Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Jewelry Giveaway

a big thanks to Jewelry Television for sponsoring this delicious Holiday Giveaway! we have family in town and naturally we stopped for our first cider of the season to get our holidays off to the best start. what kind of jewelry goes with the holidays? a better question would be what jewelry doesn't?

'tis the season for dressing up and being sparkly so today i am sharing my favorite picks from the Jewelry Television website. in addition to that you can ENTER TO WIN my favorite bracelet selection!

pictured above is the Stratify 71.98ctw Black Spinel 18K yellow gold bracelet. i love how warm this bracelet is and it pairs perfectly with winter colors. the combination of black and gold is a favorite of mine and i have a thousand outfits i am looking forward to wearing this with. (i also have a tendency for exaggeration, consider yourself warned!)

wether it is a warm gold bracelet, some cool stacked rings or some gemstone'd lined hoops you can find all of these things on the Jewelry Television website. head down to the rafflecopter below and enter for your chance to win your own Stratify 71.98ctw Black Spinel 18K yellow gold bracelet.

i hope all your holiday wishes are coming true! good luck in the giveaway.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Fashion Friday Shop Maude

i was recently introduce to Maude, an internet boutique and shop located in Northwest Arkansas, by a mutual friend. i would like to describe it as love at first sight. the shop is filled with adorable dresses, comfy sweaters, trendy shoes, gorgeous accessories and more. much more. to say i have spent a few hours browsing is putting it lightly. picking a favorite item is next to impossible so instead i am going to be sharing several favorites!

this week's favorite is the Foster Contrast Cardigan Sweater by Gentle Fawn. the quality is amazing, the comfort is unreal and the style is perfection. a casual looseness makes it comfortable while the mix of neutral tones makes it a flexible layering piece. i have been wearing it over t-shirts topped with collared shirts and paired with a comfy jegging. 

this cozy sweater was the perfect solution for a snowy day. if you want to see how i wore some of my other Maude boutique items be sure to follow along on my Instagram - or you can go one step further and follow along on Shop Maude's Instagram!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monochromatic Striped Manicure

there's nothing chicer than monochromatic. monochromatic patterns, monochromatic decorating, monochromatic outfits - this tone on tone style cannot be beat!

one of my favorite manicures for the last year has been a classic white polish. to offset the look of whiteout, i usually opt for a marshmallow white or a white with a very slight beige undertone. however, combining my off-white with my stark-white had my favorite results. a monochromatic mani that has the best of everything.

check out the simple tutorial below to see how you can achieve your own monochromatic mani.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Get Velvet Skin

winter months are the time when you skin begins to dry, you lose your summer glow and that dewy complexion of summer fades. how do we solve this dilemma? by opting for a new skin finish - velvet skin.

a velvety complexion is the perfect complexion for the winter months. it is the solution to dry, dull skin and can be easily achieved, with the right products of course!

step 1: correct imperfections - i've said it before and i'll say it a million times again, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is your best friend. you know, the one in elementary who you swapped broken heart halves with and promised to never forget, fast forward thirty years and your kids are best friends? yeah, that one. Secret Camouflage will never leave you stranded, will never dump you and while it won't hold your hair while you're throwing up it will cover the bags under your eyes.

check out my (Pinterest popular!) tutorials here for How To Conceal Acne &; How To Conceal Under Eyes

step 2: cover. a lot. i'm a full foundation kind of gal and while i know it is not everyone's cup of tea, a little extra coverage in the winter will go a long way in keeping your skin from looking dull and colorless. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is a complete win in coverage, wear power and holding strength. if Secret Camouflage is your BFF then MUFE HD Foundation is the John Cena of foundation - the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

check out my (Pinterest popular!) tutorial for How To Apply Liquid Foundation

step 3: get your velvet on. and by get your velvet on i mean finish with a loose finishing powder like the Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil Loose Powder (a less expensive version would be the equally good Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder) . applying some finishing powder to your face will help mattify your skin (make it velvet-y) as well as set your makeup. powder + liquid is like setting concrete. your makeup will STAY. in addition to that, this particular product will help reduce shine, even out skin tone and leave your skin looking matte and luminous. well, played Giorgio Armani.

step 4: add some depth. sure, a matte face is ideal but a flat matte face is sad. give your bone structure some depth by adding a subtle touch of shimmer to your cheek bones, bridge of nose and brow bones. there's no better product for this than the illustrious Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown. this award winning shimmer applies easily and warms up your skin tone just a touch. let's also not forget this is a multi-use product. add some of those warm browns to your lids for perfectly glowing eyes.

velvet face complete.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Gifts for Him

i know, i know. it is only mid November but saving your holiday shopping until last minute is just asking for trouble. i put together this Holiday Gifts For Him gift guide to help make your shopping just a little bit easier. Kohl's sent me on my way with a gift card and instructions to put together some shopping ideas for Tman (my hubs) and here are some of the ideas i came up with for my #KohlsManGuide.

first, it always helps to have a theme in your gift giving. my favorite Christmas from Trever was the 'Gold Christmas'. he didn't spend obscene amounts of money, he just knew that i loved gold accessories and found me some flats, a small purse and some jewelry that were all - you guessed it - gold. shopping with a 'theme' in mind might help simplify the shopping process. Tman loves to workout (he is an AMAZING runner, i have yet to meet anyone better) so i figured picking up some workout gear would be a good idea. since we're in winter a sweatshirt & sweatpants are always welcome. additionally, Tman has been working on monitoring his health since his work schedule has been so demanding and a fit watch/fit bit make a great option. last but not least, what man doesn't love a ball cap? 

like i mentioned before, Tman's work schedule is demanding. this leaves very little time for him to do the thing i love most, shop for himself. that means i get to pick out his duds for date night and i love having that task! Kohl's carries the mens brand Chaps which has some great menswear. the i snagged the sweater below along with a checkered flannel. the combo will look adorable on him. accessorize it with a cozy scarf and a knit cap and he'll be looking sharp.

to finish off your gift giving you'll need a few stocking stuffers. picking up some gadgets is the perfect solution because all men love a good gadget, right?! below are just a handful of the clever gadgets you can grab while shopping at Kohl's.

happy shopping!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday - A Look At My Week

this last week was a busy one and i wanted to share some of my life with you. to start the week i fell in love with these Rejuva Health socks. they are fashionable compression stockings and socks and you may be thinking - do i need these in my life? well if you do any sort of traveling, standing (or sitting) for long periods then yes, you do. these made my Sunday a little more comfortable. if you follow me on Instagram you know that this coat and purse have been on repeat. a full outfit of love.

the kiddos just started piano lessons this year and participated in their first ever Ribbon Festival. the two oldest knocked it out of the park with their solos and did great with their theory testing and ear skills. little miss was especially amazing with her arpeggios. i just love hearing her say the word arpeggio. thank goodness for my Fabkids dresses. this monthly subscription brings the cutest outfits to our homes and at least once a month we have a need to dress up and i can't tell you how much easier it makes my life to have adorable outfits delivered to my door so that their dress up options are always easy.

this Indian Summer we were experiencing offered one last Saturday of 68 degree weather. that kind of weather in November is unheard of! naturally we put up Christmas lights and so glad we did. it snowed today!

big brother celebrated a birthday and we took the family and some friends to a local climbing gym for some rock climbing. the kids did amazing and i was so impressed with their bravery. i love being a mom and having the opportunity to create these memories with my children.

last but not least, these beauties showed up in the mail. my winter boot needs are nearly complete. a new pair of booties, i already picked up some knee highs and now i am on the hunt for over-the-knee. if you know of any good options for petites, please let me know!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

How To Wash Your Face With Clarisonic

“I made my skin clearer and more radiant with the Clarisonic® Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing Device as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #soniclove”

washing your face is about as exciting as flossing your teeth. a necessary evil. keeping your skin healthy, clean and ahead of the race against aging takes some special care. it is more than just a good cleanser, it is a good routine and great tools. this is where the Clarisonic Mia 2 comes in. good skin comes from Clarisonic care.

Clarisonic Mia 2 is a 2 speed facial cleansing system. with this package you receive a Clarisonic Mia, sensitive cleansing brush head, travel size cleanser, travel case, charger and a two year warranty. Clarisonic has your skin covered. 

now let's talk technique. after having worked as an esthetician for several years i can tell you, there is an appropriate way to clean your face. you are going to want to clean in round, circular motions always starting your circle away from the nose, not towards it. you are going to want to stay in firm, small movements around your nose and chin. the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, so take care not to use the Clarisonic on those areas as well as be extremely gentle when removing makeup with an eye makeup remover. 

with technique covered let's talk products. a good cleanser is essential to skincare but if you are really wanting radiant skin - a Clarisonic is your star. other brands have tried to imitate the Clarisonic Mia 2 however they haven't succeeded. there's a reason this product stays on the top of so many Holy Grail product lists. it removes makeup (six times better than hands alone), removes dirt and oil and helps to unclog pores. definitely an effective agent in the fight towards better skin.

brighter more radiant skin? i'll take it. thank you Clarisonic. here's to washing your face effectively and improving your skin while you do it.


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