Monday, June 18, 2012

Beauty Evolution {Beauty Blog Backtrack}

i love this post. it was one of the first ten posts i wrote and re-reading it i realized several things.
  1. i've lost a little of my personality in my writing. when i started writing it was for fun, now that i have incorporate more "professional" pieces i have lost a little spunk. i promise, i'll work on bringing it back.
  2. seriously, gotta rock every stage of life. becoming a blogger has made me realize there is no weirdness in rocking the side skrillex or the bedazzled toes. it is me being me.
  3. the message is still true. be true to yourself, be true to your faith and be true to others. the rest will just fall into place.
on to the post!

hi everyone. i was hanging with my girls the other night and we started laughing about how crazy we looked ten years ago and my girlfriend suggested i do a post on my evolution of style. so please laugh with me as you look at the past to present kristie.

freshman year of high school. this was my favorite shirt. i wore it EVERY friday. i am looking at my skin now wishing i could get that back.

senior picture. i loved this. who didn't love senior pictures?! it is the first time in life (for most) that you get your own personal photo shoot. i still wear those earrings (thanks mom for loaning them to me, you will probably never get them back)

here is where it starts to get interesting. first year of college (at Rick's when it was still called Rick's). i am the second from left. while that outfit may look a bit cray i wore that stuff ALL the time. favorite t-shirt of my life, had a screen print of Joseph Smith's face (you can only find those gems in the Rexburg D.I.), orange leopard print skirt and penny loafters that i spray painted silver. on my head i am wearing a tube top. BTW those pink socks were remnants from my tonsillectomy surgery, you know the kind with skid proof bottoms?

at a friends wedding. that is me on the left (not the one in the wedding dress) far right is my ex boyfriend. my roommate brought me back that purse from London (Topshop) and i thought it was so cool. i still think Topshop is so cool.

me and some girlfriends. YIKES. yes i wore that velvet jacket ALL the time (in fact i still own it). while my posing looks a little cheeseball can you tell the girl on the right is an actual model?? sheesh.

aaaacccckkkk! what was i thinking?!? jet black hair, chuck taylors, cordoruy pants coordinated with glittery scarf (both purchased from thrift store) and i look like i am working on a deuce. however, shout out to my buddy Carl, that tie is sweet.

me and the band. yeah, i was hanging back stage in the green room...i guess that makes me sound like a bit of a groupie?? i promise, i was just emo, NOT a groupie. kudos to me for going back to an organic hair color.

at my bridal shower. and that is how i evolved into the beauty my husband married (love ya Tman!). in between all those pictures were even more hair mishaps (purple, blue, and orange to name of few colors, all of which unintentional)

going back through these pictures really dredges up a lot of memories. hindsight is 20/20 and i realize that i am happiest, loveliest and most content when i am true to myself. fitting into a mold, being someone you're not or living in a manner that is incongruent with your beliefs tends to make a person void. find yourself and your beauty will follow.


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