Saturday, March 3, 2012

{Saturday Style w/ Kim} Family Photos

The dreaded family photo

I do believe that anytime the thought of needing to take a family picture comes up, your husband rolls his eyes and you begin to sweat thinking of what the heck you guys are going to wear!! Taking pictures is usually dreaded unless you're 5 feet 10 inches with have a 2 inch waist along with long sexy hair... I don't know about you but I hate when someone takes a picture of me! But I do realize the benefit to taking picture of you and your family. The photographer has the opportunity to capture the special moments in your life..Taking your time while picking the outfits and props that are to be worn in the pictures may be stressful but really can change the whole look of your picture. Who would have ever thought taking a bed out to the middle of a field would end up looking so great! Or taking pictures of your family walking around the local fairgrounds would be SO FUN!!! Dont be afraid to break out the "box", when it comes to location or clothing options. Remember that textures are big when taking a good picture!! Whether it's layering your outfits or taking a picture up against a old brick wall. And DON'T BE AFRAID of color!!! You obviously want to remain true to who you are in your pictures, but don't be afraid to spice it up with a splash of color. One last tip, bring props!!! No photographer will ever say no to props. Old books, umbrellas,suitcases, globes, frames, beds, couches, hats, bring it! You never know how it can be used. Here are just a few of our special moments.

We had just found out we were pregnant and decide to a family picture before i got huge ! We took one of our desks with us and a bunch of clothes and makeup. Gwyn and I played dress up. She still says this shoot was one of her favorites :)

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Wedding picture.... We got married in August(so it was hot hot hot!) so we decided to take pictures BEFORE our actually wedding, this was taken in July in an orange orchard (dead obviously). Although we have serious expressions on our faces we really had a good time!

This is one of our engagement photos taken at a park in phoenix.

Maternity pictures. This is our bed in the middle of a pecan grove. Behind the scenes ... they had arrogated the field just days before so there was mud everywhere, which in turn caused the bed to sink! and we all left with about 50 mosquito bites each!!! ... fun little story to tell .. and well worth it! We love how they turned out!


family picture after stet was born

my sweet baby boy (stetson) my photographer used a scarf, and wrapped it around him ! looks like he belongs on a billboard :)


  1. WOW!! these are such beautiful and unique photos, love them all

  2. wow! These photos look amazing!

  3. Each and Every Photo .... AMAZING !!!
    Thanks for sharing .... Hugs ~ Connie

  4. these pictures looks amazing...the first two looks really vintage love it
    Question: how did u get ur bed in the middle of a field???lol