Saturday, September 1, 2012

New York Fashion Week

you may or may not have heard that i am heading to New York for fashion week next weekend. i'm trying to be all cool and casual but inside i am screaming, jumping up & down and doing mental cartwheels!

Fashion Week.

when i started this blog a few years ago i would never have dreamed it could grow into what it is today. what began as a casual hobby has turned into a full time passion. i love doing what i do. i love blogging (really), i love makeup, i love fashion, i love being a beauty correspondent (i haven't yet mentioned that i filmed an infomercial in July, look for me on late night tv discussing skin care!) and i love the opportunities that blogging has opened up for me.

this Rebecca Minkoff Fashion Show invite showed up in my inbox, along with several other invites to backstage access featuring makeup for M-A-C, Aveda and NYX as well as hair for Redken. i'm still pinching myself and wondering, is this real?

starting next weekend my daily posts will be mainly comprised of pictures chronicling my adventures. i want you with me every step of the way, because without you i couldn't have made it this far. your support and encouragement has meant a lot to me. there have been times your comments have brought tears of happiness to my eyes because you have found importance in what i do. thank you for every sweet note, every 'share', every follow, every tweet and 'like'.

here's looking at you kid - a love song from one of my favorite movies:

Sure, the world wide web is great. But you, you make me salivate. Yes, I love technology but not as much as you, you see. But I STILL love technology. Always and foreveeerrrrrr. - Napoleon Dynamite



  1. so awesome, kristie. so proud of you!:)

  2. OMG. Congratulations, you totally deserve all of your success! Have a wonderful trip!

    xo, Emily

    1. thanks Emily! it's good to have blogging friends like you :)