Friday, August 29, 2014

Fashion Friday: How To Choose The Right Bra

disclosure: this post is sponsored in part by Kohl's and Maidenform, however all opinions, ideas and bra sizes are my own.

friends are like bras, close to the heart and there for support. picking friends takes time, getting to know a person's personality and the opportunity to connect in a way that is effortless. to find the right bra takes a similar effort. you don't walk into a store and pick the first thing you see, you try on different styles, find the fit that is the most comfortable, cute and affordable. then you take it home and the real test comes when you wear it all day. do you still love it? does the underwire pinch like a bad habit? does it make you look better?

these are dilemmas we as women face so how do we solve them? a little bit of know how. first, armed with the gift card that Kohl's sent me i worked on figuring out what fit was the best for me. you can do this to by visiting Kohl's Bra Measuring Resources here. did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong size? that means you have pretty good odds of wearing an ill fitting bra right now as you read this. trust me, take a few moments to check out Kohl's Bra Fit Guide.

once i am armed with that sizing knowledge i can attempt to find the bra that works best for me. for dresses, particularly ones that have full skirts, you want your proportions to match. this means curves up top to match the fullness of the skirt. to achieve that i recommend opting for the Maidenform Push Up Bra. now it has been said 'A push up bra is like a bag of chips. You open it and it is half empty.' but as long as you don't mind, why should anyone else?

flowing tops are popular this season. typically made with a gentle, sheer fabric you will want a bra that is smooth and won't show every bump and lacey edge. this is where my favorite bra comes in handy. the Maidenform T-Shirt Bra is amazing. not only is it ridiculously comfortable, it gives you the best shape and smoothest form. well played Maidenform.

seriously my favorite bra of the bunch. if you were going to pick one, this would be the one.

i'm going to get real for one second. i didn't choose the boob life, the boob life chose me. which means when i throw on my sports bra and tank i am showing the world - in detail - what has been created. who says sports bras have to flatten. find yourself a good support tank and add Maidenform's Pure Genius Lace T-Back Bra. no one has to know.

for those days when you need a little extra oomph, throw on a top that has the flexibility to be worn over ANY bra style and select a bra that is going to make you look and feel your best. try a bra with a little bit of lace, perhaps some color and while your outfit may say hey, your bra will be saying heeeeyyyyy. Maidenform's One Fabulous Fit Demi is the perfect bra for that.

last but not least is the dreaded strapless bra. the bra that can be worn comfortably under dresses without continual tugging and readjusting. i know you know what i am talking about. any woman who has ever risked a strapless bra can attest to the constant readjustments that come with it unless you pick the perfect strapless and in that case, you're good. for a strapless bra that stays put try Maidenform's One Fabulous Fit Strapless.

bras are a forever fickle friend until you find that bestie, the one you can't live without. here's to you in your quest in finding the perfect bra.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial & Eva Styling Iron Review

i was recently approached by the company Gloss48 is a website that features new beauty products daily. these beauty products will be on a promotional basis for 7 days allowing you to get great deals on beauty products. additionally they keep their favorite products in a permanent collection allowing you to shop them without expiration.

Gloss48 sent me the Eva NYC styling iron to try out and share with you guys. so, it is ceramic styling iron that has floating plates and a heat setting that goes up to 450 degrees. if you were to come to me and ask me for advice on what to look for in a styling iron, that would be it right there. typically those particularly features (high heat, ceramic, floating plates) will cost you around $100. you can pick up the Eva NYC styling iron for only $44. that's a pretty sweet deal, right?

Eva NYC is a line of professional styling tools that work to give you style without compromising the health of your hair. Gloss 48 will be featuring Eva NYC styling tools, argan-infused combs and paddle brushes beginning today.

below is a Beach Wave tutorial i put together using my one inch styling iron. i hate to call it a straightener because it is so much more than that. it can straighten, it can curl, it can create volume it can create waves. follow the tutorial below to create some simple, loose, beachy waves.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia Review & Tutorial

i am beyond (BEYOND) excited to be a part of this week's Makeup Wars. as a collaborative effort our group (members of the Makeup Wars) is introducing the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Maya Mia eyeshadow palette. as a part of this introduction we are each putting together an eye makeup tutorial showing you how to use the palette featuring the colors we loved best.

so cool, right?

pictured below is the Maya Mia palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. first, i love the packaging. the mix of shades that are actually included in the palette make up the color scheme of the packaging. pinstripes mixed with animal print is always an amazing combination and i always appreciate when an eyeshadow palette includes a brush (all the better for traveling). 

the shade selection is definitely a warm toned color palette which initially had me a little concerned. i am a cool toned kind of girl but after playing with the palette a bit i realized the colors are so perfectly neutral that they work for both cool and warm tones. another bonus to this palette is the mix of matte and shimmery shades. mattes are so great for creating depth, rich color and such a smooth finish to eyeshadow. shimmers work well as eyelid finishing touches and i appreciate that the accent colors were shimmery.

the palette comes with several eyeshadow tutorial cards showing you how to create different looks with the shades provided, however i was so in love Gold Bar that i decided i needed to create a look featuring that gorgeous shade.

Maya Mia Anastasia Beverly Hills

beginning with a primed lid i added Warm Taupe to the eyelid crease. using a windshield wiper motion i applied it started from the outside corner of the crease towards the inside corner and continued that back and forth motion to help diffuse and blend the color.

next i applied Gold Bar over my entire eyelid starting from my lash line all the way to the crease. i lightly tapped on the color to ensure stronger placement of the pigment.

following that i used a pencil brush to apply Deep Brown to the outside corner of the eye. i apply the color in a sideways V to create an eye shape that is almond.

finish it with a liquid eyeliner cat eye and some mascara and your look is done.

to see how the other Makeup Wars members used their palettes, check them out through the link up below:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crown Braid Tutorial and Head & Shoulders Review

this post is about to get real personal real fast. i have dandruff. there, i said it. here's the deal, nobody is perfect. i don't sweat, seriously, even during my hardest workouts i do not sweat. i have a high metabolism. i am genetically built so that no matter the number of calories i consume my weight does not fluctuate more than 3-5 pounds. i consider myself extremely lucky to be born with those traits. but, i have dandruff and i will take that any day. i also have two yellow teeth that were damaged as baby and will never change back to white no matter how often i bleach my teeth, but the dandruff, there is something i can do about that. thank you Head & Shoulders.

when i was asked to give the neHead & Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology Collection a try, naturally my answer was 'Heck yes!'. the new Head & Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology Collection is a breakthrough formula that leaves you with flake free hair with an amazing scent. Head & Shoulders teamed up with leading fragrance creators to design a shampoo that was a scentacular experience. the top notes in the shampoo are volatile and are 'activated' by hot water to amplify the fragrance experience overall. with four scents to choose from you can find the perfect scent for you.

Head & Shoulders is also offering the chance to meet Sofia Vergara by participating in the #PartOfOurFamily sweepstakes. the sweepstakes kicked off on Monday, August 18th and will run until September 1. the winner will have the chance to meet Sofia Vergara at a Head & Shoulders advertising shoot. to enter follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter and post a photo of your gorgeous, flake-free hair tagging #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps and @HeadShoulders. for more information you can check out the sweepstakes site here: 

in honor of my new shampoo and the my love for a flake free scalp, i have put together a tutorial showing you how to get the easiest, foolproof bohemian braided hair crown. seriously, you cannot mess this up.

so easy, right? i have been wearing this around town because let's face it, braids are in. but also because it is such an easy hairstyle to achieve that looks a lot more complicated than it is. the braided up-do is so perfect for summer and all of its humidity, you just can't go wrong.

and for all you Pinterest fans here is a friendly 'pin-able' image to save:


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Double Color Bronzing Technique

bronzing is such an essential part of a summer face. well, any face really. for those of us who are past our twenties and looking to add color to our sleep deprived, care deprived and all around deprived skin, this is your solution. better than any amount of diet coke. promise.

so it is with great pleasure that i am going to share with you my favorite bronzing tip:

use two colors.

yes, it is as simple as that. let's imagine you are painting a picture of the sky. do you use only one color blue to create the depth and beauty of that vast escape? no, you use as many colors of blue as you can. so when you apply your bronzer, why would you only use one shade? adding a cream blush under your bronzer will help give it depth and a touch of sun kissed glow without the fake-ness of highlighters and shimmers. it is essential that you use a cream blush for this technique. it is going to apply a stronger color as well as really 'grab' your bronzer once you apply it. remember, cream and powder are a marriage made in heaven.

below are the amazing cream blush and powder i have been using this summer courtesy of Make Up For Ever. you should know by know that i am a MUFE junkie and refuse any other foundation but their cream blush and bronzing powder a true winners as well. the essential ingredients to a good bronzer is lack of shimmer and a slightly grey undertone. done and done. the cream blushes come in a variety of shades to match your needs and they have amazing pigmentation and last for. ev. er.

so ladies (and some gentleman) shared below is one of my favorite makeup-ing tricks:
 hope that helps you in your bronzing journey!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Fashion Friday Desert Palette

i love living in the desert and i love the beauty that comes along with it. every night we have the most spectacular light show and my family gets the luxury of enjoying it from our kitchen window. the kids and i grabbed the camera and headed outdoors for a mini photo shoot capturing not only the beautiful sunset but also one of my favorite clothing color palettes - the desert neutrals.

kudos to my 8 year-old for taking all of the photos, this kid is a gem. and those two girls above, i don't think i could be more in love with them.

here's what we're wearing:

denim - Gap
top - Mossimo
shoes - Matisse
purselet - Coach
jewelry - Stella & Dot

girls clothing:

lace trim tops - Gap Kids
denim bermudas - Gap Kids

hope you are enjoying these last few summer nights as well.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blushing Basics Summer Makeup Video

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WalgreensBeauty #CollectiveBias

we've all heard the words, 'summertime, and the livin's easy'. never has that been more true than when it comes to makeup. summer makeup should be easy, beautiful, natural and glowing. thanks to #WalgreensBeauty and #CollectiveBias i was able to put together a makeup tutorial video showing how to get your best summer makeup. 

first things first i headed to Walgreens in search of the best summertime makeup products. i wanted products that would get the job done without breaking the bank. thankfully, i found just the thing. Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain is a miracle of a gloss that is super long lasting and will stay put. additionally i like to use the gloss as a blush because of its glow. the stain lasts on your skin without sweating off and because it has properties of a gloss you get this amazing glow wherever it is applied. never has creating faux glow been so easy! 

next on the shopping list to was Rimmel Natural Bronzer. so many fellow beauty bloggers have raved about the quality of this bronzer and i will wholeheartedly agree with them. it is a matte finish so it doesn't leave your skin looking muddy and it is the perfect shade of bronze to give your skin the sun kissed warmth. pair it with the Studio 35 Kabuki Brush (which i found on sale!) and you have yourself a winning combination.

below is a glimpse inside of Walgreens in the beauty aisle where you can find all of these makeup products and tools. from June 29th to August 30th you can get an amazing gift with purchase by texting a code or visiting for a FREE travel size makeup brush set. purchase amount must be $20 or more on beauty products (excluding baby items) which is quite easy to accomplish!

i quickly headed home to begin filming a Summer Makeup Tutorial Video for you that would feature these gorgeous Revlon glosses. i am in love.

check out the video below to see how you can get glowing summer skin in just minutes using only lip  gloss and bronzer (plus a kabuki, of course!).

the last Revlon stain i used is called London Posh and it is the newest favorite in my gloss collection. i may end up heading back to clear the shelves for my personal stash.

that is my perfect summertime look. what's yours?