Friday, April 5, 2013

DermOrganic Hair Review + Amazing Offer

this promotion lasts through April 15th & i wanted to throw out a last call if you're interested in getting a great deal on some great products.

photos courtesy of DermOrganic

what if i told you i found a great hair product that works well and was vegan - would you believe me? it seems often times people pass by the natural/vegan/organic products because they are too expensive and wonder can a natural/vegan/organic product really work as well as my chemically filled, scientifically made, scented & dyed to the max shampoo?

yes, yes it can.

let me throw out the disclaimer that one, this is not a cruelty free blog and two, i don't lead a cruelty free life. i am guilty of enjoying a hamburger or two and i appreciate a well made leather shoe but when it comes down to it, if given the choice between two products that work equally well and hover in the same price range i will always err on the side of natural/vegan/organic. typically my biggest deterrent is the cost prohibitive factor (Tman and i don't have deep pockets).

DermOrganic solves both of those problems. it is a natural, vegan, cruelty free product that runs in the same pricing ballpark as my other salon favorite products. both affordable and good for you. now that's something i can recommend.

with argan oil being the all-star ingredient, this stuff is great for all hair types and works wonders in repairing damaged hair and nourishing color treated hair all while remaining gentle enough for everyday use.

*pausing a moment to do the Harlem Shake*

one of my favorite products is the Leave-in Treatment which is an alcohol-free leave-in treatment that will speed up your blow dry time up to 30%. THIRTY PERCENT. do you know what a mother of three could do with an extra five minutes in the morning?! that means an extra five minutes to do my makeup or actually brush my teeth. kidding.

if you're interested in giving these products a try, i would suggest heading to the DermOrganic website and taking a closer look at the products to find which ones would be right for you. as a thank you to all Blushing Basics readers, DermOrganic is offering $10 off your purchase (with no minimum price) through April 15th. NOW is the time to buy if you are looking for a good deal. just enter code: BLBASICS at checkout.



  1. Sounds like a great product. With kids now, I constantly search for products without too much chemicals in them. I started noticing red patches on my toddler's face, and I suspect it's because of the products on my face getting on her.

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    1. These products would be a great option for you! Hope you give them a try. xx