Friday, October 31, 2014

Fashion Friday The Ultimate T-Shirt Bra

t-shirt and jeans is my go-to look. whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring i am wearing a version of this almost every day, i call it my daily uniform. i have three kids and am running to and from every day and i need something that i can be comfortable in, get dirty in and let's not forget - look good in!

now that we have established that t-shirts are my go-to, let's discuss what goes under. finding a good t-shirt bra can be a pain. you want one that fits comfortably, doesn't leave gaps and will lay smooth under your shirt. a few years ago my super fashionable sister confided in me her favorite bra ever. Soma full coverage bra. trusting her opinion one hundred percent i decided to give the bra a try and completely agree with her opinion. now Soma has introduce the newest Enhancing Shape Full Coverage Bra.

ladies, listen up. if you want a bra that is so comfortable you forget that you are wearing it - this is your solution. if you want a bra that gives you great shape and looks amazing under clothes - this is your solution. with straps that are thicker and designed for comfort you will have no fall straps or pinching underwire. with a cup that is designed to be fuller at the top rather than a traditional 'push-up' you'll get back that shape you once had pre-baby. score.

below are some pictures sharing the look wearing (of course!) my Enhancing Shape Full Coverage Bra.

Soma has generously offered to give one Blushing Basics reader a $60 gift card to pick up their own Enhancing Shape Full Coverage Bra. you can shop at a local Soma boutique (find one here) and get custom fitted or order online.

please use the rafflecopter below to enter:

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for more information about Soma products you can sign up for their catalog here or opt in for email here.






This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Soma. The opinions and text are all mine.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Department Store Faves and Their Drugstore Counterparts

in the beauty world we have what we call 'Holy Grail' products. this is the name given to those products that are absolutely amazing and will never steer you wrong. listed above are some of the favorite (read: top-selling) products in their niche and their drugstore counterparts.

Giorgio Armani Eyeshadow vs. CoverGirl Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani shadows are best known for their weightless, silky smooth application. for $30 a pot they better be amazing and perhaps buy you dinner. i love a good eyeshadow and the occasional splurge is well-worth the investment because shadows last forever, however i don't know if i can justify to the hubs (aka Tman) why our bank account was depleted because mommy needed some new colors. 

you feel me right?

thankfully CoverGirl has your back by offering individual shadows at $3.99* a pot. their eyeshadows may not be weightless and i wouldn't exactly describe it as silky smooth, however the color payoff is great, the blend-ability good and the price can't be beat. my absolute favorite of the bunch is Champagne. if you haven't tried the CoverGirl shadows Champagne is your place to start.

Stila Eyeliner vs. Almay Eyeliner

one of my most used and oft replaced items is liquid eyeliner. i can't get enough of that product. Stila is widely known as an amazing option for liquid eyeliner. it is a good formula that doesn't run, smear, crease or fade and the applicator is a dream. i consider myself an applicator connoisseur and this is one area where size really matters.

the Almay liquid liner is my saving grace. introduced to me by my best friend in 9th grade, this eyeliner is inexpensive, easy to apply and has one of my favorite applicator tips. when you go through it as often as i do, $20 on a department store brand gets a bit steep, however $7.99* is fits just right.

YSL Lip Stain vs. L'Oreal Lip Stain

YSL Lip Stains hit the market with a vengeance and became an immediate cult fave. these products were flying off the shelves with everyone clamoring for their favorite shade. why? it has the texture of a gloss but the longwear of a stain. basically the dream lip gloss/stain. the downside of this dream product is its price. $34 for a lip stain isn't exactly in the budge.

thankfully L'Oreal saw that the demand for this product was high and decided to make a more affordable version for the masses. while not quite as dreamy as the original, the L'Oreal stain works well and is offered at a more manageable price point of  $9.99*.

Lancome Mascara vs. L'Oreal Mascara

Lancome's Mascara is one of the best selling mascaras on the market. its formula boasts that it can sculpt, curl and load every lash. exactly what every woman is looking for. 

L'Oreal Voluminous has been and always will be my favorite mascara. not only does it sculpt, curl and load every lash, it does it for less than half the price. honestly, i do not buy department store mascara because i have yet to find one that i love as much as i love the Voluminous. how about the price? $7.79* and it is worth every penny.

Benefit Individual Lashes vs. Ardell Individual Lashes

to put it plainly, there is no real difference. go for the less expensive option - Ardell Lashes $4.99*.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Braided Side Knot Hair Tutorial

i love creating these hair tutorials and it looks like you do too! my recent Crown Braid Hair Tutorial and Primped & Polish Hair Up-Do have been going viral on Pinterest and it is so fulfilling to see people enjoying and sharing what i create. the whole purpose of this blog is to create tutorials, reviews and how-to's to make your life easier and to help you feel empowered in your beauty. when my tutorials are shared i consider that a huge success. thank you!

easy, go-to styles are great to have in your hair arsenal and let's face it, we could all use a little hair inspo now and then, right?

the hairstyle below is a simple braided side knot. a great go-to style for second day hair, days when you need your hair up and out of the way or when you would like a little polish to your look. it is so easy to recreate, just follow the steps below: 

as per usual i have included a Pinterest friendly version of this tutorial below. please, pin away - because without you 'pinners' there is no me.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Project Sunlight #ShareAMeal

you may remember a post i recently shared regarding Project Sunlight #ShareAMeal. with the holidays approaching i couldn't think of a better time to raise awareness for child hunger and the opportunity we have to help others. as a family my husband, children and i agree that we have been given so much and it is our responsibility to share what we have been given. as part of that we give a portion of income every month to help feed and nurture those who have fallen on hard times and are unable to do that for themselves.

to learn more about Project Sunlight please take a moment to watch the video below:

i believe that it is my personal responsibility to share and give to others and i want to teach those same principles to my children. we enjoy spending an afternoon at the market sampling fresh foods and trying out new tastes. i am so thankful and grateful that my children are able to live a life without hunger. while we enjoy those moments as a family and cherish the memories we create, i also feel responsible to help my children create memories of sharing and kindness as well.

in addition to our monthly donation of income i look forward to the next few months of participating in local food drives. during the holidays we will purchase groceries for families in need and donate them. i hope by participating in these activities my children will be inspired to live their lives in a way they can continue to give and help others.

i couldn't love this family of mine any more than i do. we look forward to continuing service in helping others. i hope you can take a moment to consider how you can help end child hunger. 16 million children are suffering and can certainly use your help.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Fashion Friday White Edition

i know, i know - the 'experts' say you can't wear white after Labor Day but thankfully those rules are being broken. try pairing together your favorite nudes for the chicest combinations this fall and winter. say goodbye to fashion rules and do what feels best. i can tell you right now i will be rocking these white pants all the way through winter.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

TRESemmé Transformation Sweepstakes

this post is sponsored by Lunchbox and TRESemmé however all thoughts, opinions and tutorials are my own.

who doesn't love a good hair transformation? changing your hair changes your mood, your presence and your impression on others. such a small thing can have such a great impact. this may be one of the reasons i am so excited to share today's hair tutorial along with an awesome sweepstakes opportunity.

TRESemmé is offering a chance to win a prize pack that includes:

$50 Walmart gift card
Premium Hair Straightener
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth System Shampooo
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth System Conditioner
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth System Heat Activated Treatment.

so what do you have to do to enter? share your hair transformation on Instagram. create a collage of your before and after hair transformation and hashtag #TRESemmeTransformation. head over to this TRESemmé sweepstakes website to submit your instagram link to win.

"">Image 1

"">Image 1

to celebrate #TRESemmeTransformation i put together this Primped and Polished tutorial showing you how to get a classic hairstyle in just a few easy steps. this Primped and Polish style is perfect for the upcoming holiday season, now's the time to give it a try!

for my Pinterest fans, here is a Pinterest friendly collage:

hope you enjoy this tutorial and best of luck in the sweepstakes!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aveeno Eczema Therapy

this month is Eczema Awareness Month and with three small kids who happen to suffer from extremely dry skin and bouts of eczema i thought i would share some of our favorite eczema solutions.

first, Aveeno Baby has been a part of our household since the day my first baby was born. it is such a reliable lotion for the entire family and i'll even use it on my face during dry winter months. thankfully it is non-comedogenic and fragrance free which makes it a great product even for delicate facial skin. 

Aveeno Baby has recently introduce their Eczema Therapy which includes a Moisturizing Cream, Hand Cream and Soothing Bath Treatment. these products are wonderful for treating dry, irritated skin, particularly skin with eczema flares.

my son is a soccer addict who plays on teams year round and has always suffered from eczema. during soccer season it is typical to find red scaly patches where his shin guards are positioned. without regularly treatment these areas get worse to the point of bleeding. so here is how we treat it:

shower. every day.

a common myth of eczema is to avoid bathing frequently as it is thought to dry out the skin. if you are bathing in scalding water then yes, you should avoid it, however if you are bathing in warm (not HOT) water you are providing necessary moisture to the surface of the skin. once out of the shower/bath you want to IMMEDIATELY apply your moisturizer to affected areas. this will act as a shield to lock in moisture. doing this regularly will help tremendously in improving dry patchy skin.

using lotions like Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy with its steroid-free fragrance-free formula will help to gently treat dry, itchy, irritated skin.

to take it another step further you can try the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatments. when my children's skin is particularly bad (happens often during winter) we'll use these when bathing them to provide an added element of moisturizing to their bathing routine.

last, don't forget to keep bottles of moisturizer located in every bathroom and room around your house. applying after hand washing is essential and having easy access to the products will help them to be used more often.

for more information on products and tips on how to use them visit


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