Monday, January 23, 2012

Poshe Nail Care {Grail or Fail}

you may remember these bottles from this post here, a DIY manicure tutorial using my Poshe basecoat and Poshe topcoat. since these are new products, i thought i would share a review.

there are several things i liked about these products.
  1. the basecoat is extremely fast drying. no waiting around just to apply your polish.
  2. the basecoat does provide a smooth foundation for your polish by eliminating ridges from nailbeds.
  3. the topcoat is also extremely fast drying. i don't have time to sit around waiting for my polish to dry. i have diapers to change, kids to entertain, and blogging to do! you know the saying "like watching paint dry", i have neither the patience or the time.
  4. the topcoat doesn't smudge my polish. i know i RAVE about Seche Vite, but the one downside is that halfway through the bottle it becomes so thick it is virtually unusable and smudges your fresh polish. this topcoat is thick enough to cover, but thin enough not to smudge.
do i like it better than my Seche Vite? it's sixes. Seche Vite makes my mani last for days (my BIL thinks you look homeless with chipped polish) but the thick formula can be difficult to work with towards the end of the bottle. the Poshe topcoat is thinner, making it easier to work with, but i don't think it makes the mani last quite as long as the Seche Vite. maybe only one day less, but a day less nonetheless. (okay, enough with the lesses)

if you are in the market for a basecoat or topcoat, i would recommend them. they can be purchased at any Sally's Beauty. (p.s. i have also been using Essie topcoat, which i do not recommend)

exhibit A: split fingertip
ever since we moved to the Rocky Mountains i have been having some major problems with my cuticles and fingertips splitting. ouch! i can usually get it under control with Vaseline but then i fall off the wagon and forget to use that miracle cream.

introducing Poshe cuticle care. a lotion with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) that exfoliates and hydrates your cuticles. why has it taken so long to figure out that cuticles need AHA for exfoliation?! all that AHA we've been slapping on our face would go a LONG way on those cuticles. exfoliation basically solves any problem in skincare. it seems that our cuticles would be softer, less prone to splitting and cracking, if they were properly exfoliated. THANK YOU Poshe for figuring this out.

a small dab goes a long way. plus, it looks like jewels on my fingers. i think i just had a new idea for a nail design...gotta run.



  1. i love using cuticle oils ;-)

  2. I totally need a cuticle care, esp when the weather is so dry outside!!

  3. i too need that cuticle cream...

  4. I used to think a basecoat was just a rip off, but since using it, I have noticed how great it is!