Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Holidays

'Rickrolling' is a term used when promising visitors a link to Makeup Tutorial Videos but really directing them to this:

YouTube made waves in 2008 on April 1st when they redirected all of the videos on their landing page to the Rick Astley video shown above.

but how about 'Nickelbacking'? probably one of the worst bands of all time (my apologies to anyone who likes them - i am a bit of a music snob, just ask Tman). redirecting people to the cheesiest song ever: Photograph

how did we even get here?! i stumbled across the Nickelbacking gem while google searching apps for instagram on how to add effects/writing to pictures.

let me just say this: the holidays are a time for family, fun and laughter. so if you happen to get redirected to the worst video of all time, you've been Nickelbacked with love.


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