Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips For Applying Eyeliner

here are some basic tips to help you apply your pencil eyeliner with precision! i tend to avoid pencil liners as i like the preciseness that liquid liner gives you, however occasionally i step outside my usual routine and use some pencil action. the great thing about pencils is that you have so much versatility with application. you can apply as thick or thin as you like - combine that with a little smudging and you can create all sorts of eyeshadow shapes. liquid eyeliner isn't as friendly with mistakes or blending.

tip one:

hold up eyebrow while applying. holding your eyebrow makes your eyelid skin taught, allowing pencil a smoother canvas to draw on.

tip two:

i sometimes cringe when i look in the mirror and see i've skipped that strip of skin directly above my lash line. usually it's not bad but if you apply in a hurry, that strip of skin looks like Moses parted the Red Sea. take a quick second to draw downwards to ensure that no skin peeks through.

tip three:

if you are going for drama then leave your pencil line as is, but more often than not a smudged pencil line looks more flattering. it blends the eyeliner into your shadow and looks like a more savvy makeup application.

if you have any additional tips for pencil eyeliner application, i would love to hear.


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  1. it is most difficult part of makeup :)

  2. Great tips as always! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you, Kristie. As always, I needed that! :)

  4. this is the hardest part of applying makeup for me, so i highly appreciate this post! i'll make sure to try it next time :) thank you

  5. Great tips. I am a pencil liner girl, liquid and I can't be in the same room together. LOL I'll try lifting ,y brow with my finger, maybe it'll help, especially with my hooded eyes.

  6. Love the tips! What eye liner are you using?

  7. I love your graphics. I hold my eye at the side rather than above to get the looks you are showing. I plan to share this great post next Sunday on my personal roundup on my blog. Love this!

  8. Thanks you sharing, it's really helpful for me!

  9. These simple tips are awesome. Your pics + instructions make it easy for even a makeup newbie like me to follow along!

  10. I loved this post!! Seriously I need to pick your brain. You are so gorgeous!!! Sad we never met up in Washington! How are you guys liking it?!