Friday, November 18, 2011

China Glaze Introduces "Eye Candy" 3D Polish

this December China Glaze is introducing a new line of polish titled "Eye Candy" inspired by Marilyn Monroe who embodied the phrase: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend. these glitter polishes are gorgeous alone OR layered with your favorite polish. the 3D look is created by an innovative use of glitter technology and is knock your socks off gorgeous!

with polish names such as: Love Marilyn, Blonde Bombshell, Lorelei's Tiara, Material Girl, Some Like it Haute, and Marry a Millionaire, you are bound to feel the gorgeous allure of Marilyn when wearing these shades.

China Glaze is a polish that is worn by many celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Ivanka Trump, and now Blushing Basics :) add your name to that list by scoring some of these sweet new colors.

i was like a kid in a candy store when i opened to the box with all these lovely colors and could not wait to do a tutorial for you. here's a fun look for the holidays, or any day for that matter.

apply your blurple color to entire nail

next, add a strip of tape diagonally across nail. paint glitter polish over corner of nail and immediately remove tape before polish dries.

finished result should look something like this.

every time i look at that polish i smile. i cannot wait to try every color...but changing your polish color daily is just not practical so it will take a few weeks.

and for those of you who hate to remove glitter nail polish, simply soak your cotton ball/pad in polish remover, rest the pad on your nail for approximately 5-10 seconds, then wipe away. giving the remover a few minutes to absorb into the polish makes removal a cinch.



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  2. I love glitters and those nail polishes look so good ! I also like the idea of only using a corner of the nail for glitters ;-)
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  3. I'm excited about this collection! Glitter is always a fun time!

  4. gorgeous! you're so talented and really inspiring :) xxx

  5. These colors look amazing! and perfect for the holidays.

  6. Love this, and your blog!
    xx, Kels

  7. These are so pretty! Love the purple glitter :)


  8. love the glitter nail polish!! <3

  9. wow so pretty colors. i'm big China Glaze fan

  10. That polish is so beautiful! China Glaze always seems to surprise me.

  11. wow, amazing! I love it, have to try it!


    following back:)

  12. Hi Dear, great idea! I love that nail design!

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    Yours, Jess

  13. I love this! Very cute idea!


  14. Gorgeous look!!! Im so obsessed with nail polish and especially glitter these days. I feel like Im buying a new bottle every other day. lol. I love the tape method. It works so good. :)


  15. I just picked up 2 of these 3D glitters yesterday. Love them!! Thank you for subscribing to my blog! By the way, you are stunning!! =)

  16. Wow, yuor nails look amazing. I've been wanting a bit more creative with nail polish lately so I may have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing :) xxx