Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Girls Bedroom Design with Beddy's

this week is all about the bedroom reveal i did for my daughter's on Monday. because of our new baby boy arrive this fall i have had to do some reorganizing of the sleeping arrangements and my daughters were all too happy to have their rooms combined and redesigned. i mentioned on Monday's post that the motivation for this redesign came from my bedding choice of Beddy's Bedding. i had so many questions after post from friends and family about the bedding that i wanted to do a more in depth post to answer those questions.

Beddy's (pronounced bed-ease) is the most brilliant solution to bedding for bunkbeds, or pretty much any bed. it is a comforter that fits over your mattress as a fitted sheet would fit. there are zippers that span the entire side of comforter on each side for comfort and an elastic that runs around the entire bottom of the comforter to give it that 'fitted' style. when unzipped there is a coordinating fitted sheet underneath and the top comforter blanket has a cozy minky fabric underneath. the exterior fabric is 100% cotton so the fit is great and it washes really well.

the Beddy's style bedding comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. they fit mattresses of all sizes and accommodate for young and old, boy and girl. in fact, now that my girls have this on their bed my son has been asking non-stop for when he can get a new Beddy's comforter. Beddy's offers contemporary style to traditional allowing you to design to your aesthetic.

the best part about Beddy's is actually making the bed. all that is required is a zip up the side. it is so easy, even my 4 year old daughter can make her bunk bed, and for anyone who has ever tried to make a bunk bed that is a feat!!

i selected the Vintage Blush II comforter for my girls' room. i liked the light color of the fabric and the ruffles and ruching of the comforter. along with the bedding i also picked up a bedskirt and pillow set. the bedskirt is Always Enchanting White/Gold Bed Skirt that coordinates perfectly with my polka dot accent wall and the pillow set is the Chic White Pillow Set. the pillow set comes with three pillows, one traditional sized pillow and two accent pillows. i thought it worked best to use the traditional sized pillow on the bed and put the accent pillows on the chair to tie the bedding in with the room.

if you have any questions about the bedding please don't hesitate to reach out. 


Monday, June 27, 2016

Girls Bedroom Design Reveal

with a baby on the way a little bedroom reorganizing was necessary to ensure all children fit comfortably in our home. my daughters have been begging for over a year to share a bedroom because they love spending time together, playing together and of course sleeping together. they look at sharing a room as one never-ending sleepover and think it is a party every night. in order to put together their shared room i decided to turn it into their little escape to make this change as easy as possible on everyone. 

first and foremost i have to thank all the vendors who worked with me on this girl's bedroom redesign. all have been so helpful and so great in getting the products to me in a timely manner and making sure my daughter's room was the best it could be. vendors include: Beddy's Beds, Minted, nuLOOM Rugs, Studio 378 Decals and of course my favorite photographer Danielle Torres Photography

my first idea in this girls bedroom design was to create a space that was feminine and fun. my girls are playful, they love make-believe and can spend hours creating stories and plot lines from their imaginations. the first place i started with was the bedding. i had my eye on Beddy's Beds for a while. their bedding concept is incredibly smart. they create a comforter that fits on your bed like a fitted sheet would fit. the sides of the comforter zip so that making your bed is simple and easy. the bedding interior is lined with mink to make it a comfortable sleeping blanket and the bottom sheet is built in. the fabric quality is amazing so that you don't have to worry about washing your comforter and wearing out the color. 

i specifically chose the Vintage Blush bedding. i selected this bedding to fit a twin size mattress and a full to match the new bunkbeds i had found for the girls. along with the Vintage Blush comforters i picked up the Chic White Pillow Set and the Always Enchanting White/Gold Bed Skirt to coordinate.  i wanted to stick with colors that were neutral but had versatility and i felt white, gold and blush were the perfect combination for that.

i absolutely adore my Beddy's bedding and i cannot say enough good things about this bedding. for children's bedding you just cannot beat the style, ease or design. plus, if you have bunk beds you know what a nightmare it can be to make the bed everyday and the Beddy's design makes it easier than ever, even for my youngest!

i am not a huge fan of painting the interior of my home but if you follow me on Instagram you know i love a good accent wall. one thing i knew i definitely wanted for this children's bedroom design was to create a polka dot accent wall. creating one that perfectly matched my bedskirt was an even better bonus! i headed over to Etsy to find a vendor for my Polka Dot Vinyl Decals and stumbled across Studio 378 Decals. they offer a ton of wall design options in easy to use vinyl decals. these vinyl decals allow you to create design that is as permanent as you want it to be. they are long lasting on the walls but are also simple to remove if you decide to change your mind. no worry about messy paint or potential stains or smears, these decals make design easier than ever. plus, Christy at Studio 378 Decals was so amazing to work with and great with costumer service. she helped me select the right decal and had it shipped to me so quickly. included were instructions on how to easily apply the decals along with tester decals to make sure you get it right.

Bunk Beds / Bedding / Polka Dot Decals / Rug
next on the girls bedroom design agenda was finding a coordinating rug. there is something about the perfect rug that adds such an element of chic design to a bedroom. finding the perfect rug can be a challenge. you don't want a rug that is inexpensive or cheaply made because it will be destroyed so quickly with the high volume of traffic in a bedroom. you also want a rug that is made with quality fibers so that it will wash easily in case your children decide to get a little messy. all these elements make finding the right rug essential. i used to find the perfect rug for my girls' bedroom. is a rug website that offers stylish, quality rugs at an affordable price. i stumbled upon this Park Avenue Trellis rug design while i was looking for the perfect accent rug and knew that it was just the right fit. the nickel colored trellis coordinates perfectly with the blush, gold and white color scheme and the off-white rug looks great with the beige carpeting. the carpeting on the rug is plush making it a comfortable option for lounging on. i couldn't have found a better deal or a better design for this room.

Park Avenue Trellis Rug
last on my list for the girls bedroom design was to find the perfect bedroom decor. i wanted a few accent pieces that would work well for a child's bedroom but still look stylish and chic. i already owned this Jennylund chair from Ikea but i snagged this new chair cover on our last trip to Seattle because it was a perfect fit for the bedroom color scheme. it adds pops of color that coordinate perfectly with my blush, white and gold bedroom color scheme. i finished off the chair with the small pillows from the Beddy's Chic White Pillow Set.

i added some sheer curtains to the wall even though i already had white wooden slat blinds. the sheer curtains add some feminine style to the window and the gauzy look has such a dreamy feel to it. i picked these sheer curtains up at Ikea as well for approximately $5 dollars for the set. not a bad way to spend $5.

Chair / Rug / Pillows / Wall Art

i adore this picture of my little miss enjoying her new bedroom. she told me that this was everything she ever dreamed of. hearing that from your children feels so rewarding! i wanted to make sure i finished off the room with art work that not only reflected how i felt about them but would also be a reminder of how much they are loved. i headed to to find the perfect wall art that was unique in design and would also encompass beauty, emotion and style.

my first selection was this Love You art print. i absolutely adored the print and its message letting the girls know i LOVE LOVE LOVED them. i selected the beige color that coordinates with the blush/white/gold color scheme perfectly. i wanted one extra large print to add strong design to the room and this was the one i selected. i hope every time they see this print they are reminded of my love for them. i loved the small touches that adds by allowing you to customize the colors of the print along with the framing options (there are tons!) and the artist signature on the print. it makes the print feel exclusive in design and not overused.

along with the Love You art print i selected the Brushed With Love foil heart print. i liked how the pinks coordinate with the rooms color scheme and the foiled heart ties in well with the gold polka dot accent wall. i put together a little wall art collage with the Brushed With Love foil heart and the Washington State Foil pressed print both from the foil pressed state prints come in every state available and i liked how it was such a unique way to add a personalized touch to the room. when looking for 3M strips to hang all of my art work i stumbled across this small starburst mirror and thought it made the wall art collage collection complete.

Love You Print
Washington State / Brushed With Love / Bunk Beds / Vanity

i love spending time putting together a bedroom design that my girls would love. coming up with design ideas for their bedroom put my creative juices to work and my ultimate goal was to create a space they truly loved. please let me know if you have any questions about any of the items featured and i am happy to answer.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pregnancy Daily Style With Burlington

this post is sponsored by Burlington however all thoughts and opinions are my own. #BurlingtonStyle #BurlingtonStyleSquad

when it comes to style i can be a bit picky. when it comes to pregnancy style i am extremely picky. my checklist increases tenfold. i need comfort with style. i need fit with flexibility. i need options without expense. 

when Burlington asked me to check out their maternity section and put together some outfits for summer/pregnancy/daily chic i thought i would have my work cut out for me. i was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

i visited the Burlington store and made a beeline for the maternity section. while it is not extremely large they offer a variety of options including tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, etc. my biggest issue is feeling like i don't have enough wardrobe options during pregnancy so i like to pick up a variety of tops to help combat that feeling. i was so excited to find such great (and affordable!) items in the Burlington maternity section. not only did i not spend more than $10 on either top pictured, i had a hard time deciding which ones i wanted to take home with me! i ended up deciding on this long-sleeved ruched black t-shirt because of its styling versatility and this striped blush and white tee because BLUSH!

i like to dress comfortably and my friend call me the 'queen of casual'. what does that title mean? i've never asked them for a specific definition but i am assuming it means someone who rocks the casual wardrobe on the regular - my goal is to do it while continuing to look chic.

my next stop at Burlington was keeping up with the casual style by finding some pairs of flats that are comfortable, stylish and of course, affordable! i came across this on so chic pair of tennis shoes with rose gold metallic accents. the embossed leather print on the shoe plus the rose gold accent makes it the perfect accessory to my new black tee. along with the tennies i found some cute round sunnies to finish out the outfit.

for my second outfit i wanted another pair of flats (comfort is KEY when pregnant, especially when it comes to daily wear). in the shoe aisle i discovered this great pair of perforated leather flats in metallic gold that worked perfectly with my blush striped tee. both outfits look so great with the cute neutral sunnies i found and i can honestly say i look forward to rocking both outfits.

be sure to check out Burlington's website to see what great summer style finds they have to offer.


Lipgloss Love Notes


lipgloss by blushingbasics featuring lip makeup

this is a new series of posts to share my favorite, and not so favorite products. a sort of love-note to my makeup. (weird, i know) if you have any particular requests, please let me know. 
  • Smashbox, i love you but i don't love your longwear lipgloss. the steep price tag is not worthy of the 6 hour claim. 
  • Nars, while your smoosh-centric names are actually a turn-off, your color choices are spot on.
  • MAC, you get it.
  • Yves Saint Laurent, you know how to make a girl feel glamorous. 
  • Revlon, good color, long lasting and affordable. don't ever change.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

NYX Wonder Pencil - Makeup Must Have

listen up ladies, i've said it before and i'll say it again, this Wonder Pencil by NYX is life changing. though i may sound a bit dramatic i'm one hundred percent serious. as in, you will never view makeup the same again.

what is so awesome about a flesh-toned pencil? beyond the fact that these things are crazy hard to come by (ironic considering they are a makeup artists best weapon, then again that may explain the secrecy) they cover a multitude of problems.

first, the simple act of concealment. they cover with precision. have a tiny dot, a mole, a small pimple, a bit of a sun spot, the smallest of hickies curling iron burns or a slight imperfection? this smart concealer pencil named Wonder Pencil will take care of it.

second, tired eyes? anyone over the age of sixteen can answer yes to that question. whether it is studying for finals, staying out too late, chasing after small kids or worrying about your older ones this pencil is a gem. simply run it along the rim of your waterline and the redness is gone in an instant and eyes appear brighter and more awake. avoid lining your eyes with your white eyeliner because that will enhance the redness of your eyeball and only create a harshness to your makeup rather than a refreshed lightness.

third, outlining. the makeup artists trick to making lips look fuller, brows looking groomed and eyes larger. outlining your lips with a nude pencil will enhance the shape of your lips to make them look fuller and poutier. i would opt for this step any day over too-dark lip liner to create a fullness to your lips. this natural looking step makes ALL the difference. same goes for your eyebrows. outlining your eyebrows with a nude pencil makes them look fuller, better groomed and brightens the eyes. good brows make for a good face - this nude pencil will take you there.

if i haven't convinced you yet have i also mentioned that it is $4.50 and is now sold in Target? NYX has never been easier to find and purchase so be sure to pick one up on your next visit.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Accessory Style With Valere Rene Handbags

i have been a fan of the Valere Rene handbags for some time now. their company designs and creates a collection of handmade lifestyle handbags, ranging from unique makeup bags to versatile purses and beach bags. these products are designed to fit the fashion-conscious woman and are all made in the USA by women in Rogers, AR.

during the summer we spend most of our days lounging by the pool at my mom's house or having fun on the river in our favorite family toy (the boat!). i always need a large tote to carry all our summertime essentials including sunscreen, towels, sunglasses and a good book. Valere Rene has the cutest beach totes around. each tote has a great exterior print with a cute coordinating interior color. you can see the handmade stitching in these up close photos below and i like the idea of having such a quality, unique tote. the handles are made of sailors rope and held by grommets and you get a coordinating pouch to carry your keys, ID and chapstick.

in addition to cute beach totes they also have these gorgeous travel trio sets that can't be found at any mass retailers making them super unique. i was gifted this chambray and seersucker set and i chose this specific style because it will be great for travel as well as for toting around my baby gear this fall. i love having small pouches to keep things organized within larger bags and this travel trio is the perfect solution for that.

be sure to visit to check out their full selection of items. you'll likely find items you'll love!


Monday, June 13, 2016

BabbleBoxx: All Your Wellness Needs In One Place

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media

BabbleBoxx is an amazing sampling box i received to try out some new wellness products for the summer months. i was able to sample all of these full size products and bring you great deals on the products pictured above. yay!

Village Naturals Therapy are bath and body products infused with essential oils, extracts and cooling menthol to soothe sore muscles, relax the body and soften the skin. the powerful blend of these oils help provide fast-acting relief so you can quickly get back to feeling your best. these are a great product for athletes, weekend warriors or anyone suffering from stress, tension or living with chronic joint or muscle pain. these bath soaks, body washes and lotions are pretty much a solution for everybody.
the Aches & Paints Muscle Relief Foaming Bath Soak with Epsom Salt helps to revitalize and restore your body while soaking in the powerful blend of essential oils and extracts that include Eucalyptus, Spearmint and and Menthol. Epsom Salt has proven to ease stressed muscle while the the soft foaming bath relaxes and comforts your body. the products are 96% naturally derived.
the Aches & Pain Muscle Relief Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak helps to relieve sore muscles and joints by soaking in a bath with a comforting blend of Eucalyptus and cooling menthol. this soak combines Sea Salt and Epsom Salt to help draw out impurities and relieve tired muscles (hello, pregnancy!). this formula is concentrated so you use less product with the same results. it is infused with Spearmint and Matricaria to soften your skin and is 96% naturally derived.
Aches & Pains Muscle Relief Foaming Bath Oil and Body Wash help to relax and restore in the powerful blend of essential oils and extracts including Eucalyptus, Spearmint and cooling menthol. this Foaming Bath Oil and Body Wash bubbles in the tub or lathers in the shower for a refreshing experiencing and is 96% naturally derived.
right now you can get $1 Off Any One Village Naturals Therapy Product at

the Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme is a light-weight anti-wrinkle and hydrating face serum that features Rhamnose and Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. think crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles under eyes and neck wrinkles. Rhamnose is a great alternative to Retinol (which you can't use during pregnancy) especially for people with sensitive skin. within ten minutes of using this product you will notice that your skin looks illuminated and plumped. within ten days you will see ten signs of aging that look visibly improved and within one month your skin will feel firm and lifted. hooray!

the texture of this product is very lightweight which feels so great to apply. it also makes it fast-absorbing and the serum absorbs quickly into skin leaving it smoother, softer and more hydrated. the non-greasy, non-stick and non-shiny formula is the perfect product for summer months. 

use this product in the morning and evening on cleansed skin. simply apply a few drops of LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme on your fingertips and smooth evenly across the face and neck until absorbed. it can be used alone or with LiftActiv Supreme or LiftActiv Night Supreme to get a complete anti-aging regimen.

visit website here to get 20% off these products plus free shipping on all LiftActiv enter promotion code BABBLEBOXX at checkout. this offer is valid through 11:59pm PST 6/30/2016. this offer cannot be combined with other discounts or gift sets.

the 2(X)ist Tank Top & Leggings come from a leader in design innovation and 2(X)its has established a namesake synonymous with superior fit, fashion and performance functionality. they are products derived from a solution-based design process, all pieces baring the 2(X)its logo and are created with one thought in mind: what is this product's reason to exist?

the Square-Cut Tank is an everyday essential made to layer or lounge in. it has a slim fit for a body-hugging base layer. it is 100% breathable soft cotton and available for $26. 

the Leggings show true color: prints, ombres and pops of color. they offer no sweat - 100% moisture wicking fabric. the power mesh inserts to show off contoured calves and a wide waistband that contours and stays put. contrast compression piping sculpts and elongates the leg plus hidden zip pockets for keys or cards. you can find these for $48 for solid and printed $52

Tree Hut Shave Prep Body Scrub by Tree Hut, creator of America’s favorite body scrubs and butters, is now introducing an exfoliating Shave Prep Body Scrub. Tree Hut Shave Prep Body Scrub gently removes dead skin for the most efficient shave yet.

the exfoliating Shave Prep Body Scrub pampers skin with essential ingredients like Oat Kernel Oil, which helps relieve skin irritation, and Avocado Oil to help keep skin moisturized. Shave Prep Body Scrub lifts hair and preps skin for a smooth, close shave, without ingrown hairs and pesky red bumps. the summer scrub can also be used to enhance smoothness between shaves.

for optimal use:
o   for best results, ­first apply warm water to cleanse.
o   apply Tree Hut Bare Shave Prep Body Scrub and massage to reveal clean, exfoliated skin.
o  wash off Shave Prep Scrub in preparation for a smooth, close shave with Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil.

last was the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. imagine lashes so long and full they appear to have stretched wider and longer before your eyes! now you can infuse your lashes with superhero powers in just one coat using Superhero™ mascara. Elastic Stretch Technology wraps each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening and ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color that is clinically shown to give you your strongest, longest, thickest and most defined lashes! formulated with powerful peptides and proteins, strengthening biotin, lash-lifting polymers and plumping collagen, this anti-aging mascara will take your lashes to new heights. the innovative formula and Lash-Changing Power Brush work together to coat every lash from base to tips, lifting and separating to create a fuller lash line—no lash is left behind! this super-black mascara is also super-buildable, so lash power is at your fingertips; simply apply more coats to add volume and length.

don't those products sound amazing?! because they are ;)