Monday, May 28, 2012

Too Faced Summer Collection {Review}

interested in some great products for summer? then take a look at the Too Faced collection. known in the beauty industry as the brand that 'takes the mystery out of makeup' Too Faced provides you with products and palettes that include detailed instructions on how to apply. in fact, the Summer Eye shadow collection shown above has three different application guides included. 

one of my absolute favorites of the Too Faced collection would be the Coconut Oil Body Bronzer. this shimmery bronzer looks great applied over your faux tan. it enhances, softens and illuminates your skin. plus, coconut smell is pretty rockin'. makes you feel like you are poolside, even if you're just driving carpool.

BB creams are the MUST-HAVE products for the summer. the 'tinted moisturizer on steroids' packs a mean punch when it comes to product payoff. in one little tube you get a moisturizer, a sheer foundation, a sunscreen and typically an illuminator. plus, each tube is 1.5 oz, which is a whole .5 oz more than your foundation (sounds trivial but a little goes a long way with this stuff). Beauty Balm by Too Faced should be at the top of your wish list.

last is the kabuki brush. made with "Teddy Bear Hair" this brush is not only cruelty free, it is perfect. specially designed to pick up just the right amount of pigment and distribute it flawlessly, the kabuki brush is your go-to for bronzers, blush, face powders and illuminators. i heart you kabuki.

here is a run down of all products:
  1. Coconut Oil Body Bronzer
  2. Chocolate Soleil
  3. Full Bloom Blush
  4. Retractable Bronze-buki Brush
  5. Summer Eye palette
  6. Tinted Beauty Balm