Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

last week my family and i went to Cabo San Lucas to enjoy a little R&R. it was everything we dreamed of and more...
the "Blue Demon" and buddy. i have no idea who that man is, he just jumped in the photo

my little cutie

just enjoying a day at "The Office". no seriously, this place was called "The Office"

the birthday boy enjoying his cake. Mexican tradition includes cat ears and "whiskers"

cabs are here! water taxis, dangerous yet alluring

what a fun vacation. we loved spending time with our family and we were so lucky to have this chance. i love my family.



  1. So glad you all had a good time! That water looks amazing!

  2. Cabo looks amazing! Glad you got to get away :)

    I gave you a blog award. Check it out on my blog:

  3. Tiff, that water was amazing. it was warmer swimming in the ocean than the pool! :)

    Emily, oooh, i can't wait to see me award! thank you!

  4. The random man with C-man is HYSTERICAL!! Come on, I think he totally earned at least a dollar.:)

    Also, that first picture is HEAVEN. So glad you got away to bliss; you look radiant.

    P.S. I believe I have some ninja gloves on my counter. I hope their absence hasn't caused any loss of the super powers.:) xoxo