Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Colorist in Columbus

so i ran into a friend yesterday and she made a comment about my recent hair highlights which has prompted me to write a post about my absolute favorite (not to mention affordable) hair stylist.

kate works at SHAG and she is amazing!  she does such a good job with color i cannot say enough good things about her.  after living in columbus for three years and searching for a good stylist i was so happy to find her.  i also love her hair cutting abilities, but let's be honest, i have long hair and the level of difficulty is pretty low.

if you are interested in her services you can find her contact info here


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  1. hey kristie...(this is lisa hymas) i saw your blog from annie palmers...very cool. that is funny u go to shag! it's on our street...i've never gone there before. see you later!