Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl

photo courtesy of MAC PR

who loves Glass? this girl. MAC has taken one of my favorite products of all time and brought it to new heights. the Cremesheen line is now infused with crushed pearl, giving your lipsticks and glosses a shimmering glow that is sure to leave your lips luminous.

below are images of the beloved MAC Cremesheen Glass & Lipstick collection with the pearl infusion. ah-mah-zing. pinks, nudes and corals are the stars of the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl line which becomes available, in stores, August 9th.

this much appreciated (seductive) update to the MAC Cremesheen line is the ultimate win. now, if only my lips looked as good as the ones pictured above...

Photos courtesy of MAC PR

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  1. ooh such beautiful colours. Found your lovely blog on Walkabout Weds Blog Hop:)

    Sara xx