Thursday, October 20, 2016

Primped & Polished Hair Tutorial

who doesn't love a good hair transformation? changing your hair changes your mood, your presence and your impression on others. such a small thing can have such a great impact. this may be one of the reasons i am so excited to share today's hair tutorial

to celebrate #TRESemmeTransformation i put together this Primped and Polished tutorial showing you how to get a classic hairstyle in just a few easy steps. this Primped and Polish style is perfect for the upcoming holiday season, now's the time to give it a try!

for my Pinterest fans, here is a Pinterest friendly collage:

hope you enjoy this tutorial!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

36 Week Pregnancy Update and Style With Motherhood Maternity

what a wild ride this third trimester has been. so many things have been happening behind the scenes here at the Blushing Basics household and while my absence from the blog is not intended i have had to take occasional breaks. a few weeks ago when i was 33 weeks and four days along i went to a doctor appointment to check on baby. while there i expressed some concern about how many contractions i had been experience. for several days i had been having pretty regular contractions and they were not painful but definitely getting uncomfortable. while there in the office discussing this with my doctor i had two contractions during our conversation. he decided to check my cervix and run a NifF test to see if preterm labor hormones were presence. the good news was that my cervix was not dilating but while we waited for the results from the NifF test he sent me over to Labor & Delivery to monitor my contractions and see how frequent they really were.

after arrive in Labor & Delivery i was sent to Triage to monitor contractions. while there my contractions continued at approximately one every 6-10 minutes. in an attempt to slow down contractions i was given an oral medication that is intended to help slow contractions. after taking the medication i had an adverse reaction that is pretty unusual for this medication but not unheard of. my heart started racing and i had trouble breathing. before i knew it my heartbeat was at 160 bpm and my racing heart rate and distress from feeling unable to breath caused contractions to strengthen and speed up. after awhile my heartbeat and breathing settled however during that time my NifF test results came back positive indicating preterm labor.

with contractions not slowing and my NifF test being positive i was admitted to Labor & Delivery so that i could be put on a Magnesium IV to help slow contractions. there were two main concerns. the first was that because i was not quite 34 weeks all attempts to stop labor would be taken. anything after 34 weeks they do not take these types of measure however since i was just shy of that point i had to be admitted. second, since the baby was too early their biggest drive was to slow labor so that i could receive two steroid shot injections 24 hours apart from one another to help the baby's lungs develop and be strong enough for birth. i was able to make it that 48 hour period for the steroids and was hooked to the Magnesium the entire time. for those of you who have been hooked to a Magnesium IV you know how uncomfortable that 48 hours was. Magnesium feels like you are running a constant fever feeling hot, sluggish and achy with no relief. the benefit was that it worked effectively in slowing my labor so i was definitely willing to go to any lengths.

while in the hospital i had several moments where contractions would 'break through' the Magnesium and start speeding up and increasing in strength. each time they would pump me with extra fluids and medications to slow them down again and thankfully every time it worked. by the time i left the hospital i was dilated to nearly a four leaving me returning home to feel like a ticking time bomb. my first week home was really rough. i wasn't on technical 'bed rest' because i had made it past 34 weeks however i was modified activity to prevent contractions from speeding up.

it has now been over two weeks since i was admitted and while i had periods of strong, unrelenting contractions none have been strong enough to induce labor. i am so thankful i have made it this far in my pregnancy and this baby has had the opportunity to continue growing strong and healthier inside my belly rather than outside. my goal was to make it past 37 weeks however i think it may be possible to make it to my due date which has me elated. that would be best case scenario.

in the meantime i am loving every movement and kick from this little one and dressing this third trimester bump is such a treat. i never thought i could love third trimester this much but i am truly trying my best to embrace every moment i have with this pregnancy as it is my last. the improvements in maternity clothes that have been made in the last several years make dressing this bump so much fun and i will enjoy it to the end.

this particular outfit features a comfortable henley top designed by Motherhood Maternity and a puffy  vest found at Old Navy. get all outfit details and shopping information at the bottom of this post.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

'Momiform' Maternity Style

you may have heard the term 'Momiform' a time or two. it references the words 'Mom' & 'Uniform' combined to make momiform which tends to be a casual style, usually featuring athleisure. while pregnant the momiform has been my go-to style for days where i want to take it easy, stay comfortable and still look put together. 

these capri pants from Motherhood Maternity are insanely comfortable. they breath well which makes them great for exercise and their fabric is super stretchy and soft. there is a panel that goes over your belly which makes them stay in place. sometimes i am not a fan of the belly panel because it can be too constricting but in this case it is actually quite comfortable. along with the capris the lightweight hoody is also a Motherhood Maternity find. the length is perfect and fits easily over your belly when zipped allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a hoody without the restriction of a zipper pulling too hard across your stomach.

one of my favorite handbag styles right now is the backpack. it allows you to be hands free while still looking chic. this backpack by Rebecca Minkoff is a great option for pre and post baby. the color of this bag is a favorite of mine. it coordinates well with my favorite color palette which is blush and grey and looks great with my pink Ray-Bans. the backpack is roomy enough to work well as a diaper bag once baby arrives but not too big and bulky for everyday wear. the leather is so soft and wears really well. 

last but not least you NEED the Nike FlyKnit shoes in your life. they are the most comfortable tennis shoes i have every worn. imagine slippers but with soles. that is a pretty good analogy for how comfortable these tennis shoes are. 

linked below are each of these items where you can shop the post.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Milk Snob - New Mama Must-Haves

there are so many new products on the market that make parenting so much easier. i remember when i had my first baby 11 years ago my sisters and mom would make that same comment. now, 11 years later i am even more amazed at the ingenuity of products that have been developed. one of my favorite new products is the Milk Snob cover. it is the one product that does it all: Car Seat Cover, Nursing Cover & Shopping Cart Cover.

designed with yours and baby's needs in mind it is made of a stretch jersey fabric that comes in so many different prints and styles there is a fabric that works for everyone. the stretch fit fits snugly over your carseat to protect baby from the elements while still providing easy access to the carseat handle for carrying. the snug fit works great for all weather conditions while still allowing breathability and roominess for baby. slide this over your head to create the perfect 360 degree nursing cover. no worries about anything accidentally being exposed and it is roomy enough for baby to stay comfy while nursing. the stretchy fit makes it perfect for stretching over shopping carts to protect baby from germs. all of these things make it so incredibly smart and great for new moms along with the fact that it washes easily. definitely a must have! 

be sure to visit to check out the selection of fabrics available along with their new 'modern swaddle' blankets. you are sure to find something you love.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Maternity Style With Henri Bendel

styling the bump has been one of my favorite things this pregnancy. believe it or not with my previous pregnancies i would AVOID having my picture taken because i thought to myself 'why would i want to preserve how i look in this moment?'. fast forward several years and i am loving every second of this pregnancy. i want to capture this bump and save it for as long as i can. there is something about knowing i will never experience this again in my life that makes me want to hold on to it forever. 

rethinking pregnancy style in my thirties vs. my twenties has also been very different. in my twenties i scoffed at maternity clothes. they were frumpy, out of date and out of style. fast forward ten years and they are modern, chic and so fun to style. there are so many options for the pregnant mamas out there. along with maternity clothes in my twenties i also refused diaper bags. they were usually shapeless masses designed to hold as much tchotchkes as possible. i would always opt for a regular handbag on the larger size that would hold my essentials without compromising style.

diaper bags now take on a whole new style. they don't have to fit the traditional mold of diaper bags and with the backpack trend on the rise there are so many great handbag options that work perfectly doing double duty as a handbag or a diaper bag. this Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Backpack is one of my favorite handbag options for pre and post baby. it is super stylish, incredibly chic and roomy and convenient enough to work well in both situations! this olive color is perfect for year round since i am a big fan of this color trend and the gold accessories on it are stunning.

i love this black dress from Ingrid & Isabel because it is so versatile to style and i have picked up several inexpensive jackets to work as interchangeable toppers for this look. this camo jacket is only $25 which is a steal. to shop all items featured in this post be sure to use the widget below.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pregnancy Comfort With Bellifly Pillows

there are a few items that are carrying me through the discomfort of third trimester and today i'm going to share one of my favorites: the Bellifly Maternity + Feeding Pillow. this smartly designed pillow is the answer to so many maternity needs. in my previous pregnancies i basically slept with a fort of pillows surrounding my body and now that i have my Bellifly it is all i need. add to that fact that it is more compact than most maternity pillows and much less cumbersome i am a fan. the pillow consists of two round pads connected by a stretchy band in the middle and ties on either end to connect it together.

the Bellifly Maternity + Feeding pillow is designed for so many uses. the first is for sleeping comfortably. it can be placed between your knees for relief of pelvic and hip strain. use both pads folded or use one pad between your knees and the other under your belly for support. second it is a great resource when lounging. in the evenings i like to finish up my blogging 'chores' and work on my computer while watching television. i wrap the Bellifly around me so that the two round pads are on either side of my belly and the stretch goes across my back. this provides lumbar support as well as abdominal support making sitting much more comfortable (because when you are this pregnant EVERY position is uncomfortable!) last you can use the Bellifly pillow when nursing once the baby arrives. its flexible design makes it easy to use (similar to a Boppy) to provide support and balance when nursing.

in my nursery reveal i showed a few images of myself using the Bellifly and this couldn't be more accurate. because it is fairly compact i will carry it around the house with me to use for comfort in any position. it is such a relief and these days i can use all the relief i can get! be sure to visit the Bellify website to check out how to order your own Bellifly pillow or pick one up for a pregnant friend - they make great gifts!


Monday, September 26, 2016

The Best Men's Care Product For The Best Men

post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own. Unilever is the NCAA partner, not Walmart. #WMturfcare

fall is officially here and our fall routine has been in full swing for a few weeks now. between NCAA, NFL and Pop Warner you could say we are football fans. every week we dedicate a lot of time between our son's football practices and games in addition to watching our favorite NFL and NCAA teams play on the weekends. it is definitely something our family bonds over and enjoys together. with the weather changing we are not only updating our routines and our wardrobes but we are also updating our grooming routines. i made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up the perfect Unilever products for the men in my life. 

first i snagged the Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Fast Absorbing Body and Face Lotion. we live in a very dry climate and this is the perfect defense against dry skin. it is formulated to relieve irritated dry skin with non-greasy moisture that absorbs in just fifteen seconds and heals dryness for three weeks. lets face it. my men don't want to be sitting around waiting for their lotion to dry. they want instant results and Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Fast Absorbing Body and Face Lotion provides just that.

next i grabbed the Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash. no fuss is the name of the game in our house and this shower gel helps wash your body and your face without leaving residue behind. it has Dermatologist recommended MICROMOISTURE technology which activates on lather to help lock in your skin's natural moisture leaving your skin feeling hydrated. because it is noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic it is a great option for both body and face to help your skin feel healthy, hydrated and protected.

last on my list was Suave Men Ocean Charge 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. it cleans and conditions your hair all in one step which is great for men. they want as few steps as possible when it comes to getting ready and this Suave Men Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect because it meets the specific needs of men's hair and it does it all in one step.

these products help the handsome men in my life feel and look their best whether it is heading to their sports or lounging to watch their favorite team at home. when it comes to taking care of these guys i take it seriously. i mean, with faces like this and hearts of gold, wouldn't you?! you can find all of these products and more options from Unilever at Walmart - making them accessible and affordable.