Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Fixes

who hasn't gotten ready for a night out/work/church and suddenly found a snag in their panty hose? if you have problems like these the following solutions might help.

DEODORANT SMUDGES: you know those white smears that show up on your black clothes.  use a dryer sheet and wipe that smudge right off.

ROUGH SKIN: you don't need to buy expensive exfoliating products to smooth your skin. just make sure you take a wash cloth in the shower with you and gently rub/exfoliate the areas you want to smooth.  does the same thing for $0.

DINGY NAILS: removed your nail polish only to have stained nails? soak your fingertips in lemon juice and it will act as a natural whitener.

and the easiest quick fix? SMILE. nothing smooths over a mishap like a good sense of humor.



  1. Hey :) didn't know how to comment you back, other than leaving a comment on my page.

    Anyways, i had the CS Palettes for awhile now & i like em'. There really affordable and you get so much variety of colors in one palette. Color payoff and pigmentation is good for what you pay for :)

    you should try em out :D

  2. These are great tips, Kristie! I think I need to soak my toes in a vat of lemon juice, because they are ALWAYS painted, and are surely yellow underneath ;)

  3. I loved the lemon juice suggestion! I always have white nails after my nail polish.

    My skin has been really dry. My dermatologist told me to use a bar of soap straight on my skin. He also told me to take a 5 minute shower and after the water is off, and I'm still wet, rub my body, neck down, with baby oil. Then pat dry, then rub my body, neck down, with Aveeno lotion. I have loved my new skin. In fact Greg has started smelling like baby oil lately and when I asked him why, he said my skin has been looking so great, he thought he would try it. Now Greg's your brother and you know that, that was an awesome complement from him!