Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Makeup Applicators For Your Face

here is an easy reference guide for the purposes behind facial applicators. whether you are using a sponge or a brush, each has a specific makeup application purpose.

  • beauty blender: use the pointy tip for detail around eyes or nose and the broader end for face. use it to apply liquid foundations, blend foundations, apply concealers or blend concealers. a wonderful multi-use product.
  • kabuki brush: my favorite applicator for liquid foundation. it gives a full coverage finish with a foolproof airbrushed finish. can also be used for applying loose powder foundations or finishing powders.
  • powder sponge: these things come in the bottom of every compact and are often used incorrectly. powders should be pressed into skin - a wiping motion will remove makeup. if using a cream foundation go ahead and swipe but finish by tapping onto face to eliminate any lines.
  • foundation brush: for use only with liquid foundation. brush foundation onto face starting at the center of your face blending outwards.
  • triangle sponge: another great multi-use product. use it to apply liquids as well as cream concealers and foundations. thin end is best for delicate areas (eyes, nose) and broad end is better for face. finish with a tapping motion for best application finish.


  1. I have honestly never thought to apply liquid foundation with a kabuki before! I might give it a go tomorrow.