Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back2Blonde Instant Fix For Blonde Hair

this post is sponsored by Acorn & Everpro however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #LiveLife2TheBlondest 

you know how the saying goes: 'Blondes have more fun'. as a former blonde now bottle blonde i couldn't agree more. i enjoy having blonde hair because it works best for my complexion, helps my fair skin not seem so dull and brightens my eyes. i have been my natural hair color and while it looked nice the blonde just feels more 'me'. the only problem with blonde hair is the maintenance. i am regularly getting my roots touched up every four weeks to avoid too much grow-out but sometimes that is just not possible. instead of stressing over not making it in to the hair dresser's chair invest in Back2Blonde to help you get through those periods of non-coloring.

when i was introduced to the Back2Blonde product i was definitely skeptical. could disguising dark roots really be this easy? would it look natural? after giving the product a try i am definitely convinced YES & YES! the Back2Blonde spray comes in three different shades and will instantly turn dark roots back to blonde with its concealing powers. the spray has a reflective quality about it which makes it look so natural indoors and out leaving your hair with a gorgeous shine that. it easily washes out with a shampoo and can be sprayed on in a matter of seconds. 

i am a huge fan of simple solutions and this might just be the easiest and most cost effective way to extend the life of your blonde highlights. i have been converted!

usually at four weeks in to a hair color i avoid pulling my hair up because my roots are so dark and obvious. i prefer to wear my hair down to help conceal the roots a bit more. with Back2Blonde i quickly sprayed my roots and they were concealed in seconds letting me extend the life of my color another week or two.

get a $4.00 coupon for Back2Blonde from ibotta here and visit Back2Blonde.com for more information on the product.

you can pick up Back2Blonde at most major drugstores like CVS, Walgreens or RiteAid. so if you are a blondie like me you will definitely want to have this in your hair arsenal for the easiest solution to dark roots.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Maternity Style With Seraphine Maternity

one of my favorite maternity brand discoveries this pregnancy is hands down Seraphine Maternity. i was introduced to the brand after finding them on Nordstrom.com and loved how stylish and cute their maternity clothes were. maternity clothing is tricky because you need to dress the bump without looking mumsy and you also have the issue of accentuating your 'assets' without accentuating your assets. you get what i am saying?

Seraphine Maternity has so many options, many of them dresses, that allow you to look stylish and cute without compromise. their fabric quality is really great which makes the dresses wash well and wear well without looking dingy. there is nothing worse than investing money in maternity clothing only to have it wash and pill after the first wear. plus, high quality fabrics wear will which means no wrinkle-ly looking clothes, wavy hemlines or bubbling zippers. every time i wear one of my Seraphine Dresses i receive a lot of compliments on the dress style which is a sure sign of a great product ;)

i love how the popover top of this dress allows you the comfort of an empire waist without the cinching of an empire waist. not show is that the popover top lifts to expose slits for nursing for those mamas who plan on it. that makes this dress a great option before and after baby. 

right now Seraphine is offering up to 60% off of some of their favorite styles. be sure to visit the website to see what they have to offer for your maternity style needs. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Maternity Must-Buys Cake Maternity

being pregnant at 35 versus being pregnant at 25 is completely different. when i was younger i gave no thought to bust support, bought the cheapest nursing bra i could find and used whatever nursing pads were available at the commissary. we were in the Air Force living overseas in England at the time and everything maternity needed to be purchased 'off Base' in English Pounds which at the time was nearly double the dollar making everything twice as expensive. my biggest concerns were not quality and comfort but rather whether or not i could find it and how much it cost.

now that we live back in the US and i have been through this nursing gig a few times and have grown older my requirements for maternity lingerie have changed a bit. Cake Maternity was my one stop shop for picking up all of my maternity undergarment needs. i selected items that i wanted to be able to take to the hospital with me so that i had just the right undergarments post baby without compromising quality or style.

first are the Hipster Briefs i picked up. i selected the gift box that includes four briefs in neutral colors. they are designed to sit below the belly while providing extra coverage over the seat. the 'knicker pack' comes in four colors with contrasting lace detail and is extremely comfortable to wear. along with comfort is the quality. made with a high quality cotton it will wash well and is machine washable because lets be honest - when it comes to hand washing 'ain't nobody got time for that!'.

next i picked up the CupCake Nursing Pads and liners. the Nursing Pads are designed to be reusable, durable and waterproof. add in a liner for periods of necessary increased absorption. these organic, washable nursing pad liners are designed to fit perfectly into the CupCake Nursing Pad. they have great absorption capability which ensure a dry, leak-free nursing experience.

last i coordinated all of these products around the most important post-pregnancy undergarment, the nursing bra. i chose the Maple Mousse Plunge Bra with no underwire for comfort. it has easy to use nursing clips with wide adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. there is an internal cotton sling for comfort and contoured cups for a smooth profile. this stretchy satin provides comfort which is my number one priority when it comes to bras.

all items have been packed up in my Dolce Vita tote which makes the perfect bag for hospital and post-baby. it is roomy on its own or you can pull up the zipper insert which gives it another several inches of space. it is light-weight and comfortable to hold and the black, quilted exterior has a chic aesthetic. the zipper quality is great with no 'sticky' zipping and the bag is roomy and works well as a weekender/hospital bag.

let me know if you have any favorite maternity lingerie brands or a specific style you have found that works best.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Prepping For Baby With Evenflo Sibby Travel System

this post was sponsored by Evenflo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. i received the Evenflo Sibby Travel System to facilitate my review.

as readers of this blog you know that this is my fourth child that ended up being a decision made long after all our baby items had been used, abused, donated, gifted, sold, lost and sent packing. now with Baby Boy B's impending arrival we are starting all over with our baby gear which is actually quite a treat. baby gear has come a long way since my oldest was born nearly 11 years ago. products are more functional, user friendly and family friendly. one of my top priorities for baby is a car seat and along with that a travel system. with the opportunity to try out the new Evenflo Sibby Travel System i definitely took the opportunity to see if this was the right fit for our growing family.

my two littlest ones are so excited at the prospect of a baby joining our family. they have taken to carrying around their baby dolls, putting them down for naps, feeding them bottles and changing their diapers. these girls love all things baby and when i asked them to help me try out the new Evenflo Sibby Travel System they were more than happy to be my guinea pigs.

what makes the Evenflo Sibby Travel System unique is that it is a great option for growing families. The Sibby offers a Ride-Along board which allows two children to ride at the same time. The Ride-Along Board connects easily during set up and folds away when not in use. this is a convenient option from having a double stroller for two children, particularly for when siblings are older and enjoy the option of riding when convenient rather than being strapped in. with The Sibby system you are purchasing a stroller, ride-along board, infant car seat and base all for less than $200. you can find the Evenflo Sibby Travel System at your local Target.

the Evenflo Sibby Travel System was a hit with my girls. they loved the option of the Ride-Along Board and i loved the added benefit of clip-on cupholder (mama loves a cold drink). The Sibby was so easy to handle with a convenient and easy to use folding option for the stroller and ergonomic handle for the infant car seat. the Ride-Along Board was simple to clip on and off and the infant car seat easily clips into the base as well as the stroller. 

all in all both mom and kiddos were fans of this Evenflo Sibby Travel System. do you have a favorite travel system or travel system feature? if so, please let me know!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summertime Maternity Style With NYDJ

summertime is usually not too difficult for dressing a baby bump thanks to the many hours spent in the water, however this summer has been unusually cool for our part of the country. during a time when we are typically experience 100 degree weather we have been sitting pretty in the 70's. this means dressing for cooler temps, particularly in the evenings, is a must. i have been rocking my denim all summer long and lightweight jackets have been on regular rotation.

at a time when i realized i needed to switch to maternity denim i was graciously offered to select a couple of pairs from NYDJ. i had not realized that they had a maternity denim line and was pleasantly surprised at their maternity denim offerings. NYDJ's Anabelle Skinny Maternity Boyfriend boasts a comfortable, relaxed fit with a rolled cuff for a casual, laid-back vibe. a wide, stretchy waistband covers the entire stomach and hits just under the chest for added comfort. the stretchy waistband is incredibly comfortable for all day wear and the quality of the denim is soft and so chic.

i paired this maternity boyfriend jean with an Ingrid & Isabel maternity tee and a blush trench. i could probably use two or three more of these white tees since i wear it so often! the tee washes really well and fits perfectly. the blush trench is perfectly lightweight to give comfort and style to the outfit. this cute pink necklace is a recent birthday gift from my sister-in-law and i love the pop of color it provides to my wardrobe. plus, it is currently 40% off which makes it a great deal right now.

you can shop all items featured at the bottom of this post.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mally Beauty Eyeshadow Sticks

one of my favorite makeup hacks for summer is using a shadow stick for eyeshadow. eyeshadow sticks have the most amazing stay power even in humidity, sweaty and watery conditions. the Mally Beauty eyeshadow sticks are the perfect solution for eye makeup to ensure that your makeup stays put in even the most extreme of summer conditions!

i have been using my Mally Shadow Stick Extra's all summer. my favorite go-to color is Champagne. it is a light, shimmery neutral shade that gives your eyes a great pop of brightness. even when i am going for a very minimal makeup look i'll throw some of this on my lids and instantly brighten my eyes. i also love the color Storm for layering. i'll use it as an eyeshadow base and then apply a lighter color over the top for a multidimensional look that lasts all day. the Mahogany and Chocolate Diamond colors are great neutral colors for natural eyeshadow looks. whichever color your choose you can't go wrong.

you can visit the Mally Beauty site right now to get an extra 25% off your order - so if you are in the market for these shadow sticks now is the time to buy.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Style With Motherhood Maternity

i am 27 weeks pregnant and in the last few weeks this little belly of mine has really started to pop! because of this i am transitioning to maternity clothes almost exclusively for many reasons, the number one reason being comfort. regularly waistlines and hem lengths don't hit at the right points once your belly starts pushing out and the fit of your clothing can look off. add that to the discomfort of clothing pulling too tight on your protruding belly and you are left one uncomfortable mama. i love the selection of items i picked up from Motherhood Maternity including this dress. their clothes are versatile, comfortable and at an affordable price point which makes them a win/win.

this dress is a Jessica Simpson maternity dress. the burnout style is a fun summer look and the dress is fully lined with a nude slip for modesty. the fit is like a sheath which is personally the most comfortable of all the maternity styles. the dress is a bit wide for me but i am okay with that knowing that my belly still has a lot of growing to do and this dress will grow with me. the dress has short sleeves which allows me to wear it with or without the jacket (i don't wear sleeveless tops) and the hem length is perfect.

i am only a couple of weeks away from third trimester and i am dreading it. however i am one of those people who feels that if you look your best you feel your best and i am thankful for cute maternity clothes to keep me feeling my best heading in to this third trimester. you may have read about my issue with PCS (Pelvic Congestion Syndrome) which really starts to flair up during the third trimester thanks to the pressure on my uterus from my growing bump. i have already started experiencing the pain and discomfort PCS brings and with the third trimester looming i am feeling a bit nervous. Motherhood Maternity allows me an easy distraction of dressing my bump rather than worrying about and for now i will gladly take that distraction.

shop my accessories using the widget below and be sure to leave me any comments on how you battle the mental challenge of third trimester.