Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Apply Eyeshadow

here's a beauty blog backtrack i wrote in 2010 (have i really been blogging that long?!). same rules still apply:

in my attempt to become more focused i decided to try and and schedule the themes of my post. this week i thought i would focus on some eyeshadow know-hows.

tip #1:

several people have asked, how does that look apply to a woman advancing in age?

we are all beautiful and wearing makeup shouldn't have to stop because of a little crepey skin. the trick to wearing eyeshadow in your older years is to avoid too much shimmer. a lot of shimmer only tends to enhance wrinkles and creases. if you are applying shimmer, try to do it at points that are naturally smooth, such as below your eyebrow or right at the inside point of your eye.

tip #2:

how to pick eyeshadow color? the dilemma of many.

choosing an eyeshadow color doesn't have to stress you out. if you want to wear a color, then go for it!  however, for those who are gun shy with colors the best recommendations i can give are to choose colors that will make your eye color pop. for those with blue eyes, this means stick to browns and golds. if you have brown eyes, look for jewelled blues. at the same time, matching your eyeshadow to your eye color can also make them pop. for a no brainer, choose a taupe or lavender. these colors look great on ALL eyes.

tip #3

where to apply color?

first, avoid apply dark color above the brow bone, unless you are a runway model. otherwise, think about your color as a haze and start with the lightest color on the inside working your way to darkest on the outside of your lid. avoid putting any strong colors higher than your brow bone and you should be just fine.

tip #4

always use a primer.

the trick to making makeup stay for hours is to first prime the lid. there are countless products out there that can do the trick, you just have to decide how much money you want to invest. hit up the drug store or head to your nearest makeup counter.

if you have any other tricks to share, i would love to hear!!