Wednesday, January 30, 2013

m.pulse Denver's Intense Pulse Light Center

Thursday, January 16th marked the grand opening of the Denver SouthGlenn m.pulse - a health, beauty and skincare center. Denver bred Kristen Geller MBA PhD, CEO of m.pulse, was there to greet guests and provide more information on the mission of m.pulse:

"We are a unique brand that likes to empower people's unique beauty. It is a fashion/lifestyle design that welcomes a wide demographic with phenomenal results."

The core of this skincare center is based on IPL treatments, also known as Intense Pulse Light. IPL is a non-ablative laser that has been designed to seek out specific pigments in the skin - redness, darker discolored patches or dark spots from acne scarring. The treatment itself feels like a 'rubber band snap' to the skin, not completely painless but definitely tolerable. Results can be immediate for some issues: redness, hyper pigmentation, while others require several treatments i.e., acne scarring, hair removal.

IPL treatments have been around for over a decade and most treatment centers are in physicians offices as the IPL is typically supervised by a physician. m.pulse brings a new, stand alone concept to the treatment with a MD who oversees management of the IPL centers and treatments are administered by a 'Luminologist'. also available with the treatments are a full line of skin care products as well as 'Instant m.pacts' otherwise known as a facial.


IPL treatments do work - I know from experience - however they can also become pricey. For instance, one entire arm treatment could cost you $120: $60 for a full arm and $60 for the shoulders, $180 if you want both arms treated. The price may seem hefty to some but compared to the national average of $375 per treatment, m.pulse is bringing affordable treatments to the masses.


Packed with PYT's, blue cocktails and a Candy Bar the m.pulse grand opening foretells a future of busy Luminologists treating a variety of clientele in a modern, luxurious environment. You may drain your credit card if you have more than one area of concern, otherwise sit back and enjoy your results.


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