Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nokia Pink Lumia Lounge {Meet Kandi}

this week i was invited to the Nokia Lumia event that hit Denver Thursday. as part of the Nokia Pink Lumia 900 promotion an awesome Lumia Lounge was set up with sweets, treats and Kandi. and by Kandi, i mean Kandi Banks celebrity nail artist.

Kandi's nail art is like nothing i have ever seen. ice-cream cones and leopard print are her signatures (guess what? we use the same technique for leopard). she has had requests as crazy as bacon nails to
fried chicken. this girl can do it all. to find out more, check out Kandi here:

instagram: KandiYamz
twitter: @MmmKandiYamz

her story is incredible. while she has been an artist her whole life, she started doing nails a year and a half ago and now she is a nail artist for celebrities, including Nicki Minaj & Demi Lovato. Kandi was so fun to meet and i love how she refers to nails as her 'mini canvas'. i am sure we will continue to hear about this nail superstar in the future.

signature styles
checking out the Lumia Lounge was so much fun. i brought along a girlfriend and my three kiddos. even my little sissy Boo had a mani:

Kandi Banks painting my nails. #beautybloggerdream
last, but not least, i was sent home with my own Nokia Pink shade created by Duality. this Nail-Pak pairs polish with a nail file and polish remover pads included in a removable bottom:

have i mentioned how much i love being a beauty blogger? *sigh*



  1. That must have been so much fun! That mani is so, so adorable(: xoxo

  2. i wouldn't be able to swing that ice cream cone nail, but it looks pretty cool. Love the 3D effect.