Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glam Eye Products {Review}

check out my Violent Eyes glitter liner. 
with Halloween approaching and the holidays just around the corner let's talk glam. glam eyes, glam lashes, glam liner. previously a novelty only enjoyed by celebrities (thanks to expert makeup artists) glam eyes can be had by all.

let me pull out my megaphone. i repeat. glam eyes can be had by all.

so simple achieve in just a few short steps, here's how:

Violent Eyes from the makers of Violent Lips is releasing these amazing eye appliqués that allow you  glamorous glittery eyes in a few simple steps. they are almost like applying a fake tattoo. you measure the size you want your eyeliner or eyeshadow to be, trim the appliqué to size and place on a clean eyelid. dampen with a Q-tip and the paper peels off to leave the glittery-est eyeliner ever that won't sweat, rub, or smudge off. love!

please excuse my obsession with all things glitter.

the Violent Eyes are comfortable to wear and so lightweight you hardly notice you have anything on.

want to know Kim Kardashian's secret to beautiful lashes? the secret to glam lashes are mink. pictured above are my Goddess Lashes [sent for review] made of mink eyelashes to give a full natural effect. these lashes start at $150 a pair which is a bit steep, but take good care of them and they will last.

i have the LUX medium lashes which really glam up my eyelashes making them long and plush. the down side is that these lashes can be a bit heavy to wear for long periods because they are so full and thick. i wear these for my television segments and love how full they make my lashes appear.

hello, holidays! here eye i come.