Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bleaching, Curling, and Tinting

oh the possibilities in beauty are endless...i'm sure most people don't associate ANY of the above words with facial hair but all three are services offered by salons or aestheticians for the purpose of beautification.


this method is often used for the hair found on one's upper lip. i myself have a mini 'stache which only requires a few random hairs to be pulled every so often. however, if you are (unfortunately) lucky enough to have more than that, bleaching may be an option.

the nice things about bleaching are that it is quick, fast, cheap and virtually painless. the bad thing about bleaching is that you can still see the hair (it's just blonde) and if you have dark skin this may look even worse. another con is that this may lighten your skin a bit.

overall it is a good method that anyone can do. the products are found at your nearest Target/Walmart/CVS.


this is a "permanent" procedure that can be done to eyelashes. it involves visiting a salon to have the procedure done. once done, the procedure can last 2-3 months, depending on how fast your eyelashes grow. your eyelashes are in a constant state of growth and will grow in straight which would necessitate the procedure to be redone. 

as with all procedures done around the eyes, it is potentially dangerous.


this is a great option for those who prefer the natural look. tinting is available for eyelashes as well as eyebrows. it is an easy alternative for those who hate having to apply makeup everyday, especially those with naturally blonde or red hair (often facial hair is much lighter with those pigments).

tinting is a quick procedure and can be found in at most salons and aestheticians offices. it involves using a semi-permanent color which will fade in approximately 6-8 weeks.

tinting is something that can also be done from home but ONLY for eyebrows. i would NOT recommend doing this on your own for eyelashes. most retailers sell eyebrow tinting kits which are easy to use and not too expensive.



  1. I worked at a salon for several years before we had kids, and one of the perks was trading with the other girls, I would do their nails, they would cut my hair, ect.. we had an esthetician and she tinted my eyelashes for me, and I LOVED IT!! it was quick, easy and I was very happy with the end result.

  2. a good way to curl your eyelashes is to put your eyelash curler against a blow dryer for about a minute so it can get hot.

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