Friday, January 27, 2012

How To Look Your Best in a Photograph

here's a post i wrote for a photographer friend of mine. having just had my photograph taken recently, these were good reminders.
How to Look Your Best in a Photograph
  • be conscious of what you are wearing. certain clothing can be flattering or unflattering in a photograph, i.e. tank tops. you also don't want to wear anything that doesn't make you feel comfortable. if you don't feel comfortable in your outfit, that will be evident in the photograph. try to dress like yourself, don't use this as an opportunity to dress like someone else, otherwise you may not like the end result.
  • practice smiling. i know this sounds silly but practicing your expressions in a mirror helps you know what you will look like in the photo. practice smiling, serious, playful, etc.
  • wear makeup. even adding a bit of lip gloss and mascara can make a difference. if you are comfortable with makeup, wear a little heavier foundation, blush, and eyeshadow. be careful, it is easy to go from cute to clownish.
  • style your hair. just brushing through your hair quickly can give it body and shine. Be conscious of the weather. if it is particularly windy that day, curling your hair may not be a good idea. if it is humid, try a hair style that won't look too frizzy, like a braid or pony tail.
  • practice posing. again, this sounds a little ridiculous but becoming comfortable with posing will help you present the most flattering look. most people get in front of a camera and feel clumsy and awkward. practicing beforehand will help with your comfort and confidence level.
  • be yourself. the best you is YOU. know that you are beautiful, fun, smart, and confident.


  1. great tips Kirstie. off to go practice my posing x

  2. This is great advice! I will definitely keep this in mind when doing my style shoots, sometimes I feel lost lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some love. I am now following you feel free to do the same! name is Kristie too. I never come across anyone with the same spelling :)


  3. great post!! i know a lot of people could benefit from this advice! also thanks for your sweet comment :) i actually might hold another portrait contest, you never know :)

  4. This post is great. Thanks for the great tips.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about all these little tricks, I tend to forget about them and then usually end up with some bad-looking blog photos... :o)