Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl Noms

today has been spent preparing for the game of the year - Super Bowl XLVI. the invitations have been extended the house has been cleaned and the groceries have been purchased. while i am not a major foodie there are certain essentials that must be found in the Blushing Basics household on game day.

  1. chips, lots of them. i am a perpetual snacker and chips are my holy grail of snack food. thankfully popchips has an amazing selection of chips that are delicious to eat and won't rack up the calories. i love my chips but my calories i will save for later (see #4).
  2. pulled pork on a Costco roll. Costco rolls are the ultimate 'crack'. fahreals. don't be throwin' shade on Costco because they are the makers and purveyors of the ultimate roll. 
  3. some veg. this is how i convince myself that eating one or two of #4 is NBD.
  4. Bliss cupcakes. a dream wrapped in a pint sized portion topped with the most delectable frosting ever.
  5. washing it all down with a Diet Coke or two, or three. don't judge, it's game day.


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