Tuesday, November 6, 2012


hello, fun.

meet fun, LUSH Cosmetics latest and greatest product. what is fun? well, let me show you:

this last week was fall break for my kiddos so we had a few extra hours to kill hangin' in the hood. knowing this week was approaching i purposefully stashed my blue and pink FUN by LUSH for that moment when boredom needed a cure.

my homeboy, shown below, thought this stuff was amazing. he created people, Egyptian temples, hotdogs and hamburgers plus other goodies. my homegurl, let's just say she is abstract. we had lots of blobs attached to other blobs but the important part was that she had FUN!

we gathered our sculptures and stored them in a plastic baggie for bathtime/showers later that day. my kids had a blast enjoying a warm bubble bath, playing/sculpting while bathing and washing with their new FUN creations.

this would make a great stocking stuffer (they last forever), birthday gift for friends, activity for a rainy day, heck (pardon my French) these are even fun for adults. i love LUSH products so i don't have go into too much detail about how fantastic these smell/work/cleanse etc. if you can't take my word for it i would suggest heading to your nearest LUSH and giving them a try.


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