Monday, June 11, 2012

Aveeno Positively Ageless {Review}

Hi Blushers! My name is Debbie and I am so excited to be a part of Blushing Basics! 

I am a mom of two young sons, a writer, a wife, a avoider of laundry and lover of all foods ending in “ella” - preferably nut. My fashion mantra is “That’s cute, but will I be able to chugga choo choo around the living room while wearing it?” I have known Kristie for over three years and I tend to put outfits together with the thought of “What Would Kristie Wear?” or “WWKW?” as my bracelet says. 


Now let’s get down to business. Lotion business.

First up on the review queue is Aveeno’s Positively Ageless Hand Cream and Body Cream. I like these lotions for a couple of different reasons, the first of which has absolutely nothing to do with the lotion itself, but rather the fact that the description on the back describes the “cumulative effects of external assaults” on the skin. I’m not exactly sure what this means but I felt powerful just holding the bottles in my hand. I was fending off assaults! There may have been some air sword action. Don’t judge me. 

Lotion light sabers aside, I also liked the texture of both products. They aren’t overly greasy and don’t leave my hands with that sticky residue. Thankfully, the smell is also pleasant without being overwhelming. It’s fresh, calming and just strong enough to let others know that, despite your sweatpants, you do, in fact, take care of yourself. 

The hand lotion kept my hands feeling velvety and smooth for quite awhile, even after copious amounts of hand sanitizer (you don’t want to know why) and the body lotion kept the crocodile-like skin on my elbows smooth and soft well into the evening. In fact, I may have greeted my husband at the door when he came home, elbows jutted out, begging, “Feel this! Seriously! FEEL IT!” To his credit, he did. Because that is not the strangest thing I’ve asked him to feel right when he walks in the door. 

It remains to be seen whether the “Positively Ageless” part actually makes my skin feel younger and healthy-looking. The satiny smooth feeling definitely helps the years slip away but I don’t quite think my hands are gonna go all Benjamin Button on me. 

I love Aveeno products because of their high quality and natural (well, as natural as Distearyldimonium Chloride can be, anyway) ingredients.  I use them on my kids and I suppose it’s high time I do a little something to get my own “soft as a baby’s butt” feeling. Or, at least, “soft as a baby’s butt with a mild case of eczema” feeling. That’ll do, Isopropyl Palmitate. That’ll do. 


thank you Debbie for such a great review! Debbie writes for glossies as well as blogs and you can find her at Klassy Gal (that's right, classy with a K because she's...ahem, klassy like that). she's one of my favorite friends and i am tickled that she has agreed to provide her great sense of humor and contribute to the blog. 



  1. LOL. I am an avoider of laundry too. Aveeno products never fail to deliver.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  2., sorry about the cobwebs and tumbleweeds rolling across my "blog" (with air quotes). I thought my horrid lack of motivation could be quietly hidden from the world, but not so. My excuse is having a baby...six months ago.

    Thanks for letting me play here Kristie!