Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drugstore Product Grail or Fail

this week's grail or fail is all about drugstore eyeliner. if you watch my videos you know i am a HUGE fan of Rimmel pencil eyeliner. inexpensive eyeliner will often have better staying power, heavy pigment, and did i mention the cost?

i have owned this eyeliner for several years now. i mainly use it for lining the water line of my eyes and occasionally i'll use it as a traditional eyeliner (i typically prefer liquid liner for my lids). this product is a definite Grail. pick one up for yourself at any Target, Walmart, CVS or Walgreens.

however, let me warn you, not all drugstore eyeliners are created equal. i found this Wet n' Wild eyeliner and thought it would give it a try.

this eyeliner was a fail for me. i was intrigued by the free brush and the fact that it came in a pot. that's about all i found this to offer. the application was not smooth and the color actually stained. call me crazy but anything that stains my eyelids makes me a little uncomfortable.

hope this helps.