Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lush Halloween Treats

i love Lush Handmade Cosmetics and i think i might love their limited edition collections even more. they're clever, creative and such a fun treat during the holidays. the item selection is inexpensive and envelops you in ooey gooey amazing-ness that it is worth indulging in occasionally - or often.

when asked to give the Halloween selection a try i knew the Blushing Basics family would be dancing Gangnam Style in excitement (heeeeyyyyy, sexy lady!) and in true Burnett style we Gangnam'd Style'd our hearts out.

first stop was Calacas. the jiggly shower jelly that doubles as a shampoo. for extra excitement you can freeze this and then lather up in a hot shower but waking up is hard enough without adding polar bear swim shower to my routine. i'll stick with room temp.

quick note: it is made with neroli scent, my current obsession.

The Enchanter
the item that really put Lush on the map (imho) was their bath bomb. drop it in the tub, watch it fizz and simultaneously fill the air with some of the best smelling, relaxing, invigorating, warming, vibrant delicious scents you have ever smelled. ranging in price from $4-7 they are the key ingredient to making bath time bodacious. (please excuse my lame attempt at alliteration)

Jacko Ballistic
as soon as this package arrived my little sissy boo called dibs on the 'Jacko Ballistic'. she loved its pumpkin shape and excitedly anticipated bath time that evening.

the pumpkin hit the bathwater and the Lush heavenly scent immediately took over our bathroom. squeals of joy were heard as Mr. Jacko Ballistic fizzed to oblivion in the bathtub. it left the water an orange tinge but thankfully didn't leave the kiddos jaundiced. my favorite item of the collection and the perfect holiday treat for friends, teachers, etc. 

whoop, whoop, whoopwhoop, Gangnam Style!!



  1. that shower jelly is fun looking. I am trying to follow your blog,but I keep getting "404 Error not found" Must be stupid blogger.

  2. thalie, GFC is super glitchy. sorry for the headache. one the other hand, thanks so much for your comment and i'll be sure to check out your blog as well. xo