Monday, October 10, 2011

Color Block Your Life

color blocking is a huge hit this fall, again. you see, color blocking has been around for ages, and keeps coming back, and back, and get the picture. each season its variables are tweaked such as what colors are used, or what proportions are used, etc. color blocking can be a clever way to hide problem areas, or an easy way to add a splash of color to your look. whatever the use, color blocking can be fun.

enjoy experimenting with your own color blocking. if you are pear shaped, add your color to the top half of your body. naturally people's eyes will be drawn to the color and you will have a more flattering silhouette. you can color block by layering two tops of equal color intensity. pair that with a neutral pant and belt and you're set to rock your bod.

perhaps color blocking your clothes isn't your thing? then how about taking a less risky approach and color block your nails? it can be as easy as changing the color of one nail, or as difficult as add a color block to each nail. whatever you choose, remember, this is an easy way to be on trend with this fall's look.

me, color blocking with teal and grey

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