Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Fashion {Beauty Blog Back Track}

here is a beauty blog backtrack i wrote for Kiki Creates. (love that girl).

spring is here and so is color! now is the time to ditch the grays and blacks of winter and introduce the pinks, greens, and blues of spring.

i put together a couple ensembles that you will probably see me prancing around in for the upcoming months. note that several items are from my personal favorite, Target. Target is the store for seasonal "trend" items that you are not interested in investing a lot of money on. every summer i stock up on their five dollar tees and grab a few cardigans for versatility. this year they have AMAZING colored denim, (colors identical to the ones at Nordstrom) for a great price. save your money and spend it on items that you will wear over & over, like a nice pair of sandals or a gorgeous set of earrings.

here are my picks for spring. if anything, i hope it will inspire you to add a few pops of color in your spring wardrobe.

Spring Wardrobe



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