Monday, September 13, 2010

No Time For Makeup?

this tip is especially relevant for me since i have experienced it several days in a row. we've had a sick child around the Blushing Basics house and as most of you know, sick children = little time for mom.

i called my doctor on Friday at their opening time 8:30 am. they asked me to be in at 9:20. sounds like a lot of time but when you factor in driving (20 min), bathing the kids and dressing them (20 min on a good day), bathing myself and dressing (disclosing the actual time might be a bit embarrassing), this left me approximately 2 min. to apply my makeup and do my hair. {to avoid sounding lazy for having NONE of this accomplished before 8:30? two words, sick kid}

so what do you do when you are crunched for time? here's my routine:

10 seconds: shake out wet hair and run fingers through it.
20 seconds: apply gel and scrunch hair a bit.
15 seconds: apply liquid foundation, focus mainly on eyelids, undereye circles and Tzone
5 seconds: apply loose powder over entire face
10 seconds: apply blush and bronzer
30 seconds: apply mascara
10 seconds: apply lipgloss
remaining seconds: scrunch hair one last time and go!!!

focus on the basics. for me that includes making skin tone even, giving my pale cheeks some color, and having eyelashes.

come up with your own game plan for getting out the door in minutes. that way, when the time comes where you are racing the clock, you'll look like a million bucks.


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