Saturday, August 14, 2010

How To Apply Makeup

okay friends. i've been blogging for two months now and it seems that although my videos are somewhat helpful, i get a lot of these responses:

friend: Kristie, I love your blog and it's so fun to watch how you apply makeup but I can't seem to do, even with the videos.
me: Friend, of course you can do it.  you just have to practice a few times.
friend: No, it definitely looks different when you do it vs. when i do it.

or something like this:

friend: Kristie, your video tutorials are interesting but I just cannot wear those colors of make up.
me: Sure you can, your skin would look great with purple.
friend: No, it is just too vibrant. You look good in it though.

believe me when i say WE ALL START SOMEWHERE.  i have had, and continue to have moments where i step out of the bathroom and Tman kindly says, "You".  (bless him for being supportive) 

the only difference between friend and myself is that you are all used to seeing me in makeup.  you are prepared to see me wear green eyeshadow.  makeup does not discriminate.  anyone can use it and look good.  the only difference is that you must practice, you must experiment, and you must be confidant.  i can remember putting on lipstick and thinking "whoa crazy lady, time to wipe that off".  i now put on the same lipstick and think, "ooh, this needs even more color!".

applying makeup and learning how to make it work for your face comes through trial and error.  maybe you did look a bit crazy when you first applied that purple eyeshadow, i promise you will look even better the second time you apply. by the time you are applying it for the nth time, people will begin to take notice, and appreciate it.

so be brave and continue experimenting.  it's all about having fun.



  1. Kristie! How dare you share our entire conversation with the world.....ha ha just kidding. I really hope I'm not the only one who has made all those comments. Luv ya, bye.

  2. I love this. Because I have to say, the first time I put on that purple eyeshadow, I thought, "
    Whoa...I look like a hooker!" But I think that's only a natural reaction after I'd been wearing nothing but basic brown eyeshadow for years. Now, when I wear the purple, I think " mama!"

    Yeah. I'm humble like that ;)