Friday, June 18, 2010

To paint, or not to paint?

do you ever go through fazes with nail polish where you are ON IT...and then you're not?  i love having my nails painted, fingers and toes.  something about having my nails painted seems the male equivalent of wearing a tie.  you're polished and complete.  and then after 2 hours your polish starts to chip, and in 24 hours it is beginning to look ragged, and in 48 hours you are dying to remove it rather than be seen wearing it because it is SO nasty looking.

following the steps to proper nail polish application really can extend the life of your nail polish and makes it easier to wear.  maybe you can go a week, rather than 2 days before having to remove it.  a couple of months ago a friend of mine taught a small class how to give ourselves and "moms" manicures. a few minutes of prep like filing, pushing back cuticles and applying a base coat help give your polish the staying power it needs.  try to apply as few coats as possible since that will help eliminate smudges. finish with a top coat and BAM! you're done.  that may seem like a lot of work but i tend to have some time at the end of the day where i am vegged out in front of the television watching the season finale of [insert tv show here] and that is when i like to do it.

maybe lacey can give us even more nail tips (no pun intended) since she is the expert.