Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Week In Pictures

i have about a million projects going on this week with another million pictures to edit. here's a sneak peek at what i've been doing...

working on an entry for a YouTube Beauty Guru contest. Kellie Anderson was sweet enough to do a photoshoot with me for my "Red Carpet Look". tutorial will be posted later this week.

remember that giveaway i mentioned? well, due to the USPS being a little slow, it has been postponed to Monday. above is a preview of what you could win (the nail shields, not my feet).

my sissy boo and c-diddy have been lucky enough to have TWO birthday parties at Monkey Bizness this week. for a child, that is jackpot. i just love the look of joy of their faces, presh.

hope your week was as fun as theirs!