Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Tinted Lipgloss

here's DIY i created last winter, but now that spring is approaching i thought we could use a little refresher.

for this you will need:
  • a small container
  • lipstick of choice
  • Q-tips
  • Vaseline
begin with a small container

with your Q-tip, remove lipstick and place in container. i used a lipstick that was nearly gone (a personal fave Viva Glam IV)

my lipstick was nearly gone, however there was still about a quarter inch left inside the tube. mix lipstick with a dollop of vaseline inside your small container and you have yourself a tinted lipgloss:



Friday, January 23, 2015

Bath Detox Recipe

i haven't been feeling great for the last several weeks and i was looking for a little pick me up. i researched ideas on things that would help perk me up and one of the things i came across were detox baths. detox baths are bathing in water enhanced with items like Epsom Salt, essential oils, etc. i put together this recipe to include items that i felt would be best for me however feel free to substitute your own favorite herbs, oils, citrus or even flowers. the goal of a detox bath is help your skin eliminate toxins and absorb minerals and nutrients from the water.

below is my Detox Bath Recipe:

1 cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Baking Soda
1 lime, cut in half

add all items to your bath and let dissolve for a minute. allow yourself to soak for 30 minutes. as a mom 30 minutes can be a stretch but try your best to get the full 30.

the Epsom Salt is to help replenish the body's magnesium level. Epsom salt also helps to reduce inflammation and easy muscle pains. Baking Soda is known for its cleansing ability and helps to soften the water if your water tends to be 'hard' or full of mineral deposits. Baking Soda will also help to soften skin. the citrus is my own personal preference as citrus scents help me to feel energized and happy.

i think this easy Bath Detox recipe is definitely worth a try. i would love to hear any variations you might be doing.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eyeshadow Makeup Tip

today i wanted to share one of my favorite makeup 'tricks'. call it a makeup hack, shortcut, insider tip - whatever you want to call it is fine, just make sure you implement this makeup tip! 

if you are looking to create some extra wow factor with your eye makeup rather than layering your shimmer shadow as your eyeshadow base add it on top of your finished eye. i apply all my makeup and as a last step go over the top of my eyelid with a shimmer liquid shadow. this creates an amazing highlight that isn't diffused by other colors. i have several liquid eyeshadows that i love but this particular shade by mark.girl is surprisingly bright without being overpowering. it has a great taupe undertone that blends well with most eyeshadow colors. 

check out the shop widget at the end of this post for some of my favorite liquid eyeshadow products.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

it is no secret that i adore the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. the leading lady in one of my most 'pinned' tutorials, it is the miracle worker in correcting and concealing. i keep a Secret Camouflage in my makeup drawer in addition to always keeping one in my purse. it is especially helpful on those days where i don't have time for makeup. two seconds in the car with my Secret Camouflage & a rearview mirror transforms me from sleepy and dull-faced to bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

have i convinced you yet? it is that good.

i may have squealed a bit with excitement when i found out that Laura Mercier has designed the Undercover Pot which offers three of the four flawless face products in one convenient, transportable, TSA friendly, handbag approved size:

it is the dream to my McDreamy, the jam to my roll, the cowbell to my music and so much more. package that into a portable carry friendly case and you have yourself a genie in a bottle (minus the Christina Aguilera).

still need some convincing? check out the tutorials below, both using the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. the first covers up the peskiest of pimples and the second is my pseudo cup of joe by covering up my (daily) under-eye circles from lack of sleep.
see original tutorial here
see original tutorial here

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mom Time : Beauty, Style & Life As A Mom

i love being a mom. i was one of those people who swore they would never have children. i didn't have much of a maternal instinct, i didn't have any maternal desire and to be honest i didn't think my body could handle it. then i had my first child and my life changed. i loved having one child but i swore i wouldn't have another. then i had my second and my life changed again. i loved having two children - my first was a handful and my second was a breeze and i thought, i can handle this parenting thing. then i had a third and i may as well have been drowning with two kids and someone handed me a third. i wasn't ready for my preemie in more ways than one!

with that being said i love being a mom and i love sharing typical but precious moments with them. how lucky am i to have an amazing photographer as a friend who could capture these moments for us. but let's be real, being a mom often doesn't involve a full face of makeup, hair done everyday and outfits perfectly pieced together. we usually save that for the weekend, right?!

for today's posts i wanted to share some of my favorite mom beauty tips, starting with hair. my friends ask me how i find time to style my hair everyday? i don't. my trick is that i just don't wash it. that may sound gross but washing and styling everyday can strip your hair of natural oils and actually cause more damage - particularly if you're like me and you like to flatiron or curl with each style. i take care to wash and dry my hair every three days (sometimes i push in a fourth). i make good use of dry shampoo in between and try to get a good blow dry on my wash days so that the style will continue to last through the next few days. for me it works.

my makeup. i have polished my daily makeup routine to five minutes. who doesn't have five minutes? okay, there are days where i don't have five minutes or i just don't care to wear makeup. it happens. however i feel my best when i put my best face forward and usually that includes some mascara and little concealer. fine tune your makeup routine so that your essentials (whatever they may be) can be done swiftly and easily. i have all my products in one place and laid out for easy access. i carry extra mascara, lipstick, powder and liner in my car & purse so that if i find myself waiting in the car i can quickly put on a little color if i couldn't find time before leaving the house. 

my clothes. for some the challenge is coming up with ideas, for others the challenge is finding time to style and for most we tend to get in ruts where we wear the same thing repeatedly. one of my favorite wardrobe 'tricks' is to peruse Pinterest in my downtime (watching your evening shows, waiting for the carpool, etc.) and pin outfits to a board that i keep private. i select outfits that i like that contain items similar to ones i already own. i use this pinterest board as a personal 'look book' for those days when i have no outfit inspiration/desire/motivation. if i'm in a hurry i quickly reference that board to throw together an outfit that looks styled but took very little time to style. 

these are just some tips and suggestions - not laws. yes i have my days where i wear sweats only. i am guilty of leaving the house in day old makeup. hopefully these are just some ideas that will help you create shortcuts of your own to be your best self without sacrificing time. as a mom i know that time is a very valuable commodity and hopefully this will help you preserve some of that!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Makeup Brush 101

to me makeup is art and to be an artist you need the right tools. each makeup brush serves a specific function so i put together this post to demystify the many brushes you may have seen/tried/wondered what the heck is that for??

MAC 224: a fluffy blending brush. the fluffier your brush, the better it is at diffusing color. this brush helps to blend your eyeshadow colors together and eliminate any harsh lines. the sparse bristles don't pick up much color, but work well to blend.

MAC 227: a dense, short bristled, fluffy brush. this brush is great for a multitude of uses. it works well to apply a base coat of shadow to the entire eye. it is also a great brush for contouring the nose. the dense bristles pick up a large amount of product and the fluffiness of the brush helps apply the product without hard lines.

MAC 219: this pencil brush has short, compact, firm bristles that pick up product and deposit color directly like a pencil would. because it is a brush, lines are not as firm as an actual pencil, making color look better blended. great for applying color directly to the crease as well as lining the eye or blending pencil liners.

MAC 213: a soft fluffy eyeshadow brush. not too dense and not too sparse, picks up the perfect amount of eyeshadow color for application. best for applying all eyeshadow and works well to blend eyeshadow colors together.

MAC 242: this synthetic fibered brush is perfect for applying any cream products such as concealer, cream eyeshadow even lipstick. i like how dense and firm the bristles are making product easy to place. i find this brush works well for picking up powder eyeshadow and depositing color directly without diffusing, giving you the best color payoff.

MAC 226: your angled brush is great for applying cream eyeliners, powder shadow liners or for filling in the eyebrows or lining the lips. the angle gives you precision and allows you to create sharp points and edges. the brush is stiff making it easier to get straight lines. i have at least 3-4 and use them daily.

MAC 168: fluffy angled contour brush. great for blushes, bronzers or contouring the cheeks. (as you can see mine is typically my blush go-to) the fluff of the brush allows for a diffused application and the contoured angle gives you a bit more precision with your application.

Sephora foundation: this brush has synthetic fibers making it the perfect choice for applying cream/liquid foundations. synthetic fibers make it easy to clean (which you should be doing often) and the large size makes it easy to distribute and blend product quickly and easily. applying liquid foundations with a brush gives a more flawless finish.

Sephora contour: the short supple fibers of this brush help ensure sheer application with precise results. great for highlighting the cheek bones, brow bones and under eye, as well as to contour the hollows of your cheek, temples and nose.

these are all my top used products and would be my recommendations for completing your makeup set beyond a fluffy brush and a sponge tipped applicator. i know most are MAC but they have great deals on brushes during the holidays and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which is quickly approaching).

if there are any brushes i didn't cover or that you might have questions about, just let me know and i will happily answer.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How To Apply Eyeliner

here are some basic tips to help you apply your pencil eyeliner with precision! i tend to avoid pencil liners as i like the preciseness that liquid liner gives you, however occasionally i step outside my usual routine and use some pencil action. the great thing about pencils is that you have so much versatility with application. you can apply as thick or thin as you like - combine that with a little smudging and you can create all sorts of eyeshadow shapes. liquid eyeliner isn't as friendly with mistakes or blending.

tip one:

hold up eyebrow while applying. holding your eyebrow makes your eyelid skin taught, allowing pencil a smoother canvas to draw on.

tip two:

i sometimes cringe when i look in the mirror and see i've skipped that strip of skin directly above my lash line. usually it's not bad but if you apply in a hurry, that strip of skin looks like Moses parted the Red Sea. take a quick second to draw downwards to ensure that no skin peeks through.

tip three:

if you are going for drama then leave your pencil line as is, but more often than not a smudged pencil line looks more flattering. it blends the eyeliner into your shadow and looks like a more savvy makeup application.

if you have any additional tips for pencil eyeliner application, i would love to hear.


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