Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hard Candy Lip Gloss, Grail or Fail?

recently i received some Hard Candy products in the mail. having been a fan of these products in the 90's, i was anxious to see how the new line, sold exclusively at Walmart, compared to the old line. i have experimented with several of the products and today i will focus on the Lip Tattoo.

as seen above, this product is a double ended lip stain and lip gloss. the lip stain is a gel-based product. it is intended to last all day with a beautiful tint. the lip gloss has a minty flavor and tingling sensation that makes your breath feel fresh and your lips nice and cool.

the stain definitely held up its end of the bargain. i applied once, in the morning, and at 3:30 pm my lips still had that great pink tint to it. the gloss held up the promise of being minty fresh and gave my lips that tingling sensation, however the application of the gloss has to be more frequent because like most glosses, it wears off a little easier.

is this product a grail or fail? i would list it as a grail. it did what it promised to do. it comes in gorgeous colors (when i first saw the pink i thought, this is not my color. however, after applying it i loved it). because it is a stain, while the color is true, it is not harsh. if you are the type that feels uncomfortable with bright showstopping lipsticks, this is a more neutral lip color that is very complimentary. while i wasn't as wowed by the gloss, the stain more than makes up for it. plus, at its price point it is a good purchase. $6 is a worthy price to pay.

if you have had any experience with the Hard Candy line, please let me know!


while i received product free of charge, i was in no way financially compensated for this review.

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