Monday, October 29, 2012

Beauty For A Cause

i was recently asked to review two products which were created to help those in need. the first is the jane iredale lipgloss Cherish Lip Fixation. this product is one of my favorite shades of lip color + it is a jane iredale product which i love + 100% of proceeds are donated to LBBC = high fives all round.

every year for the past five years, jane iredale has introduced a special product with profits from sales going to LBBC. this year is marked by the launch of Cherish Lip Fixationa versatile, two-in-one product with a lip stain in a universally flattering pink and a complementary gloss. a shining tribute to these inspiring women affected by breast cancer, Cherish is an uplifting indulgence for every woman and a reminder to kick up her heels and celebrate life! Cherish comes with a zip pouch adorned with two whimsical shoe charms that evoke the promotion name: “Cherish yourself and kick up your heels!” one hundred percent of profits from the sales of Cherish will be donated to LBBC for an entire year, or while supplies last.
second is Mary Kay's NouriShine Plus lipgloss which is long lasting, not too sticky and yes, the perfect shade of pink.

according to domestic violence shelters in the US, domestic abuse has increased for the third year in a row. in addition to that, government cutbacks are decreasing the shelters' ability to help survivors. the National Network of Domestic Violence shares the statistic that three women die each day due to domestic abuse.

in an attempt to prevent 'glossing' over these statistics, Mary Kay has begun a beauty initiative called Beauty That Counts. with this initiative they will be releasing two brand new limited edition shades of Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss.

during Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October women can continue to support their efforts just by purchasing a limited-edition Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss ($14). thru December 15th $1 from each sale will be donated directly to the Mary Kay Foundation.

if you are in the market for the absolute perfect shade of pink lip gloss i would suggest giving one of these super products a try. 



  1. What a fantastic message. Love products with a cause. The Mary Kay lip color is gorgeous.
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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by GBS! I hope you are feeling well. xo

  2. The pretty pink is amazing! Love your photos! -Jessica, InTruBeauty