Thursday, January 24, 2013

LUSH Product Review

Pictured L-R: Happy Hippy Shower Gel, Therapy Massage Bar & Sexy Peel Soap

anyone else suffering from a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (a.k.a. SAD)? i didn't realize i had it until i looked up the symptoms:
  • increased appetite check
  • increased sleep (well, not really but i am always tired) check
  • less energy (see above) check
  • sluggish movements (like i said before, see above) check
does this mean i have Seasonal Affective Disorder or does it just mean i have three small children? i dabble in hypochondria so i'm going to go with SAD, but please don't hold me to that because next week it may be Glucose Intolerance (said the hypochondriac).

with winter creeping in i was beginning to get concerned, thankfully i have received a package of pure sunshine from LUSH cosmetics to brighten my days. seriously, opening this box of goodness was like a portal to sipping virgin piƱa coladas by the beach. 

the Happy Hippy shower gel is a grapefruit based cleanser packed with Vitamin C and a healthy dose of yum. this stuff smells delicious. lather rinse repeat. you'll thank me later. pair it with the Sexy Peel that is reinvigorating and also grapefruit based and you have yourself a delightful cleansing cocktail.

if dry skin is your problem then the Therapy Massage Bar is your solution. shea butter helps quench your skins thirst and the scent of neroli oil gives you the feeling of euphoria. let me just admit now that i am a neroli addict, i love that scent. warning: it may be mood altering and can be habit forming. just sayin'.

Avobath Bath Bomb

i saved my favorite for last which is the Avobath Bath Bomb - a LUSH classic. if there is one product you must try it is a LUSH bath bomb. drop it in the tub and watch it fizz while you are enveloped in the most luxurious scent. i chipped off a piece to demonstrate the fizz in the picture above but my mortal camera could not capture the awesomeness of the bath bomb.

well now, i think my Seasonal Affective Disorder just may have been cured.



  1. Love the bath bombs!! I really need to try the Therapy Bar, maybe I'll go buy it today!! xo