Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

i can't believe Christmas is already here! this year seemed to fly by and i am afraid i don't see any sign of it slowing down. is there a direct correlation between aging and the speed of life? both seem to increase so quickly.

this last week i had a very scary reminder of what the true meaning of Christmas is. my brother and his sweet little family came to town for a holiday visit. my children and i picked them up from the airport and on the way home hit a patch of black ice and slid off the freeway. we were traveling at 65 mph, so when we hit the side of the freeway the car rolled.

i opened my eyes only to realize the car had landed on it's side. we quickly evacuated the vehicle and assessed everyone's injuries. we were all shocked to find that the worst injuries included a 3 inch laceration to my brother's scalp and unfortunately a broken nose for my SIL.

it was probably one of the scariest experiences of my life. i am so grateful that we were given the gift of protection to allow us to have the accident and not one major injury. in fact, there were two infants in the car and neither had a scratch. my son had a bruise on his leg and my daughter had a minor cut to her scalp.

i consider this the greatest gift i have received this year. there is nothing on this earth that i love more than my family. they are the most important things in my life next to my testimony of our Savior.

i hope that this holiday season finds you happy, safe, and loved. all i want for Christmas is my family near me and i am so grateful to have that.