two of us and he has been recommending i give snacks like this a try for months and i am so glad i did. they are perfect to have around the house, on the go, and i have even packed them for my trip to Arizona. traveling is prime time for terrible snacking and having these ZonePerfect bars on hand is going to be a life saver. i have packed extra so that i can share them as well. no more hangry mamas.

i will say they can be a bit tricky to find. i picked mine up at Walmart however they were not in the grocery section but in the nutrition section nearest the pharmacy. just a heads up if you are headed out to purchase some for yourself.

speaking of packing - my favorite packing tip is to pack along color coordinated items so that you can mix and match for the entire trip. this helps you pack more efficiently and get the most bang for your buck with what you are packing. i like to have versatility and options and these gives me all of the above. added in are my ZonePerfect bars so that i can restock my handbag on the go.

what are some of your favorite packing tips or snacking options? please share with this snackaholic!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back To School With Zappos & Superga

this post is sponsored by Zappos and Superga however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #Zapposstyle #SupergaUSA

with the first day of school just around the corner my girls and i did a little last minute prep to make sure they had all necessary school supplies, including clothes! i am one of those mom's who loves to have a checklist of items we need to pick up prior to the school year starting so i feel like i know exactly what it is i need to do to prepare. the school supply list is the easy part and while the clothes are the funnest part to shop for you also want to make sure you have all of your bases covered. it wasn't until last week that i realized i hadn't picked up any tennis shoes yet for the girls to wear to school (a mandatory requirement for the playground) which made this collaboration with Zappos and Superga serendipitous.

i love shopping Zappos because you can get whatever your needs for clothing or footwear are with fast, free shipping, a 365 day return policy and great customer service. you can go on, place your order and have everything to your doorstep super quick.

my pick for the girls' tennis shoes were these cute Superga classic tennies. they come in a range of colors including metallics. i love how they take the classic style and enhance the retro simplicity with a modern spin. Superga is a classic Italian brand that has been producing high quality footwear since 1911. this particular tennis shoe is their iconic '2750' style that is a timeless classic. it was the perfect solution for getting my girls ready for back to school and shoe is effortless while it elevates casual style.

Children's Superga Shoe
before school i like to have my girls lay out their outfits to prepare for the day ahead. this makes getting ready in the morning a quick and easy affair instead of the headache that it could be. no arguing about what they are wearing and they love having the control of selecting their wardrobe. naturally they enjoy accessorizing (their mother is a style blogger after all) and these cute Superga shoes add just the right element of glam.

watching my girls prepare for back to school brings such a mix of emotions. i am so happy for their new adventure and selfishly sad not to have their sweet spirits by my side all day long. i love these two and everything about them from their sassy style to the sweet sibling love. being their mother is such a joy and if i could bottle this period of their lives and keep it forever i would.

be sure to check out Zappos to find all of your back to school needs and definitely consider giving Superga a try. their classic tennis shoe looks great on everyone in the family.