Sunday, January 16, 2011

Almay Pure Blends {Grail or Fail}

recently i mentioned CVS (thanks to reader Jen for informing us about Walgreens) was clearancing their makeup products. like i said before, now is the time to test out those products you have been interested in, but not interested enough to spend full price.

one of the products i purchased and had been wanting to try was the Almay foundation. i had heard good things about it from others but hadn't yet tried it myself. i picked up the Pure Blends foundation, which is their line of eco-friendly, natural, beauty products. ordinarily this retails for $10 but on clearance it was only $2.50.

(if you are interested in trying it looks like most companies are clearancing it to make way for new lines as well

while it doesn't compare to my absolute favorite Make Up Forever Foundation, i prefer to use a less expensive foundation for everyday wear when i'm running to and from school, play groups, and the grocery store. i simply can't afford the $40 a bottle of MUF to run through every 3-4 months so i invest in a less expensive product to use for the humdrum daily business. this foundation works great and the coverage is light which is perfect for those of you who are little uncomfortable breaking into the world of liquid foundation. i would rate this product as a Grail and suggest you give it a try if you happen to by stopping by a CVS or Walgreens.


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