Monday, October 1, 2012

Harrods - Luxury Beauty [Sponsored Post]

Tman and I lived in England for several years when we were first married. We had the time of our life traveling every weekend and exploring new countries. The only downside to living in England was that it could be a bit lonely around the holidays when you weren't able to return home to family.

To beat any blues what do most women do? We go shopping.

I remember hopping in our Vauxhall and heading down the A10 to London to have some fun. We'd inevitably hit some of our favorite spots: Westminster Abbey, River Thames, Buckingham Palace and Harrods - an institution of luxury shopping for the masses.


Harrods logo is: Omnia Omnibus UbiqueAll Things for All People, Everywhere., and it certainly does cater to the needs of its shoppers. With over 5-acres occupied by the store and over 1,000,000 square feet of shopping space you can easily spend hours browsing each department, particularly during the holidays.

My favorite stop was always the beauty counters. With their inviting petite packages and colorful displays offering the promise of luxury, beauty and eternal youth who could possibly pass that by? Some of the popular counters included estee lauder and Givenchy, both well-known brands with a long history of providing quality cosmetics.

Now that we no longer live in London I can still get my Harrods fix by visiting the beauty counters online. I can get my advanced night repair serum from estee lauder and my Mr. Perfect eraser pen from Givenchy satisfying my luxury, beauty and Harrods sweet tooth all at the same time.

With the holidays approaching I am sure to be found cruising the internet and making a stop at one of my favorite stores in the world - Harrods.


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