Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Suggestions

why do i love the Holidays? all of the great gift packs, limited edition items and endless possibilities.

along with that i am obsessed with all things miniature. perhaps it is my small stature (i am five foot one-ish) or the fact that i find all things tiny to be adorable.

combine the Holidays with miniature and you've got STOCKING STUFFERS! in the spirit of stocking stuffers i wanted to share some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas:

Skindinavia Makeup Finishes:

Skindinavia designs one of the best makeup sprays in the business. this makeup spray not only sets your makeup in place it improves makeup quality. this super spray keeps foundation out of fine lines, reduces shine and brightens color. Skindinavia works with any makeup, and works well. for the Holiday season Skindinavia has released the Holiday Hero Pack: four small bottles that make the perfect stocking stuffing or dainty addition to any gift.

Emi-Jay for Splendid:

Emi-Jay is a hair accessories company created by two teens. On a mission to create cute hair ties (that work as jewelry or hair accessories) they share a portion of their proceeds to help the Step Up Women's Network Young Luminaries program. partnering with one of my favorite clothing brands - Splendid - they have created a series of hair ties exclusively available at all Splendid stores. cute, adorable & smart. these girls and their accessories are making it happen.

GoSwype microfiber cleansing cloths:
if you are anything like me your smartphone is constantly in the hands of your children. my kids have their favorite games to play or they like to turn on the music or take pictures. all these activities result in a screen completely blurred by fingerprints and smudges. (of course i would never blame any of that on my makeup...) GoSwpe is the perfect solution. they're tiny, portable, clean 98% percent of germs and bacteria and come in perfect designs for any man/woman/teen.

if you have any good stocking stuffer suggestions, please share!



  1. I have been using a new setting spray and I'm obsessed with the difference it's been making!

  2. I am equally obsessed with all things miniature! EVERYTHING is cuter in miniature! I'm 5'4". ;)