Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lauren Conrad Inspired Braid

here is a quick tutorial on how to get that Lauren Conrad style braid. i never realize how serious i act until i view my video afterwards. any tips for how not to appear so stiff??


  1. Alcohol. Wait...did I just say that? I meant diet coke. That's like the WoW version of alcohol, right?

  2. I love the LC braid, but mine never looks quite this good. I didn't realize the trick is smaller pieces.

  3. my 5 year old daughter said "wow! she is really fast" I told they fast forwarded the video and she said "no, I think she's just a fast braider". thanks for the tips.

  4. heather-haha! that's pretty cute. i appreciate her faith in me. :)

    deb- diet coke huh..? since that is permanently running through my veins i don't know if it would help.

    tif-it was like an aha moment for me when i finally figured that out. :)