Friday, December 21, 2012

Hot Rolled Hair

i recently picked up some of my favorite things from the newly redesigned B-Glowing. is a beauty website bringing all of your beauty needs under one roof, or in this case home page. St. Tropez, Deborah Lippman and T3 were some of my favorites to be found; you should check it out to see if yours are there as well.

i have been wanting to do a hot roller review for some time now but haven't had the moulah to invest in some decent rollers (thank you b.glowing!). the T3 Rollers were an obvious choice for me because i heart the T3 blowdryer i own and these rollers are the peanut butter to my jam. they heat up quickly, curl well and give my hair the va-va-va-volume it needs on those days i just can't be bothered.

below is my 2nd day hair: flat, limp and lifeless. pop in your hot rollers, apply your make and by the time your finished

hello, volume.

the b-glowing website is so easy to navigate and easy to shop, plus they are offering some sweet deals for the holidays. holiday shipping is still available so hurry over!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Becky! I am in love with these rollers :)

    2. Oh, I can see why you would be :) I think im going to check these out myself!!

  2. Oooh those look amazing. Where I live the only type of roller you can find are the velcro ones. I hate those, they get stuck in my hair. I might be using them wrong though :p