Friday, September 21, 2012

French Accoutrements

chez Blushing Basics recently received some toiletries of European design and loved the memories it revived. at the risk of sound bourgeois, Tman and i lived in England for three years and would regularly travel to 'the continent' for weekend adventures. 

j'adore Paris, my favorite place of all time. where haute couture is de rigueur and creperies grace every street corner, there is nothing like it. when offered the chance to try some French √©clat in the form of amazing products i was more than happy to oblige.

Votre Vu gives women the savoir-faire to transforms themselves into their French counterpart. i tried the cheek and lip tint pictured above and it was a universally flattering color. my favorite product of the bunch.

next is TALIKA Skin Retouch in the above photo. this acts as a great pre-makeup (not necessarily designed as a primer) product. it helps smooth skin, improve your complexion and mattifies shine. [Editors Note: mattify /matifi/ 1. a word completely made up by yours truly to describe the effect of a product making skin matte. 2. not actually a word so don't try to use it in everyday conversation]

last was the Leonor Greyl haircare. i can't really say that this product was immensely better than my favorite Fekkai or Pureology product, however it is French. you may be wondering 'what does France to do with the price of tea in China?' absolutely nothing, but you feel so amazingly blasé and cool using it that c'est la vie. why not give it a try?

ciao (a.k.a. xo)

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