Friday, May 4, 2012

Formal Event 101

this is a beauty blog backtrack i wrote for Family Ever After. thanks to my friend Rachel for giving the opportunity to guest post.

you know i'm secretly obsessed with UD* [Urban Dictionary]. that site keeps me CBAC*. since prom season is in full force and graduations are near i came up with a few suggestions to keep you looking good for any formasual* event you may be attending.

FWIW* here are some tips on how to look your best for the big night:
  1. be yourself! attending a formal event can be a bit uncomfortable or intimidating. the only thing that makes it worse is attempting an outfit or makeup that you don't feel yourself in. make sure that all of your choices reflect your personal style. not only will you feel confident, but you'll look beautiful.
  2. pack for emergencies. beauty emergencies. no one wants to end up beautifail*. whether it is a few extra bobby pins, your lipstick of choice, gum or breathmints, you need to be prepared. that motto works for Boy Scouts and glamour girls.
  3. don't forget the deets*. the day before the event, run through a mental checklist of items to do. eyebrows plucked? check. toenails polished? check. you get the idea. i hate when i am scrambling to get ready and realize, oops! i forgot to shave my legs.
  4. DIY. looking good doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money, it is knowing how to do things yourself, and do them well. there are tons of tutorials to be found for makeup, up-do's, manicures, etc. just click the 'video' tab on my right side bar------------------>.

UD - Urban Dictionary
CBAC - Chuckling Beyond All Control
formasual - a mix of formal and casual
FWIW - for whatever it's worth
beautifail - failing at your beauty attempt i.e. a run in your pantyhose
deets - details

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