Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Trending

one of my favorite posts of the month, the trending post where i share my favorite clothing/products of the moment. you know that feeling, where you love something so much but you can only wear that color for three months of the year? although there is the occasional trend that holds its place in popularity like a zit that takes root under your skin refusing to surface and thus be popped to obscurity. these others are ones you want to share it right this very moment because like all trends they can be fleeting.

here are some of my favorite items helping me make that gorgeous leap from winter to spring:

  • my denim jacket. this item is a must/staple/requirement of any wardrobe. light enough for those warmer spring days but heavy enough to hold in the heat when it is cooler.
  • the asymmetrical skirt. this lovely skirt above can found at TopShop and is a great alternative to a maxi for those of us barely passing the 5 foot mark.
  • a neon t-shirt, or in my case, 4 neon t-shirts. they add such a brightness to cool winter wardrobe tones and wearing them takes me back to 2nd grade with my rolled socks and Keds.
  • NYX butter gloss is my numero uno gloss for the moment. the color is not too warm, not too cool, but just right. plus, $5 a pop ain't so bad.
  • Mary Kay Cream Eye Color is a quick solution for those moments when you have no time for anything but makeup that can be applied with your fingertips. i call those my 30 second makeup moments.
  • CoverGirl outlast stay brilliant nail color. i'll stop shoving my love for this down your throat but if you missed my review, you can find it here.
what are your faves of the moment?