Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nutral Nail Gel Perfect {Review}

there are a lot of people interested in gel manicures who just don't have the time or money to go to the salon for their mani fix. i am a big fan of the RCM at home gel polish kit because it is easy to use and effective. when i found out Nutra Nail had released fall colors for their UV Free Gel Color line i decided to give them a try.

first let me rave about the color selection. i loved the colors they offer for fall, there was a great grey (Smitten) pictured above, as well as a fantastic nude (Latte) and the perfect green (Enamored). each color looked gorgeous when applied.

the polish itself was okay. it definitely dries fast (bonus!) and gives you a nice shine however it was a bit tricky for me to get a smooth finish. it lasted several days without chipping but once we went to the swimming pool it met its demise. swimming and water don't mix for any polish, but for this Gel Perfect manicure i might have had too high of expectations.

the product i am most excited about is the No-Mess Express Gel Perfect Remover. i know gel manis can be a bit difficult to remove, but this cloth made it a breeze. the brilliant design of a foil packet with a pad soaked in remover is genius. it removed my mani so quickly and easily, plus they are portable, which means i can pack them for New York Fashion Week next weekend. (yay!) 



  1. ive always wanted to try this, thanks the review was very helpful

    1. thanks for the comment. i always appreciate the feedback!

  2. I tried that polish, and I didn't think it was worth the money. I followed the directions, but it still chipped & peeled within a day for me.