Sunday, December 12, 2010

E.L.F. Eyeshadow {Grail or Fail}

last week i helped a friend with makeup for her Holiday party. i was excited to help because she had just purchased the new E.L.F. Smoky Eye Beauty Book.

included in the book are twelve eyeshadows, an eyeliner and an applicator. i have been interested in testing out the E.L.F. eyeshadows but hadn't had a chance to purchase them yet. after having tried them, here are my thoughts.
  • the book includes a tutorial on how to apply the eye color but i found the tutorial to be a bit confusing.
  • i liked the shades of shadow colors but the payoff was poor. i really had to layer to get the color to show.
  • another problem was that the eyeshadow has A LOT of fallout when applying. did i say it has a lot of fallout? because it does.
  • the eyeliner was nice and creamy, very easy to apply. probably my favorite product in the book.
overall, i would give this product a fail. for $5, it's not a bad investment. you can find eyeshadows for a similar cost that give better results. loved the eyeliner but you can purchase that product on its own for $1. the book worked for what we needed but i think i would find the color fallout too annoying. i like to apply my foundation first and if you use this product, you are best to apply your foundation last. that way you can wipe away all the color the falls to your lower lid and cheekbones.



  1. I completely agree with the fail! The color was pretty much gone by the evening. Bummer!! Dang you ELF and your cheap allure!

  2. I have e.l.f. eyeshadow. I always wondered why my cheeks sparkled after I put it on. Now I have an official term....fallout. Maybe it should be called cheek sparkle.

  3. My hubby and I saw this at Target this last weekend and I hinted that I wanted it. We are SO glad you posted about this because he was going to go buy it for me this week! Thank you, thank you!! We were laughing about how bummed I would have been to have read this then opened it up on Christmas! :) Thanks again for all you do for this blog! I love it! :) Merry Christmas!

  4. I saw this Palette in my local Walgreens today. I looked at it, and was shocked to see mold growing on one of the lighter shades of eyeshadow. It was freaky.

  5. I have ELF eyeshadow and the trick to applying it without the fallout is to apply it with a damp brush. I was so impressed with how well it went on and how long it lasts. Try it and see if you like it because it has really worked well for me.