Wednesday, June 13, 2012

David Evangelista Plump Body-Boosting Thickening Foam

David Evangelista is a 'hair care visionary' who has 20 years industry experience under his belt. with that kind of experience, i would trust him with my hair. when i was asked to review the Plump 'body-boosting thickening foam' i was happy to give his products a try, surely this man knows a thing or two about hair.

this past weekend i had my entire FIL (family-in-law) visiting and used my two SIL's (sister's-in-law) as guinea pigs for testing out some products. i know you guys love hearing my personal opinion, because i'm never wrong. [just an FYI, that last sentence was dripping in sarcasm.] but, i decided to put personal opinions aside and allow my SIL's to do some testing/research for me. 

up first was the David Evangelista Plump. my SIL who has straighter than straight hair loved an opportunity to try something that promises to thicken hair. after several days of use, here are her thoughts:

while the product doesn't leave hair feeling dramatically thicker, it does provide improvement on the texture and thickness of hair. the best feature is that this hair product applies without feeling sticky or snarling hair. most mousses and thickeners of this type tend to run on the sticky side, this product however leaves hair smooth while still providing a boost in thickness.

i'd call that a win. i don't expect products to be miracle workers, but i do expect results and these are results i can appreciate. if you're interested in giving this product a try, you can see David Evangelista on HSN today OR you can head here and purchase directly.


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